Introduction To Youtube Ads With Tommie Powers aka Tommie Traffic

With online video consumption going up 60% year to year YouTube ads are quickly becoming the go-to strategy for internet marketers.

Personally, I’m still trying to figure ’em out.

But I know someone who has all the answers about YouTube ads.

His name is Tommie Powers, but he’s knows as Tommie Traffic.

Let Tommie give us the 101 on YouTube Ads in the all new List Building Lifestyle!


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On April 23, 2005 someone, somewhere decided to do something crazy. They've
uploaded the first ever YouTube video. Fast forwards 13 years later, YouTube has
become the largest video sharing site on the planet. 30 million people visit
YouTube everyday to share videos and with the number of hours people spend
watching videos online going up 60% year to year, YouTube has become one of the
most prized marketing medias available to direct response marketers today. From
experience, I can testify that prospects who watch my videos are generally much
easier to work with and are more much profitable than prospects who don't. My
point, video has become an essential part of our marketing arsenal and video ads
are quickly becoming the next big thing in lead generation, which brings me to my
next guest, Tommie Powers AKA Tommie Traffic. Tommie is known as the go to video
ads guy within closed doors circle of elite internet marketers. In fact, in the 90
days anytime I brought up video ads in conversation with any of my mastermind
partners, Tommie's name came up time and time again. The next logical step was to
seek out Tommie and invite him to the List Building Lifestyle to talk video ads.
Tommie, thank you so much for being here today.

Tommie Powers: Man, that's an amazing intro. Thanks for being here, man. I'm

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I'm excited as well because video ads has been a mystery to
me. We spent a lot of money trying to optimize with very little results. So I'm
just pumped hosting you on the show and having you give us the introduction into
the right way of conducting video ads.

Tommie Powers: Nice.

Igor Kheifets: So with your permission, I'll go ahead and dive right into it and
my first question is, what are some of the big mistakes you see out there people
making with their video ads right now?

Tommie Powers: The big one for me is always strategy. I think a lot of times
people don't really ... they don't really build a strategy around their outcome.
They just kinda do what someone tells them to do and not really think about how it
fits into the grand scheme of what they wanna accomplish. Right? We get sold these
courses and you go to these events and everything like that and they tell us to
model people. Right? 'Cause I do that. But at the end of the day, you still have
to know your own specific outcome that you want and then you have to make sure
that that fits. Right? So if you know that you're strong at email, then getting
people on your list ... building a list is gonna work wonders for you. But if you
suck at email marketing, email list building might not be the best path. Maybe you
need to do a webinar or maybe you can do a ... go for a straight sale or something
like that. Right? So really building around your strengths, you know what I mean?
And I just see a lot of people making that mistake, not just with video ads, but
generally speaking. But that's usually like the biggest failure, is they don't
have a strategy that's really leveraging their strengths, and then they go and
write video ads and they really don't work out for them.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I get what you're saying. It's like a person with really weak
arms trying to get into boxing.

Tommie Powers: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: So you come in at a disadvantage obviously and you don't do your
homework and video may not just be for you or again, if you're a bad writer and
you really suck at it, and you're not willing to learn and it really just makes
you miserable, then don't do email marketing.

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: So yeah, I absolutely get it. For me though, I feel ... Now that
you're saying it, I feel kinda blessed because I use video a lot in my email
marketing. I use the strategy that's called the triangle of trust.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I think Frank Kern was the first one to ... that I saw talk about
it, where you send an email and link it to a page with a video, and that has been
working out really well for me. I've done wonders with it. Now obviously that may
not be the case for everyone who's out there. Right?

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: Because a lot of affiliate marketers, they wanna do it sort of
incognito where they don't

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: Even wanna get on video. But what would you say are some of the
traits that we can spot in marketers that should be doing video and that should
recognize it as one of their best methods to market their business?

