Instagram Marketing Secrets With Ben Oberg

I hate social media.

It takes up a lot of time but offers a low ROI. If at all.

For most people – it’s a nice way to stay busy. Bad way to get customers though.

I can’t, however, ignore the fact that SOME people make a great living on social networks.

Like my buddy Ben Oberg – an Instagram marketer.

That’s why I decided to get him to spill the exact system he’s using to profit with Instagram for you.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. When you start in a Network Marketing Opportunity and
Internet Marketing Opportunity or Business Opportunity that focuses on teaching
others how to make money from home.

And you ask your mentor … “How do I make money?”

“What do I need to do to make people listen to me?”

“What do I need to say in order people to buy from me?”

You’ll always hear these 2 words… Just “BRAND YOURSELF”.

Brand yourself and they will listen to you. And then you ask “What is Brand
yourself? What does it mean?”. And at best, the advice you get is to post some
motivational quotes in your Facebook profile and that’s gonna do the trick.
But, I disagree! It actually doesn’t work like that. And unless you’re already
famous these motivational quotes really have no effect on your followers.
That is why today, I invited a special guest who's been extremely proficient
and not only branding himself using social media and in particular Instagram
but also in teaching others how to do it. Now I have to say that I'm not a big
fan of Instagram but I have to acknowledge and applaud what Ben Oberg has
done so far for our industry in helping other people have Instagram as one of
their primary marketing and branding weapons. So Ben, welcome to the show.

Ben: Thank you for having me, Igor.

Igor: So I'll ask you, I mean I'll shoot to the point.

What is Branding Yourself? Do you Brand Yourself? Do you really need to do it? And
if you do, how?

Ben: Sure! No problem. So, I'm gonna take you back to my days in the corporate
world. I actually spent 4 years in professional car sales in the W-H-O-L-E time,
literally the whole time. I was doubling in this whole thing we called making
money online and I really didn't get it. I'm like, I'm sitting her selling cars, I
go home and I do try drop shipping. I tried e-commerce, I tried some social media
stuff, affiliate marketing. Really no success, few dollars here and few dollars
there. And what actually happens for me is I literally and a lot of people prior
listening to this can relate. I literally got so sick of my job. It was like I'm

And I had, several thousand dollars a month of bills and I didn't have the money
to them. I just quit. I literally just quit my job, like I'm done.

So I went home okay. I'm not getting another job. I just have to crash it and
figure it out. And it was literally like "light switch". I did have a month that went
from zero to couple of thousand a month to $8000 and so on. So it was like zero
to 5 figures. Like the very month that I quit and what I changed is okay... I just
branded myself in car sales. Like people would come in and "Hey! Ben sold my
grandpa's brother, uncle's mom a car and I'm here to buy one from him".
That literally what happened.

And why am I not applying the same strategy online? Why am I not applying it
trying to build a business for myself? So lie, I just needed to take all that
brand that I did in a corporate world. People to know me and trust me. Developing
an authority in the presence and having good knowledge of what I'm selling. And
just really making friends. Literally just making friends, gaining trust making
sure we get along with the whole family and whoever the potential client is and
then selling that product.

And what I saw most of the people failing with is they are " I got this product"
whether this is digital or physical or whatever.

I got this product and I'm gonna go and sell it.

And I'm like gosh! Looking back, that's why everybody is failing because they are
focus on selling the product but you can't sell the product without selling
yourself first. So that's simple. I started selling myself first and the way I did
kinda as you said earlier is and I know it's one of those things you don't really
like. I started on Instagram because I was on Facebook and I saw a whole bunch of
people, you know marketing on Facebook and make a post, comment this, comment
that. Like you said, they do the motivational quotes. They put their picture next
to it. Nobody knows who the heck you are! Nobody knows who the heck you are!

So I'm like... I'm gonna switch it up! Everybody is doing Instagram. Excuse me.
Everybody is on Facebook. Why not Instagram?

So I went over Instagram and I started studying it.

I spent about 13 months, studying Instagram. More than a college student probably
does for a degree and I finally figure it out.

I stumble across a couple accounts that literally gets a thousand of likes per
post. And so I started asking questions, I started to figure it out to know what
they are doing. And I just practice practice practice!

