Is Underpromising And Overdelivering Still A Good Idea?

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Do you struggle to make your business stand out in a crowded and saturated market? Do you want to learn how to over-deliver and create irresistible value for your customers? Tune in to this episode where Igor shares powerful insights on the concept of over-delivering, creating value, and understanding your market.

[00:00] Samuel Jackson Introduces The Show!

[00:15] In this episode, Igor delves into the concept of over-delivering and how it can help you attract more customers and boost your revenue. 

[01:43] What is Over-Delivering? 

  • Over-delivery means giving more than people pay for. You want to think of the concept of value.
  • Stream the podcast to learn more from Igor’s in-depth examples on over-delivering. 

[04:12] How To Create Value? 

  • There are a ton of intangible items that you can throw into the mix to create this value.
  • You want to create a feeling that they’re paying 1/10 for the price they’re paying.
  • You want them to want to make it feel like it’s a steal.

[05:29] Understanding Your Market:

  • One of the major components of marketing is to not only understand your market, not only like, know what the market actually wants, but to also be able to put together a package that makes people go, “If I walk away from this deal, I’ll feel like an idiot.”

[06:26] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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