Tommie Powers: I definitely think personality is a big win in the YouTube ... I
mean you have to really look at YouTube for what it is. I mean a lot of these big
YouTubers, they are ... It's a very personality driven platform. There are some
... a lot of brands on YouTuber that are advertising and what not, but like the
smart ones are creating their own shows and they're wrapping their brand around
content. Right? And so it's a very personality driven platform. So if you have
personality, I mean you should 100% be doing it. But even with that, as a brand
... If you're think like building a brand ... But even if you're an affiliate, you
should be building your own brand and attaching affiliate's products that you
promote to the brand that you're creating. You know what I mean? So ... But you
don't have to be the face, you can hire people to do that. You can go on Fiverr,
Upwork, you can hire influencers. You can get people to represent your brand for
you. You know what I mean? So you don't have to be on there, but I definitely
think personality is a huge plus, because it's a personality driven platform.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I agree with you completely. And when you say the words
create a brand and wrap it around content as your own show, really brings up my
friend Jay, who runs the Inner Changemaker podcast. He posts a lot on YouTube and
that's exactly what he done. He built a brand almost accidentally by putting out
so much content on YouTube and I don't know if he's using paid ads. But what
you're saying is it ... like what put him on the map, which is amazing. I'm gonna
be hosting him on the show later. Guys, stay tuned for that. Now the other thing
you just mentioned is the word brand.

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: Okay. Now that's a word that's being thrown around too much out
there. I mean I see people who are like 16 years old on Instagram and they think
they got a brand, et cetera. But you also said that you don't really have to be
the face of the brand. Right?

Tommie Powers: Correct.

Igor Kheifets: So while the whole ... definition of the brand in enough itself and
we'll leave it aside, like with little asterisks next to it for our listeners to
kinda keep in mind that that's not exactly what most people mean today. What
you're saying is you can actually go out there and hire someone who's organic.
Right? I call it organic on video to represent your brand. So you mentioned a
couple of places, Fiverr, maybe Upwork. Have you ever done it? Have you ever
worked with a company who's done it? And if so, what would you say some of the
tips, some of the important things to keep in mind when you do something like

Tommie Powers: A 100% I've done it. A 100%. What you do ... I mean it's really
again, back to that thing, strategy. You know what I mean? Like you don't go to
Fiverr or Upwork or any of these places and get someone to solve your problem for
you. You have a problem that you need solved and they happen to be the person
actually doing it. You know what I mean? So there's just a difference in mindset
between knowing the outcome that you want, versus allowing someone else to create
something for you when you don't really understand what it is that you trying to
do. So I think that's the key thing, is just having understanding of the outcome
that I want. Okay, I have this ... I wanna be an affiliate, but I wanna build my
own list so that I can promote those offers on the backend, which is highly what I
recommend because that's where ... When I was doing affiliate marketing, I didn't
learn that until about six months before Google shut me down when I really heavy
in ... When I have a list and you've built a relationship with that list, that's
almost the same things as like a brand if you will. You know what I mean?
Relationship with the list. Now you can communicate to them about different
products and offers and what not. I was just doing direct linking. So I left a lot
of money on the table by not doing that. You know what I mean? But I've 100% done
it and like I said, you just have to know what you want. So you might be writing
the script. You're telling them the idea of what it is you're trying to
accomplish. You're really giving them a lot of direction on what they're going to
create, because they're in a creative state of mind and you wanna give them
everything that make it easier for them to go and create. So you wanna give them
those things and so you need to know like what does it take to write a video
script. What kinda scripts ... like how to tell a story and that kinda stuff to
actually get people ... What type of script? What should I be saying? How should I
be capturing people's attention? So forth and then you're giving them all of this
stuff and then they go and they're creating based on what you're giving them,
rather than just saying ... going on Fiverr and say, "Make me a video. I'm trying
to like get people to opt into my list." You know what I mean? Like you can't do
that. That's not gonna work.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. It's definitely not gonna work and I can testify to that
because I actually tried that. I actually tried hiring people not knowing what I
wanted to do, but what you're saying is absolutely true. Like you have to be very
specific and you wanna say, "Okay. Here's my ideal outcome. Here's the general
direction of where you need to go." There's some room for you to go back and
forth, but this is the general direction. And the beautiful part about it is that
the people who are good on video, often times really suck at running the business.

Tommie Powers: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: So they prefer to be freelancers and they just wanna do what they
love, which is being in front of the camera.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: And then even go and edit that video and make it into a real high
quality video. And so what you're getting is the big benefit of having a super
high quality video and the person who represents your brand, which ... I mean
nobody even will know their name.

