Why Your Leads Don’t Convert Right Away

Perhaps one of the most frustrating thing about being an internet marketer is constantly getting stuck in an awkward situation where you offer your prospect an opportunity to improve their life which they refuse to grab. Here’s why it happens and what you need to do in order to push people off the fence faster.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. Crypto trading, it seems like everyone I know is now a crypto trader
whether full time or part time, and people who have really good business and
really good jobs seem to be going to that direction these days because of the
appeal of fast and easy money. I mean, really can you think of anything more
appealing than just putting your money in this crypto thing and just watch it grow
like a tree at hyper speed. Honestly, I can't think of anything better and that is
why after my friend who's a top earner, used to be a really big top earner in
binary [inaudible 00:01:17] but who decided to walk away from that completely to
drop the [inaudible 00:01:21] marketing and to just do crypto trading full time.

After this friend of mine has been sort of talking to me about it for a couple of
weeks, I decided to take a look at it. And knowing how passionate my buddy is
about marketing, about helping people, what really pushed me off the fence as far
as taking a serious look at crypto trading and crypto investing, was the fact that
he was willing to completely drop everything he was doing at the time and throw
himself into crypto. This was a big move and from a man of his caliber, it really
seemed like proof and evidence this is something that's worthy of my time.

Now the challenge with crypto training is that it's a completely new industry to
me and to most people I know and a lot of times when he was talking to me about
this when I was watching his videos he was putting out for his master mind group,
I mean it just seemed so complex from the outside. That's been the really the
biggest challenge. He used words like, and phrases like bear trend, Fibonacci
extension, stop loss, resistance, all kind of different words like that I've never
heard before that seemed a bit over my pay grade if you will when it came to all
of this stuff. So I was scared going in because I knew I was gonna fail and lose a
lot of money. That was my assumption because I didn't know any better. But at the
same time trading was seducing me with the excitement of fast money and the
challenge of actually figuring it out because just like any person who's
successful out there.

Just like any person who's a self made man or woman, at the back of our minds for
anyone who made it on their own there's always this thought, this doubt that says
look, you maybe just a one hit wonder. What if you succeeded but it was just you
were just lucky to do that. Maybe you were just at the right place at the right
time and the only reason you're successful is because you sort of caught a good
break. And so any time there's a new challenge, I don't know about rest of the
people out there who are at least semi successful. I'd say for me anytime there's
a challenge I consider it dear because for me it's really important to know and
believe and trust the fact that I am here, not because of some accident or some
luck or because someone pulled me by my ears, but because I deserve to be here. So
the challenge was really really seducing me and I really wanted to figure it out.
Now I didn't plan and I don't plan to walk away from being a full time internet
marketer from living the list building lifestyle, but I can totally see the value
in putting some of my savings into crypto currencies.

Anyway, my point is I was scared at the time. I was scared to get in, but he just
kept telling me just do it man, just get in, just start, just do something just
put some money into it but I kept on procrastinating the hell out of it. And I
used all the classic excuses as well. I became the classic person who refuses to
believe into a new venture or new idea. I told him that I don't have the time
between my family and my online business and that wasn't true of course. I told
him that I don't have the opportunity to lose the money right now because I'm
moving which was another lame excuse because while some people cannot afford to
lose a few thousand dollars, honestly speaking I can't. Because of my position
today I can throw a couple of grand into it and afford to lose it. So part of me
really wanted to get in, but another part of me pulled me back just as hard so I
really couldn't do anything.

I really couldn't push myself off this zero ground if you will and at the same
time my inability to make a decision, to either fully go in or fully get out, made
me miserable because I couldn't focus on anything else, I couldn't think of
anything other than crypto currencies and how I was missing the boat on easy
money. So eventually I got so consumed by it that I made the time to learn how to
fund my exchange wallet, how to get the fundamentals down, how to start trading,
and I even joined signal groups where people just share advice and recommend where
to put your bitcoin investments. And I followed that advice, and about three weeks
since then I officially started putting money into crypto currency trading. I
started out with about $10,000 and the results of my trading efforts aren't really
that impressive. My crypto investments go up in value about 60% of the time and
they go down in value about 40% of the time. So up until this point I'd say I'm
about even. But my results in crypto training are not the purpose of this episode
because what's really important here is the journey I just shared with you,
because this journey is how everyone gets started with internet marketing.

