Secret To Endless Motivation With Dr John Demartini

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Most people waste their lives trying to be somebody they’re not. It’s time to start afresh with a new perspective so you can truly live your dream life. Tune in to understand yourself better and learn to create new paradigms that lead to immense success!

Guest: Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned human behavior expert, a global educator, and the bestselling author of over 40 books.

[00:51] The podcast examines what it truly means to be financially independent, where extrinsic motivation comes from, and the delusional mindset of modern-day “entrepreneurs.”

How can you be independently free?

[01:14] Benefits of financial freedom:

  • I have financial independence, which means my passive income exceeds any active income by multiple folds. So I work only because I love to, not because I have to.

  • I’ve been financially independent since age 37, and I’m 68 now.

[01:54] Dr. John has the best address in the world:

  • I live on a ship. For the last 21 years, I’ve lived on a large yacht, one of the largest in the world, and it is in Algeria right now.

  • And so I sail around the world full time and I do presentations almost every single day. I research, write, travel, and teach every day. I’ve been doing that since I was 17. That’s been my dream. And I’ve been doing that all these years, 50 years now.

  • I have 309 staff, so there’s a complete organization and people are doing things that make it a lot easier for me.

  • It’s a private ship. There are 100 of us who own it. I’m one of the owners. And it’s the best address I’ve been able to find on Earth.

  • The universe is my playground. The world is my home. Every country is a room in the house, and every city is a platform to share my heart and soul. So I’ve been on a mission to travel the world and to teach. I’ve taught 180 countries, and I still got another 40 to go, so I’m still working on it.

[04:13] Dr. John shares his secret to maintaining motivation:

  • I’ve delegated everything. All I do is teach, research, write, and travel. Everything else has been delegated. I haven’t driven a car in 32 years. I haven’t cooked since I was 24. Anything that I require, any form of extrinsic motivation to do, I delegate, and anything that I’m inspired to do, I do, and that’s I’ve been trying to teach people how to do that so they can liberate themselves from a lot of baggage in life.

  • It’s just permitting yourself to pursue what truly is meaningful to you, that you are spontaneously intrinsically called to do, and permitting yourself to do it in a way that serves vast numbers of people and then delegates the rest away.

[06:29] The beginning of Dr. Demartini’s journey:

  • I started teaching at the end of 1972, early 1973, and that was my dream, to travel the world and teach.

  • I’ve written way more than 40 books. That’s just self-help books. We got ten more getting ready to come out. I read and write every day and I speak every day and I can’t think of anything else I love better than that. That’s what I love doing.

[07:45] Igor’s pattern toward financial freedom:

  • I’ve spotted a pattern that I’m curious to hear your thoughts about. And the pattern is there’s no shortage of tools, there’s no shortage of information, there’s no shortage of help and resources, especially with the development and the acceleration of the internet as to how to start your own business, how to make money. There is a new method to make money from your computer, laptop, smartphone, et cetera, being developed every single day, some days two or three methods. 

[08:55] Values dictate actions:

  • Every human being, regardless of age, gender, spectrum, or culture, lives moment by moment with a set of priorities and values, things that are most to least important in their life. And this hierarchy of values is fingerprint specific to them. And although it’s evolving through time, at any moment, it’s specific to them.

  • Every decision they make, every perception they take, and every action they take, is reflective of that hierarchy of values. Whatever is highest on that individual value system is an intrinsic value that they are spontaneously inspired from within to take action on. But as they go down the list of values, it becomes more extrinsic and requires motivation where a reward or a punishment has to be implemented to get them to move and act.
  • Motivation is a symptom, never a solution for human beings that they want to achieve.

  • Many people don’t know their hierarchy of values. They think they do. And as long as they live in the illusion of what it is and do not know what it is, they will give themselves expectations to live outside of what’s truly congruent with what they value most. 

[10:40] Tenets of true financial independence: 

  • I defined financial tenants as passive income exceeding active income. You don’t have to work. You work because you have to.

  • Less than 1% of the world’s population has financial independence.

[11:15] Breaking the delusion of being financially independent:

  • Write down what you would do if I gave you $10 million. It’s yours in your pocket. But you have to write down what you’re going to do with it.

  • Calculate how many assets out of the 10 million are still there versus how much has been spent on consumables that depreciated value.

  • Between 20% and 80% of their money was gone in 60 seconds because they went out and bought that car, they bought that nice house, they bought those nice clothes, they bought that trip, they bought that little boat, they bought all those things that they thought were going to bring them success because it was externalized forms of success instead of meaning and well being.

  • The hierarchy of values dictates your financial destiny.

  • Unless you know where financial wealth building is on your things, on your hierarchy of values, you’re going to have a fantasy that you want it. But the truth is you want the lifestyle of the rich and famous. You don’t want to buy assets and patiently let them accumulate and defer gratification to build wealth.

  • The person has to understand what’s truly demonstrating their values if they want to know whether or not they’re an entrepreneur. Because if they don’t have the values that will lead them to entrepreneurship, they’re going to flounder.

[18:25] Motivation is a symptom:

  • Extrinsic motivation is a symptom of not knowing what’s truly intrinsically valuable to you and pursuing what’s truly meaningful to you. And if you don’t, you’re going to need motivation constantly. I don’t need the motivation to teach, research and write.

  • Don’t do things that you require motivation for because it’s not intrinsic. Find somebody who’s got their highest value and would love to do that and they’re masterful at doing it.

  • Every time you do something low on your values into extrinsic values, you’re automatically devaluing yourself.

[29:05] Dr. John’s email promotions:

  • So what I do is I first direct them usually to my website to do the value determination process, which is a complimentary private exercise that I’ve been working on and developed over the last 45 years. That’s free. It’s on the website.

  •  If they want to go further than that, all they have to do is browse the website. There is enough information on there to keep them busy for multiple lives.

[30:31] Dr. John Demartini’s website:



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