And pretty soon, I actually figure it out, how to go viral on Instagram and this
is one of the things that nobody teaches. Mmm, If anybody has Instagram or
everybody have Instagram, there's a little magnifying glass on the Home page. It's
like a second button from the bottom left. That's called the explore page. And
it's simple Science. You can cut out everything you know about Instagram or
everything you think you know and focus on just this..

That page is where you need your content! Because what happens is your content
gets put in front millions and millions and millions of targeted people every
single time that you post. If you get it on that page, it goes in front of people
that have already chosen to like, comment, save or follow similar content in the
past. So your content is actually in front of people that have already said "Hey,
I like this! I've already like stuff like this!" and what ends up happening is
they follow you. Or they will like or comment on that. And then they'll become a
follower. They'll see everything else that you posted on your account. And if you
got a link in there that goes to anything, you've got a way to funnel through

And I know that you're something that an absolute Rockstar, professional at that's
why I stumbled on Instagram and said you know what? I can do this on myself for

So I started using what I called the "Viral Method" or the Explorer page method to
gain exposure in Instagram. And bottom line is, you get explorer page, you stay
consistent. You use high-quality content, not talking about those quotes with your
picture next to it. Talking about really cool, awesome pictures, videos that would
spur emotions in people. It will make people feel happy, sad, angry, mad.. You
know whatever it is and you get those targeted followers that way.

And then simple "Call To Action" and then BOOM! You've got it made and that's
literally what I started doing on Instagram.

But once again, mmm, I was looking at the same method that everybody else was
teaching. Follow on, follow, and posting quotes. And it just doesn't work. I have
to be specific to one niche. You have to stay consistent every single day. And you
have to strictly focus on the explore page and that's all that matters. And after
staying consistent at that, I grew a follower of I think I got 4 or 5 accounts,
and I think I currently got Six Hundred, Seventy, Seventy Thousand followers and
I've got a couple different niches that I use for a couple of different things.

So that's, that's really what I really did on, did on Instagram. And if you'd want
me to talk about in more branding strategies and like that. Well, of course, I
would be happy to as well because there's a huge, huge missing element when it
comes to something going okay. I have a business or I have a product, that I need
to sell. Whether it's digital, or physical, or brick or mortar. How do I do that?
And that's the one thing that I really think people miss. And it goes outside
Instagram. And so if you want me to share something on that too and I'd be happy

Igor: Yeah and before you do. First I wanna thank you for basically revealing your
Instagram blueprint. Because believe it or not, I do have people approaching me
like "Igor, what are your thoughts in Instagram?" and my default answer is, "It
sucks!". Because 99% of people do not make money. But when I came across your
work. You know, I realized that there is indeed an actual strategy on this. Rather
than just kinda going into follow 20 people and hoping 15 of follow you back which
is real, I just don't even sound productive. I mean even if that works, it doesn't
even sound productive.

So, I appreciate you revealing that for the listeners. It's really, really..
Really cool of you. Now I wanna, I wanna clarify something. So it sounds to me,
you said. When everybody was teaching Facebook marketing and failing in Facebook
marketing. And you're coming in and by looking at that, you recognized the
pattern. You said, okay. Let me zig what everybody zagging. Like it seems to me
that you just take a completely different direction from what everybody else was
going in that time. Ben: Yes! Yes! Looks what everybody else does and do the
opposite. And it, it so so so so simple. I think people really get caught up like.
I got to sing now "I wanna make money. I wanna make money. I wanna make money."
And the best way I can describe it is. If you're looking at. You know, you just
isolate it. And you go okay. Here's my goal, and here's you know, here's Facebook
for example. Here's my goal and here's Facebook. Now, I'm gonna remove myself from
that situation.

I'm gonna back up and I'm gonna look up that goal. And I'm gonna look at the way
that I'm thinking of how to market that Facebook, Instagram. And I'm literally
gonna sit back. Sit back, as if I'm completely removed from the situation.

I'm gonna analyze that and go okay. All the other people that you know, that are
doing similar things and kinda have a similar end game, a similar end goal.
They're doing this. Are they failing? Are they winning? Or are they losing? Okay,
looks like 96% of people are failing on Facebook.