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: You're gonna be the one getting paid.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: And it's so beautiful. I've seen it time and time again. In fact, I
have a friend who runs a website, an authority website in the bitcoin space. It's
called He's a fellow Israeli and I stumbled upon his website when
I kinda getting into the whole, oh bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin craze, and I noticed
that his videos are done by other people.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Like he only had one or two videos done by him and I interviewed
him and I ... I actually never ended up publishing the interview on the show, but
when I spoke to him I was like, "Oh, cool. Like you guys have a big team or
something." Because I couldn't even comprehend the fact that you could just hire
like freelancers to do it for you.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I thought these were his partners, but it turns out that no, these
were freelancers that he got on Fiverr and Upwork

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: That just shoot these videos occasionally for him because he
doesn't feel that he's good enough on video.

Tommie Powers: Yep. There you go. Perfect example.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. And the guy runs a ... Like that's a pretty big website. He's
got a big list, big audience. They do a really good job of actually explaining
what bitcoin is.

Tommie Powers: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: So if you guys are interested in all that stuff, go to 99bitcoins
and check it out. Okay. Cool. Now Tommie, I wanna bring you back. So you mentioned
you wanna wrap your brand around content. Now this is a big topic, I know and we
can probably do a whole chorus about it, not just an episode. But can you give us
a couple of examples how you create a brand wrapped in content for somebody who's
doing affiliate marketing?

Tommie Powers: Doing affiliate marketing.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, like [crosstalk 00:12:15] income opportunities or JVZoo
products or Clickbank products, the classic stuff.

Tommie Powers: Yeah. I'm just trying to think who I know may be doing that, 'cause
I always like to use examples that you can go look at. But I'm so much ... I
haven't really done a lot of that in so long. I don't really know who the people
are, but in essence it's just really about communicating. Build an audience,
communicating with that audience and using video, email, the normal stuff everyone
does, but it's just like ... I don't know. Give me something that you would be
promoting as affiliate.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, okay. Let's

Tommie Powers: Just give me an example.

Igor Kheifets: Let's shift away for a sec because I notice this kinda doesn't flow
well, but let's shift to say weight loss. Okay.

Tommie Powers: Okay.

Igor Kheifets: There's tons of people out there who do this with weight loss on
YouTube. I've seen it time and time again

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: As well as dating.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I'm sure that's a great market for us to talk about.

Tommie Powers: Right. Same thing, so now you're basically positioning your brand,
whether you get on camera or not as a go to resource or all of these topics that
people are already having in the marketplace ... the prospects. So it starts with
really understanding the market. You know what I mean? Understanding the solutions
that these prospects are looking for. Now you're creating content around those to
be able to help educate and teach people about these solutions and the challenges
that they're having, and then giving them an opportunity to say, "Hey, if join my
list," Obviously write like there's a value exchange there. Once you do that, now
on the backend you can talk about all of the other solutions on top of you being
able to continue having that conversation with that prospect and building that
trust and that relationship. And that's really what it is and so I see a lot of
people like affiliate marketers, who have a brand that do get on camera. But
again, like you said your bitcoin friend, he's able to do this and not get on
camera, but in essence I mean that's basically what it is, is ... 'Cause now it
doesn't matter who you're promoting, the people are trusting you. It's almost ...
Think about it like being like a reporter. You know what I mean? Almost like
you're in the weight loss industry and you're a reporter. You're just reporting
the things that are happening. What are the new tech? What's innovation ... What's
happening? You know what I'm saying? Like you can report on these things and you
can build a rapid following of people who follow you, 'cause your basically like a
journalist if you will to them. And now that they trust you because you're their
source for news to stay on top of the trends and everything going on, now you can
actually introduce solutions to them, and they'll be really receptive to it and
that's in essence what I'm talking about.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. The strategy you just mentioned actually works really well in
tech. Like if I had a cell phone store or a website, like an eCommerce website
selling gadgets.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: That'd be a really awesome strategy to be reporting in the new
things that are coming out because the gadget market, just like the income
opportunity market by the way, is really novelty conscious. Right? We love new
stuff. Like

Tommie Powers: New stuff. Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I mean I'm an Apple addict. I got all the MacBooks and all
the iPads and all the iPhones.

