Lazy Days, Busy Systems

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Did you know that humans are inherently inefficient beings? Igor Kheifets exposes this truth and shares how he has harnessed the power of systems to overcome these inefficiencies. Join us on this captivating journey as Igor unveils the secrets to maximizing your potential and creating a future where systems rule and efficiency thrives. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to work and unlock a world of unlimited possibilities. Don’t procrastinate and tune in!

[00:00] Darth Vader Introduces The Show!

[00:30] In this episode, Igor promises a deep dive into the world of humans and artificial intelligence, and how the two intertwine. Moreover, he explores the clash between human creativity and the logical precision of artificial intelligence.

[02:01] Spending Six Months On Coding:

  • I had this conversation with somebody about software, AI, and people.

  • This IT guy, basically, either codes something for a living and spends the next six to 12 months, trying to work out the kinks and the bugs in the code, which doesn’t sound very efficient at all.

  • There’s this data and it’s like gibberish, it’s impossible to understand, and there’s no way to index it. So we coded something that indexes the data. And I just give instructions to the ChatGPT.

  • In front of his eyes, there’s like a code coming up that just does basic indexing. And I was like, so you and a team of four people spent six months coding something, but can you imagine what you yourself alone could do if you just had that?

[04:22] Lazy Days And Busy Systems:

  • I realized that humans are inefficient.

  • That creates this sort of wavy performance, where sometimes you’re super productive, you’re like riding high, you’re really riding the wave. And other times you’re feeling slumped.
  • For that reason, I really love what we do because even when I personally am extremely unproductive, or I am dragging my feet, or there’s some nasty thing that came up, that really just blew the wind out of my sails. It almost doesn’t matter, because the results this week, actually lay on the shoulders of the effort and the systems that we built before.
  • But if I remain unproductive and inefficient for the next few months, we’re definitely going to see a slump. It’s going to catch up with us eventually. But we still have a lot of leeway.

[06:00] The Importance Of Having A Cash Runway:

  • Runways is an idea where if you have cash stashed in the bank, let’s say six months worth, it gives you a six-month runway in case something happens. And something happens meaning you lose your source of income, a health emergency comes up, and all of a sudden your attention is diverted to something else.

  • My point is that systems rule, humans are inefficient, and I believe that the more time we can spend the more effort we can spend on building these systems for ourselves, and the more runway, we will give ourselves eventually.

[08:27] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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