Every time you get on there, somebody messages you. Hey! Hi! What's up, bro? Hey
Dude! What a waste of time. What a lack of knowledge there. And so I'm gonna go
okay. Instead of messaging Hey! Hi bro! What's up, dude?

Maybe I'm gonna start up that conversation with some sort of hook! That makes
somebody actually answer that message. Maybe instead of being on Facebook. I'm
gonna go, why not Instagram? It's the fastest growing social media platform in the

And Facebook owns it. It's 83% more engaging than Facebook. It's 63% more engaging
than Twitter. Which literally means, if I got 20 followers on Instagram. I have
more reach with 20 followers on Instagram than I do with a hundred friends on
Facebook. So why not? And then I figured. Why not? Why not because probably people
don't know. Everybody knows Facebook. You got 2.5 billion people on it or
something like that right now. But nobody really knows Instagram and nobody knows
Instagram just don't be teaching it.

So, I just took off for 13 months trying to learn from everything I could. And I
look, who's succeeding? Who's not? Who appears to be killing it in the game and
who appears to be absolutely just sucking. And I would look, okay. This person is
doing this. This person is doing this. And I'm not gonna do what the losers do and
I'm gonna try to do what the winners do but do it better. Literally very simple
strategy. Take what everybody failing and do the opposite.

Igor: Interesting. So, we're back into the branding strategy and you take
something that is not the most popular thing in the industry at that time. And you
decided to become an expert at it.

You follow the right, you follow anyone who is even remotely connected to the
craft. You try to identify the losers and the winners. You try to identify what
the winners are doing and model them. And even do better than they do it.

Okay, so what if we got somebody who is brand new and trying to make money online.
Then they tried Facebook. They tried some Instagram. They tried some solo ads.
They tried to build a list. They try to do a, to do webinars. Whatever. Like there
try a bunch of different things.

Igor: And, I mean, they're now at a place where they are overwhelmed. How would
you recommend to go about branding themselves in terms of choosing the strategy?
And and becoming proficient at that strategy, so that they can claim an expert
status in that subcategory.

Ben: Sure. It's, it's a combination of mindset and taking action. And I think the
thing. Not I think but it's absolutely essential that the first thing that
somebody has in place is the mindset. And hear so many people that come to me for
example and say. That I tried this and I tried this and I did this but it was a
scam and it ripped me off. And over here it did this. And I'm literally. I'm like
say I don't know why I didn't make any money. Like did you hear yourself?

Like you literally just gave me your answer. You have not made any money because
you have tried 10 different things in the last 46 days. Now if I did 10 different
things in the last 46 days and succeeded out of it. I would be doing that at all
time. But have you ever seen anyone succeeded 10 different things in 46 days? No!
You literally just gave me the answer. First and foremost, it doesn't matter if
it's if it's drop shipping, or Instagram or Facebook or List Building or, or
whatever your business is. You have to stay consistent and if you see somebody
else succeeding and if they rub it in your face, whatever.

Just be able to damn to know you're calm, don't think anything of it. Keep pushing
forward. You got to stay consistent and you have to be okay with what happening
day from now, or week or a year from now. Because it took a long time. I have a
lot of people that come and in and and enjoying my company. And the ones that
decided to be all happy and hyped up for a week. And then a week later they are
gone and never hear from them again. You know what? They probably off doing
something else and they'll probably gonna do that for several years. And then come
back with what if I fail?

Gosh, are you really asking me that question again?

That's the first thing, being okay with the late gratification. And knowing that
it may not happen overnight but acting as if you're going to win every single day.
That's the very first thing. you got to have a strength and character to be able
to push through that.

The second thing, once you have that in place is simply being consistent with
whatever it is. I think you mentioned also earlier. Igor, I think I heard you say.
People try a lot of different things and you know they got overwhelmed. And they
find themselves going "Gosh! I lose a lot of money, I spent a lot of different

Developing a plan. I have what I call D.M.O. Daily Method of Operation. So every
single day. You know I spend 20 minutes of motivation. I answer my Facebook
messages. I do my Facebook marketing. I do network with people. I tried to network
with authority influencers every day. People that I know I can learn from. People
that can learn from me. And so I came up with the daily method of operation. And
I'm very intentional of that.

