How To Take Back Control Over Your Life

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Humans are inclined to shy away from accountability and responsibility. However, it is essential to recognize that true freedom can only be attained through accepting and embracing responsibility.Tune in to explore Igor’s tried and tested tips to help you take control of your life and destiny.

[00:00] Morgan Freeman Introduces The Show!

[00:50]  In this episode, Igor will provide valuable insights to help you take control of your life. I implore you to take heed of the wisdom he shares and endeavor to seize back control of your destiny.

[01:49] In Between Black And White:

  • Most of the solutions that are required, they’re probably more complex than black and white.
  • But I come from a world where if you’re not responsible, if you’re not self disciplined, and if you don’t hustle, if you don’t really care for yourself, if you just sit around and wait for the world, you’re just going to die.
  • I think most people walk around very entitled, they want someone else to solve their problem.

[04:00] The Idea Of Freedom:

  • The whole idea of freedom in general is a really scary idea. Because you’re all of a sudden 100% responsible for whatever is happening in your life.

[04:11] How Did Hitler Create A Cult Following? 

  • When Hitler killed himself after the war, they found out that people actually fooled him because in a time of economic turmoil, he stepped up, he took responsibility.
  • He led them and they did not need to think anymore.They just had to follow the leader and everything’s gonna be okay.

[05:03] What Do People Want?

  • They don’t want to think they don’t want to be responsible. 
  • They don’t want to be critical thinkers. 
  • They’d much rather judge.

[05:58] Living A Fulfilling Life:

  • Be fully responsible and take 100% responsibility for the outcomes in your life.
  • It makes for a more difficult life, but it makes for a much more fulfilling life.

[07:00] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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