Tommie Powers: Me too.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. So like if there's a new Apple thing coming out, like I'm on
YouTube watching tutorials and watching all kinds of news updates and show me how
it looks and show me what features, show me the new iOS and stuff like that.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Now what I would like to do is I would like to put this strategy
more in the context of information marketing and affiliate marketing, because
while it's easy to really understand how to use this strategy when the industry
itself has lots of new stuff coming out and you can actually hold the product
physically in your hand and you can talk about its features. Like if you're
promoting video cameras or you're talking about ... Like my wife was buying a
vacuum cleaner the other day. She watched like a million YouTube videos

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Showing how they vacuum and how they vacuum on certain surfaces and
how they vacuum water versus sand versus sugar versus other stuff. But when we
talk about information marketing, where we're producing content which is mostly
information and when there's fewer newsworthy items to chat, and there's no
particular features we can discuss about the product. My suggestion and tell me if
this is something you agree or disagree with, is to talk about everything that's
around the product. Not about the product itself, but more so things that are
around it. In other words, the misconceptions people have about the strategy.
Perhaps the concerns people have, the fears they might have, the unanswered
questions, the ... maybe even just sharing your journey as it unfolds everyday or
every week. As in like I wanna achieve this goal, today is day one, I'm doing

Tommie Powers: Right. Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Today's day two, I'm doing that. Like that

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I see a lot of these like challenges, if you will

Tommie Powers: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: On YouTube, where it's like day 30 of 174, driving traffic with
Instagram. Like somebody just kind of reports on what they're doing right now and
whether or not it's working.

Tommie Powers: I totally agree with that. I mean because now even if you think
about like ... Even if you just categorize it into like you're an affiliate
marketer, you're teaching people affiliate marketing. What are the tools that they
need to accomplish that, right? Autoresponder. Like how deep can you go when you
start talking about like email and like deliverability and like ... You know what
I'm saying? Like it's so many different ways that you can tie all of that stuff in
and that's really what you're doing. You're drawing on ... You can draw on
lifestyle, you can draw on the different traffic sources, you can draw on the ...
And there's rabbit holes in every one of those. So there's endless amounts of
content that can be created as long as you can make it relevant to what it is that
you're promoting on the backend. You know what I mean? But like perfect example,
what you just said and like I said ... Like email marketing is such a big ... It's
always [inaudible 00:18:31] subject lines and deliverability and ... This ...
Aweber versus Getresponse versus somebody else versus somebody else like

Igor Kheifets: Oh, I actually have that, man.

Tommie Powers: That ... You know what I mean?

Igor Kheifets: I actually have an episode

Tommie Powers: See?

Igor Kheifets: That's like Aweber versus Getresponse versus MailChimp.

Tommie Powers: Yep. There's you go.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, and of course ... I mean that's a very easy way to promote
tools as an affiliate.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Like there's so many people on YouTube right now promoting

Tommie Powers: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: And there's like a tutorial for everything, even though there's
tutorials within ClickFunnels probably, how to do the same thing. If you go on
YouTube and you type in ClickFunnels, there is literally a tutorial on how to do
each and every single little thing

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: And guess what? Every one of them links to someone's ClickFunnel's
affiliate link. If we're talking autoresponder, same thing. My David [inaudible
00:19:16], he just got a check from an autoresponder company for like $2,300.00

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: For one video he created two years ago that he still runs every day
to his list, where he shows how to set up the damn account.

Tommie Powers: Yep. There's a ... Like Shopify, they have some pretty big
affiliates pushing Shopify over YouTube. They're writing ... They're sending out
six figure checks from some of the videos people have put up about Shopify.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, absolutely

Tommie Powers: Promoting it. You know what I mean?

Igor Kheifets: Yeah.

Tommie Powers: Yeah.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah and I think that's what put the company on the map as well,
the fact that so many people took it on YouTube

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: And started doing all these crazy tutorials about it.

Tommie Powers: Exactly.

Igor Kheifets: So when it comes to software and technology, YouTube is probably
the best place to promote it. But again, it's not limited to that. There's many

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: Who promote the business opportunities that I've seen, a lot of
them do lifestyle. Right? So

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: They report where they're traveling right now, they're reporting
their earnings if they have any. They do all kinds of like ... just feel good
stuff as well.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Just get on Facebook live or YouTube live or YouTube stream and
talk about their goals for this year. I remember Frank Kern used to put out these
really good videos, like they'd be like 40 to 60 minutes long called The State of
the Internet Address.