I don't write anything down and not going to follow through and cross off that
list every single day. And that something a lot of the branding that I teach and
personal development having a D.M.O. Having a Daily Method of Operation. What are
you gonna do, every single day to succeed that one month of that 6-month or that
one-year goal. What is it gonna be? And staying intentional and doing that every
single day. And I think that a lot of business owners. A lot of affiliates. A lot
of people in the make money online space. They fail because they have a lack of
consistency. And they don't hold themselves accountable.

They are not intentional. You may think, you know I'm tired. It can wait till
tomorrow. You know I work 9 hours today. I don't wanna work 15 minutes longer. I
just wanna watch football or something like that. thinking that you're not
winning. It's a simple as that. But if you're working as hard as you can. You're
probably are winning. And so, I think that being intentional on having, having a
plan. Having a set list of things you're just gonna do every day. No matter what.
No matter how much bills there are. Or who's nagging at you. Who wants to go hang
out with you. Whatever. Having a D.M.O., having a Daily Method of Operation. And
I, I can tell you, for me? I actually got right in front of me, right now. ANd
I'll tell you exactly what that is every single day no matter what it is.

I listen to motivation and sometimes making a motivational video.

I'll do my Instagram post.

I'll review. I have a 3-year plan that's written down for a week, a month, 6
months, one year, 3 years etc. I review my 3-year plan.

And then I have networking and marketing.

I check my Facebook notifications, I respond. I try to do what I call connecting
with "A tier" individuals. These are people that are in your niche.

So you gotta think about what's my niche. What is the thing that makes me happy
and this goes back to branding? What do you wanna be known for? When people have
tried all these different things. And they might be an affiliate, they might be,
you know they might be their own business that they have. They might have a
digital product or physical product. Okay great so you're an affiliate. So what
you wanna be an affiliate of? What makes you most happy to be an affiliate of?
Great you got a digital product. Which one are you most passionate about? Great!

You have a physical product, which one is the one that makes you happiest? When
somebody says your name. What do you want them to say? Do you want them to say?
Oh, that's the Instagram guy! Oh, that's the really good basketball player. That's
that's the really good runner. That's the really good musician. And then go after
that. Great! Now you found your passion. You have to be really intentional about
that. So instead of doing 10 different things. Just go, you know what? Just take a
breath for a second. This is the one thing that I wanna be known for. And come up
with a plan around that. Daily Method of Operation. For me?

It's waking up, getting into motivation myself in the right mindset and then it's
doing my Instagram post. Because Instagram is kinda my jam. It's what I do. I'm
intentional about it. It hasn't been a day in the last 2 years that I ever skipped
an Instagram post on multiple accounts.

I look at my, my plan. You know, I look at my one week and my 30-day and my
6-month, my 1-year, my 3-year plan. Then I go on Facebook. hen I get connected
with people on Facebook. So, Instagram is my thing but at the same time, there's a
lot of people on Facebook. So here's the strategy that anybody can take. If you
decide, hey I wanna do Instagram. Or you know, hey, I wanna do affiliate marketing
or whatever the case may be. I like to access pools of people or individuals where
I know they're gonna be and they might not necessarily know about what I do.

You know, I'm gonna go to people on Facebook because the people on Facebook, might
not know Instagram. I might go on Instagram, people in Instagram because they
might not know people on Facebook. So I try to go where I can leverage
individuals. And people who I know might not necessarily be as well educated about
something I'm selling my product or service. So I make it a point to connect to
those areas and for me, that's Facebook because I teach Instagram. I'll make sure
that I'll connect with individuals all the time. And I got a lot of messages
obviously. but one of the biggest things is, just that saying that goes..."it's
not what you know, it's who you know".

And I like to mix it up. I think it's what you know and who you know. Because of
the resort of having, being able to establish connections with many different
people. It's open doors for me, It's open income streams that I would never have
thought that someone people in my phone in my contacts. And wow, I used to watch
you on T.V. I used to read about you, something like that. And connecting to those
type of individuals that are in your industry that you can learn from but you can
also contribute value to. So these are things that I do on a daily basis.
Hopefully that, that answers some of your questions as far as the branding
strategies, Igor.

