How To Create Promotion Angles For The Make Money Online Niche

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You lose your list’s attention the moment your email copy sounds repetitive and redundant. Tune in to collect some highly converting email marketing tips, and learn to generate unique and engaging promotions every single time.

[00:00] The podcast is a continuation of Igor and David’s discussion on email marketing techniques that made Igor millions, coming up with new ways to promote and describe the same products. 

How to promote the same things to your mailing list in intriguing ways?

[04:16] What are some of your favorite frames that you find work pretty consistently?

  • My list is pretty simple and my relationship with my list is also pretty simple. We get each other.

  • I know that my people want to know of easy and fast ways to earn an income, but at the same time, they’re being realistic.

  • My email list is really into promoting other people’s products and they’re always looking for ways to improve those results.

  • You invite people to claim a freebie in exchange for an email.

[06:36] The challenge of coming up with new and exciting ways to promote similar products:

  • I’m always looking for new ways to position things and every now and again I would come across something that would allow me to do that.

  • I was able to bring over 1200 registrants to the webinar, which is well beyond what I was able to do before. I think my previous record was 830 or something. So I exceeded that because of this exciting new angle.

  • Quite simply test angles and see what works. And you’ll find exactly what gets your list going. And once you find those right angles, all you need to do every single time is just put a slightly different spin on it, and then it gets exciting for them again.

[08:26] Igor shares his key resources to spin new angles and enhance creativity:

  • You need to find other marketers that you admire and buy stuff from and subscribe to their email lists. And very quickly you will have a whole bunch of swipes, they have a whole bunch of examples of their emails and their promotions and how to position things.

  • The other thing you want to do is you want to get really intimate with your target market.

  • Everybody has a button. Everybody has a thing that interests them. So as long as you know what the buttons are, as long as you can get that intel, you will never struggle to come up with new angles and with things to say to your target market that inherently just come with built-in interest.

  • What are some of the problems you would want to be solved for yourself? And those are the kinds of frames and those are kinds of positions that you want to basically talk about. And those are the problems you want to solve for the people, because a lot of them, even though you think that you’re 100% unique and simple, we all kind of have the same problems.

  • Start with those frustrations and stuff and start with those angles. And then if you want to go deeper than start interviewing and going into everything that Igor said about knowing your market more intimately.

[12:05] Igor’s book on email marketing: 



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