Tommie Powers: Yep, yep.

Igor Kheifets: Got like the presidential style. So that was very entertaining and
informative as well. Like there's really no limit to what you can do with video if
you're willing to just sit your ass down

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: And think just a little bit outside the box, just a bit. And you
don't even need to think sometimes. I mean Tommie, tell me like how easy it is to
go on YouTube and get inspiration just by watching other people's videos?

Tommie Powers: Man, so freaking easy and one of the principles of success that we
talk about a lot, my partner and I, is if you wanna do something go and find at
least three people or businesses making at least seven figures doing that, and you
can model them. You know what I mean? You don't have to overthink this stuff. You
know what I mean? So it's like yeah, I mean it's crazy. Right? This stuff is not
that hard. It's just putting the action in front of it, having a strategy and then
putting a foot in front of the other one and taking action. You know what I mean?
So it's not that complicated.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah and ... I mean honestly it's not. So we spoke about a few
things today. We spoke about how you need to wrap your brand. Whatever you're
selling, you need to wrap your brand in content, which is a very easy way to
position yourself as expert and authority on the topic and become somebody who's
desirable ...

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: To be associated with. Right? And then of course, link to your opt
in page and get people on your list and you'll notice that an opt in who watched
your video is much more responsive than an opt in who didn't. Again, this has been
my experience. Now the other thing we spoke about was that you don't have to be
the one creating the video content or buying expensive video equipment. You can
just outsource it to people who are willing to do it for a fairly low price on
Fiverr, Upwork or any other outsourcing website.

Tommie Powers: Correct.

Igor Kheifets: Another thing we haven't spoke about is some tools and I know you
recommend a very specific tool we can use, where we can create a video ad without
even actually getting on camera or hiring anyone.

Tommie Powers: Right. You referring to Veeroll?

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, yeah.

Tommie Powers: Yeah, Veeroll ... Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Veeroll ... Yeah, I met
Gideon, the guy behind that some years back and when he first rolled it out, he
actually showed it to me and I was like, "Wow. This is amazing. This is powerful."
So yeah, you can go in there and you can create the kinda text overlay and they
got like some templates and what not that you can use to create videos with and
... There's another ... There's quite a few tools out there, man. There's another
called ... Man, I don't got in front of me right now. We was just looking at ... A
buddy of mine was just telling me about ... They're using it to create Instagram
videos and they crushing it on Instagram with this too. Dude, I can't even think
of the name of it right now. I also use something called Lumen5, which is another
really cool tool to create like these ... It's more like a content video but like
the words are kinda going across the screen and then it'll pull in like video
backgrounds, so you can change like the backgrounds and stuff and they do really
well actually, man. So it's quite a few tools out there actually for creating
videos and Lumen is like free. I mean they have an upgraded version, but you can
literally create a video with it for free.

Igor Kheifets: That's

Tommie Powers: I've used it and actually run a video ad with it before to get opt
ins actually and it works really well.

Igor Kheifets: Wow. I mean it's incredible how technology advances and changes all
the time and how overall, even though it seems like it takes a lot of money to
build your online business, technology makes it so easy and it's often given to us
for free. We probably even take it for granted. I mean when I started, people ...
there was no such thing as a video ad on YouTube yet, but still there were video
tools and video edit. Like Camtasia used to cost like 500 bucks when I started.

Tommie Powers: Right.

Igor Kheifets: Like I purchased ScreenFlow for Mac, which is the same thing as
Camtasia I think for like $115.00.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: One of the previous ... Like it's just crazy. Now you can get stuff
done for free. You don't have to get in front of your camera. You don't have to
even like say anything into the microphone. Just sync the audio, you can just use
like these drag and drop easy to follow software that produce the video for you
and here's the crazy part, they don't even like ... they don't even make you
download the video on to your computer to upload to YouTube. They can upload it
into your YouTube account for you.

Tommie Powers: True that. That's very, very true.

Igor Kheifets: It's messed up. It's just too easy. Too easy.

Tommie Powers: Yep. I agree.