Igor: Well yeah! I mean, it's also great to have a deeper look into a life of an
internet marketer. Like to actually see a whole day. A whole work day out of your
life. Because you truly live a lifestyle. I mean you ride a bike across the
states, you go to Thailand. You know then, a year ago that's your workday. Now I
really wanna, like narrow it down. If you don't mind?

And you said so that one of the first things you do is, you listen to motivation
and then you shoot a motivational video. But then, once you get down to business.
You connect with influencers and you post. So, I would really love to know, what
exactly do you post? What is the thinking behind the way you post? Because that
seems to be a huge issue for people that I work with. You know, people that are
like, what do I need to write about in my Facebook post or my Instagram posts and
my emails. Because it doesn't matter what the media is, the thinking about the
production of your content is something that I feel to be incredibly valuable to
our listeners.

Ben: Yes, Yes! 100%. It's very similar across the board when we're talking about
Facebook or Instagram or whatever. So, you know if I use Instagram as an example,
you know, say there are different niches. First and foremost, you can not post
things from multiple niches on one account. And by that I mean, if you decide hey
I really like travel. Okay, your accounts should really be about travel.

There's be no quotes in there.There should be no words on pictures, any of that.
If you say, it's gonna be a luxury. Great! It should be Rolexes, superyacht,
really fancy cars, really cool houses. and maybe some luxury fashion. There will
be no quotes, there will be no words. You've chosen luxury. So first, you have to
define your niche. And here's how I chose it. Even when going back, like as far as
creating an account. I go... Okay, what's my goal in this account? Am I going
funneling traffic through it? Am I gonna be promoting my product? Whether it's
digital or physical? What is it? And then once I define that, then I go. Okay,
what is my product? You know, one thing that I can say with make money online

Luxury is a very good niche, Motivational quotes are a very good niche and then
travel. Those are the 3 I stick to as far as Make Money Online lifestyle
opportunity things like that. So once I defined my niche and why I know I'm doing
that niche because I know the potential product, the goods, and services that I'm
gonna promote in there. That's the first thing.

Now as far as the actual content goes. Here are 2 things I'll say. If you use
personal content, it will take a long time to grow if you are not famous. If you
are not Oprah Winfrey, if you're not Dr. Phil, if you're not Bobby Flay, If you're
not Lil' Wayne, if you're not an already famous individual. personal content will
take a long time to grow. Unless it's as good as all of those pictures and videos
that you save, and like and comment and share on yourself. So unless it's Dan
Bilzerian or unless it's Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk or one of those big
influencers. Unless your content is already as cool as that, or people know who

Personal content will take a long time to do. So, if you have that. Great! If not,
if you are like most of us, myself included. you have to take a different approach
and that is this. You define your niche which you've already done. Figure out what
you're going to offer or promote and that account with your goals for that. And
now, you have to go after what I call "Viral Content" in that niche. Viral content
can be found on the explorer page. Once again, that's the magnifying glass, the
second button in the bottom left, when you're in at your Instagram app. If you are
on the desktop, you just click the magnifying glass on the desktop. That's the
explorer page. That is predetermined content in Instagram that is placed in front
of you, based on similar content that you have either likes, commented, followed
or saved on in the past. Or otherwise, what other Instagrammer refers to as
"Engaged On".

You wanna source out content in the explorer page. That's my number one thing I
do. So every time I'm about to do an Instagram post. I pop on the explorer page,
which is already putting content similar to my niche right in front of me. I look
at if you go on the explorer page. Anybody who's listening to this clicks 3
pictures and videos. More than likely you're gonna find more than likely every
single one of those picture has, thousands and thousands of likes, hundreds and
hundreds of comments. Now if you can use that type of content and post it on your
account. You can likely get thousands and thousands of likes or hundreds and
hundreds of real targeted, laser targeted niches-specific followers, comments.
likes, saves that gonna equate to new people following you on a daily basis.

So the explorer page is a really my gold mine for sourcing content. That's the
number 1 place that I go to. And I look for patterns. So, a lot of time you'll
see, an account will post the picture. And then, maybe a couple of days later
you'll see the same picture on a different account. And a couple of days later,
you'll see it again. And no matter how many time you'll look at it. It appears
that it gets tens of thousands of likes. Or maybe two thousand or maybe eight
thousand likes or something like that. That's "Viral Content". You just found a
viral picture, you just found a viral video.