With income opportunities, with pretty much anything that involves them to get
outside their comfort zone and to get into something that seems bigger than life
to them at the time. As marketers we tend to forget how long it took us to muster
the courage and decide to jump into the exciting world of internet marketing. But
once we're in, we expect our prospects to commit immediately. We forget what it's
like to, what it feels like to get into this industry when you're brand new and
you don't understand half the words people are saying.

We really, it's as if our memory is wiped out until the point we pulled out the
credit card and bought our first shiny object. So really the purpose of this
episode is nothing more but to remind you that when people fail to commit, when
they refuse to commit, when they don't want to give their hard earned dollars to
you just because you asked for those dollars and just because you make a sound
logical argument, that's not because your opportunity's bad, it's not because
you're a bad salesperson, it's not because you're not a great marketer, whatever.
It's not because the people are bad it's simply because the way everything happens
it takes some time and it takes a while before the prospect makes the emotional
and mental journey from the point of when they hurt about this thing for the very
first time and all the way until the point where they're finally ready to commit.

When they're finally ready to jump off that fence. Now the whole idea by the way,
the whole metaphor jump off the fence is such a great metaphor because it truly
describes what happens. It takes them a while to climb the fence, it takes them a
couple of months to climb it, just to be able to consider the decision. Before
that happens they're not even in that mode yet. But once they're on the fence,
when they're sitting at the top and looking at all the possibilities but they're
also seeing all the fears and concerns, this is the point where you can tip them
off the fence and that is why you have to always be aware of the prospect maturity
cycle as I like to call it, where the prospect needs to mature from being
completely unaware or being mildly interested, to becoming super invested in all
the way to making a buying decision.

Now there's actually no difference between whether you're trying to get them to
make a buying decision for $5, $50, $500 or $5,000 because the process is exactly
the same for all of them. And they will not invest with you until and unless this
problem you're solving for them or this method that you're trying to get to them
becomes the center of their universe. It becomes the only thing they're capable of
thinking about. Unless you're selling something trivial like socks. Something
that's just a no brainer, something that everybody knows you need or whatever.
Underwear, food, whatever. All these things that they don't need to consciously
think about because it's a part of their day to day reality. But when we're
talking about information products, coaching, consulting, income opportunities,
helping them overcome some problem they're not used to deal with, something that
they've just faced earlier in their life and something they're just trying to wrap
their mind around when it comes to that sort of marketing, that sort of selling,
you have to appreciate and respect the customer maturity cycle where they need to
make a journey from being completely cold to becoming warm enough to make a buying

That is where your e-mail marketing, your follow ups, your videos, your podcasts,
webinars, this is where all that stuff comes in. This is the purpose of all the
marketing that you're doing. Because the difference between marketing and selling
or I would say difference between getting people towards that buying decision,
actually asking for the buying decision is fundamentally between saying the right
things to move people in a straight line towards the fence so they can climb that
fence, right? And the initial process of selling and asking for the order. Asking
for the money is when you get them to jump off the fence to the other side where
you're waiting for them with the help, the tool, the software, the advise that
you're supposed to give them.

So, again just to go over it again. This episode, this journey that I just told
you about is a reminder that if you expect your customers to commit to you right
away, you're in for a big surprise and a huge disappointment because most people
will not. And usually even if you do find a crazy soul that does commit to you
right away, these are usually such impulsive and emotional people that they don't
really make great customers if we're talking about recruiting them into your
organization. These are the ones that are gonna make the most trouble for you
because they're so impulsive, emotional, and impatient. Thanks again for tuning in
to another episode of the list building lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets and
until next time we chat, have a good one.

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