Igor Kheifets: Tommie look, obviously video ads is a vast topic. It's just
incredibly big and there's more to it than just talking about it. It's more of a
strategy where you gotta show a lot of things on screen and kind of point and say,
"Click here. Go here. Type in this. Type in that. Take this link, paste it over
here." So obviously we cannot do it on this podcast, but I know you have a video
course, like a course about how to do video ads. And can you talk a little bit
about that and what ... exactly what you teach?

Tommie Powers: Yeah. I mean it's ... What I teach is everything, man. I've been
doing ... I started doing YouTube ads 2012. By 2014, I had spend a million dollars
on YouTube advertising by self, not including ... And a lot of people know me for
YouTube. I'm a media buyer by trade. So I buy every kinda media you can think of
and YouTube is not even like the platform that I spent the most money on, but a
lot of people know me for that. But I'm spent my first million by 2014, since then
we've spent something like six or seven million dollars across YouTube and
Facebook on video. And basically I'm just kind of ... When I started talking about
YouTube, I was telling my friends because I was hoping that I was gonna be able to
talk to other people. What I learned was no one else was talking about it and
that's really kinda what helped get my name out there because people started
talking about the fact that, "Oh my God. Like my man spent like a million dollars
..." You know that kinda thing. And so as I started learning, it's like wow, no
one is really talking about this. No one is really teaching this stuff. That's
what really opened the lane up for me and as a result of that, it's like now I
have the ability to say, "You've got millions of dollars in data that I'm gonna
give you the shortcut if you're ready to put one foot in front of the other one."
So it's everything from how to ... video creative development, how to like create
your video, what is your outcome, a lot of offer stuff 'cause a lot of times ...
The two big things with any traffic source but even more so with video, is message
and offer, like what are you offering and what is the message. So we really help
people a lot around like their message and what they should be saying and then
your offer is what is it that you're gonna tell people that make them basically
wanna walk on glass almost to get to it. Like they just cannot say no. That's
really what about ... That's what your offer is about, whether it's an email opt
in, whether it's an eCommerce product, whether it's an information product, it
really doesn't matter what it is. Ultimately, it needs to be something that people
feel like they have to have that and if you got a great message and you got a
great offer, obviously you probably already have a great product or whatever
you're selling or whatever. But those two things usually are the big challenges
that a lot of people always come ... They kind of have, "This is what I wanna do.
I have this product. I have this. I need help with the parts." And that's what we
do and then how to set up the campaigns, how to target the people, pretty much
everything. You know what I'm saying? And it can be overwhelming if you don't
really know. So the goal we trying to do is like simplify it. We've broken it down
into here's where you start. You know what I mean? And then don't worry about this
stuff over here until you at least do this right here, 'cause a lot of times
people wanna jump in and they wanna do everything and then they get overwhelmed.
And the reality is you don't need to do everything at first. There are some really
specific things you need to do first before you start worrying about all of this
other crazy stuff and that's kind of what it is, and we've got different people on
different levels. So for that reason I'm ... I can cover every gamut there is from
scaling to spending $10,000.00 a day on video ads, I've done that. You know what I
mean? $20,000.00 a day on video ads, from spending $5.00 a day, we cover all of
that. But when you're spending $20,000.00 a day and when you're spending $5.00 a
day, there's a totally different set of things that really matter. So we just try
to like help everyone kind of figure out like ... only just be focusing on ... so
you're not overwhelmed with the process. But in essence, yeah man, that's pretty
much what it is. That's what I'm creating.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. So what you're saying is there is a proper training for
people on every level.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: Now I'm assuming since your background goes back to [inaudible
00:29:48] and affiliate marketing with direct linking no less, there is a section
there for affiliates not just product creators.

Tommie Powers: Well I have a buddy of mine that does a lot of ... So I got a
community. I got a ... probably like 15, 20 people that are spending ... that have
spent upwards of a million dollars or more on video. So this is a community. So I
have people in the community that are actively doing that. I'm not actively
running as an affiliate. Everything that I run is either brands that I own. I
actually don't even do client work anymore. I kinda got out of that game and
started focusing on building my own brands and like owning instead of making other
people really wealthy. I mean obviously if you spend the kind of money that I've
spent, people ain't gon' let you spend that much of their money and not work for
them. Right? So ... But I look at that and say, "Well I could be doing that for
myself." You know what I mean? So that's kinda where I am now, but we have ...
Obviously I have that back experience, but we have people that are actively doing
everything from eCommerce to affiliate marketing to information marketing, you
name it. People that are like really doing it. So we have people in that ... for
that specific circumstance if that's the lane that you're in.