Now it is generally accepted for you to use that yourself. And all you have simply
have to do, it's public domain, which means it's not copywriting infringement, you
can't get sued or anything like that if you're going to repost a picture of a
piece of video from another account. All you simply have to do is to tag that
person that made that photo if you have that information there. Place you got it
from, says photo credit at @millionairemafia for example, my account. Then you
would simply make your caption, somewhere in that caption say "Photo credit
@millionairemafia", that way you protect yourself in case somebody came after you
and say. That's my picture, take it down. You protected yourself and not getting
into, you know any issues.

And that's generally accepted. I've never had any problem with that. I built
hundreds of Instagram accounts and taught hundreds, thousands of people actually
to do the same thing. So that's, that's my process as far as sourcing content. And
you just think about it, very simple Science. You place in front of people in the
explorer page that are already targeted.

Because they already chose, like or comment on that type of content in the past.
They are now gonna follow you because of that. You've now generated. Usually, for
me and the people, I teach. It's hundreds to thousands of people following every
single day. We have no problem, growing an account, zero to a hundred thousands of
followers in as little as 30 to 90 days. Sometimes even better. Sometimes not as
much, depends on how good the content is. It really comes down to practice. Really
depends on developing a keen eye for viral content and you may not get after that.

But after a few weeks of consistency, You're just gonna have to develop your eye
to seeing these content and you're gonna feel for it. pretty soon you'll just be
able to see the picture like "Ah! That's gonna get 2 million people seeing it
today and that's gonna get 6 thousand followers". You'll just, you'll just know it
and people do that. There's Leomad Luxury, he's one of our members actually. He
just got to go into the Tai Lopez mansion. And Tai is super impressed at the man
Instagram followers that the ma was able to generate. He grew over 146,000
followers in the travel niche in like 68 days. And it was all, viral content.

So that's the biggest strategy that I'm gonna teach as far as foreseeing the
content and really how I go about it in a day. I pop on that explorer page, I look
for patterns, I find the viral content. I post it. I put very relevant hashtags on
there. you can use 30 hashtags. I don't ever recommend use 30, I do 29. If you go
30, 30, 30 over and over. Once in awhile, not all the time. But Instagram will
block, hey, I think you're abusing this feature. you're using 30 hashtags all the
time. And you're using the same ones. They don't like that. Use 27, 28, 28
hashtags and use relevant ones. You don't wanna use spam ones. There's actually
hashtags that Instagram blocks. You don't see it, but they spam it out.

You don't ever wanna use #likeforlike, #followforfollow, #lforl, like you don't
want to use anything like that. If you post a picture of a gold watch, #gold,
#luxury, #rolex, #rollie and you use niche specific ones. Specific to that post
every time and that's the other method.

The last thing that you wanna have in your caption, is the call to action. What do
you think about this picture? Tag a friend now that would like this. Rate 1 to
100. Comment to win some free training. Maybe you're promoting something. You
wanna put a caption in there that engages that follower or whoever is potentially
viewing that. Because of the more engagement that you get in the first...

Here's a little algorithm for people if they wanna write this down, the first 10
minutes count the most. The more engagement that you get. Meaning likes or
comments. it's going to, Instagram is actually like like avaticus. That hey, this
picture got a lot of like and comments. We think it's pretty cool. We might need
to put it on the explorer page. What happens in the next 50 minutes, so the first
10 and the next 50 bringing up to the first hour will dictate if it goes into that
explorer page. And how long it stays on there. And how many people it will be put
in front of. And so if you'll be able to give the people many reasons,
high-quality content plus a good caption that would cost unique authentic users to
actually comment or like on that photo.

It can trigger the explorer page algorithm and that's gonna get hundreds, if not
thousands of targeted followers every single day. So that's, that's the element
that you wanna have as far as content goes, and a caption and I guess the last
things that I can say on this topic is, you don't have to use hashtags. But if you
don't use hashtags n a picture, don't use them ever. So when you start an account.
Either use hashtags every single time and never go one single post without
skipping or don't use hashtags at all. Hashtag simply allow people to search
content by hashtag and they can trend the top 9 post of the day for that hashtag.
It's great, it's fine. It can do a lot of good but also you can go viral even
without using any hashtag at all.

But it will screw it up if you decide to use hashtags and then stop for a couple
of posts. So you either wanna chose from day 1, I'm gonna use hashtag every single
time or I'm not. And I know that may be a lot of information so people may have to
pause, play, repeat this but that's everything that goes in my brain as I'm
building my Instagram account and posting daily.

Igor: Dude I have to officially change this episode from technically being a
podcast to being the first ever training webinar, you know posted in Itunes.
Because you just broke it down the entire blueprint and you know, I, I wasn't
ready. I mean most, most experts never do. You know it's funny because I have
interviewed a lot of experts and I interview few experts these days that I used to
because. When I get an expert in the show, they will never give their best stuff.

Ben: Yeah sure! Sure Exactly!

Igor: You know! Because they are saving those stuff for paid product. Like you
know. Oh! You want my best stuff? Come and buy my system or whatever. You know, I
really appreciate you kinda laying all down because now if anyone asks me, how to
make money on Instagram or is Instagram any good? Now I'm just gonna point them
right to this episode. And a, and it pretty much gives them everything they need
to know. Now, however, there's always gonna be people who want to, who's gonna be
hungry for more. In case they are. Where can they go to find you? Know more about
you, your work, your systems and of course maybe there's even an opportunity to
link arms with you personally.

Ben: Yeah, sure no problem. So the best thing I can suggest is actually gonna
teach you. Instagram is what got me started out. And we've got a very very very
VERY exceptional Instagram. Lifestyle opportunity teaches 17 different ways to
monetize Instagram the 5 figures per month. And I'm not kidding. you know there's
a lot of people and Igor you know this as everybody that will say, you know. Let
me teach you how to make extra money the amount online but they never really done
it. I figure it out 17 ways to make 5 figure a month in Instagram and I did every
single one of them.

Now I said I can teach this, so put that out there. And then I realized. You know
what? It's great but a lot of people don't know how to market themselves and how
to brand themselves and how to grow the following. And when they speak people
follow, people listen and so we have that in our mafia, we added some stuff in
financial management and cryptocurrency. But we'll not get into that. But I
believe that we already set this up. We already talked this.

They can go to, it's my name. and they'll be able to access whole more bunch of
information. We'll get them all the details and everything exactly on what we do
and what we teach. It's very detailed. Plus! They'll gonna see. I think they'll
gonna see a really awesome video that a lot of them, our mafia members get to do.
Lifestyle, we just got back from Thailand. We went to Thailand and Bali. I lost my
passport in the UK so that part is not too fun for me but everybody else got to go
to Bali and Thailand. And then about 2 weeks from now, we're taking off to Costa
Rica for Mastermind event. We've got a 6-floor, 6,000 sq. ft. penthouse in Costa
Rica. When we're gonna be actually hands-on teaching all the numbers. So a lot of
good stuff.

Igor: Alright guys. You heard him. So to learn more
about Ben's system. And it's called Millionaire Mafia that teaches about
Instagram. That teaches about Cryptocurrency. That teaches about branding,
marketing, selling. I mean the guy can honestly sell right. You can tell. So, if
you would like to work with Ben. You would like to learn more about Ben's tactics,
go ahead and visit

Ben: And Ben, my friend, this is been a pleasure and I'm gonna publish this
episode with a wide smile on my face because it's the first time ever that I've
had an expert that actually spoke about their expertise and you know. Exactly gave
us the exact tactics to use. It's like, this is crazy. Thank you so much!

Thank you I appreciate it. It's been a pleasure and an awesome opportunity to be
featured in your podcast. I appreciate it.

Igor: Anytime Ben and I'm sure I'll be calling you up soon once more to come and
talk about something else.

Because I was able to pinpoint a few tactics here and there. The way you
communicated. I love for you to chat about because you seem to have internalized a
lot of this sub influence stuff. But more of that in the next one. So Ben. thank
you again and have a good one.

Thanks for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to
subscribe on iTunes or Google Play to never miss an episode because who knows just
one conversion tactic we share on the show might double your list and double your
business. Download the transcript of today’s episode and all future episodes at and don’t forget to claim your complimentary copy
of “The Wealthy List Builder’s Survival Guide” at .
This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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