Igor Kheifets: Got it. Okay. Well we're running out of time. So where can we go to
learn more about this, learn more about the Video Ads Academy?

Tommie Powers: So yeah, and I think Igor, you've got
something special for people that wanna follow that and find out more about the
academy and become a member. You can speak to that, but pretty much follow that
and you can be able to see everything we got going on. And I think you'll be
pleasantly surprised that we have a lot of proof ... social proof, just in terms
of like the lives that we've been able to change with this type of ... with this
information. Like this is not theory, we're talking real life people in the
trenches, not just myself. Like I said I got 15 or 20 other people that are in the
trenches doing this as well. So it's not just about what I'm bringing to the
table. So yeah, real life stuff man. We changing lives with this information.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. Thank you, Tommie. So guys it's and
obviously as you probably hear from that link name right, it's my affiliate link
to the program. Now the reason I am recommending Tommie's program is very simple.
First off, if I work with someone, if I literally go out of my own way to try and
get someone like Tommie to consult me on my YouTube ads, obviously I'm gonna try
and recommend him to everyone I know and everyone who wants to do video ads. And
if you wanna do video ads and if you feel that you got what it takes because
again, it's not for everyone. Just like solo ads and any other strategy, you have
to make sure that you're willing drop some money into it, see if it's for you. But
if you're serious about it okay, go to and grab the Video
Ads Academy. Now if you wanna do that, I will incentivize you. I will give you an
ethical bribe for doing that. If you join Tommie's Video Ads Academy, which is 90
... $997.00. Right? It's 997, almost a thousand bucks. What I'm gonna do for you
is, I'm gonna write your next YouTube ad for you. So I'm literally gonna be the
one to write the script for your ad. Whether you shoot it yourself, whether you
outsource to somebody on Upwork, whether you use one of those softwares we
mentioned before to kinda have it created for you, I'm gonna write your video
script so you don't have to. Because I'm good at this stuff as you know and I
enjoy writing. So if you wanna grab Tommie's academy at
through my affiliate link, just go there, grab it and then forward your receipt to
[email protected] and I'll get you your video script. Now you probably have
to be patient. It's probably gonna take me a week or two to get it to you, but you
will get it and you can run your first ad with the script I write for you. Of
course, you get full rights, it's yours. You can even sell it to someone if you
want to. Now if you don't wanna grab it from my link, sure don't do it. Just go to ... and I will not get paid for this. So there
you go. Keeping it 100% transparent and honest. Tommie, thank you very much for
taking the time to sit down with me today, give us the introduction into YouTube
ads and video ads, talk about some of the basic stuff we need to know before we
dive in deep. And also, I really appreciate the fact you have mentioned that this
can work for anyone on any level. In other words, like if you got five bucks a
day, if you got no experience and also if you got 500 bucks a day and tons of
experience, this is really reassuring and it's great to know.

Tommie Powers: Also man, I'm glad I was able to impart some of my wisdom man. I've
been in the background in these trenches doing thing man. And I've got a lot that
I can share 'cause I've been doing this stuff for 11 years now and like I said,
I've spent a lot more money on advertising, not just video. I mean like 50, 60
million dollars or something like that. So this isn't just ... Video is one
mechanism but like advertising, there's a whole nother part of it that has to
apply. So I think a lot of times people get really caught up in just the video
piece and they don't understand like there's a whole kinda advertising piece that
goes along with it. So I got a lot of knowledge to share man. That's kinda what
I'm doing man, is just trying to impart my wisdom on the world.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. And I really appreciate the fact that you're sort of coming
out because again, I ... You were invisible until recently and nevertheless, your
name kept on popping up everywhere.

Tommie Powers: Yep. Yep.

Igor Kheifets: So now that you're out, now that you're sharing your information,
your knowledge publicly, I know many marketers in our industry will up their game
and will be able to create a lead generation stream for them whether an additional
one or the one that actually works for them. Because again, there's no one lead
generation source unfortunately that works equally well for everyone, even solo

Tommie Powers: Correct.

Igor Kheifets: The [inaudible 00:36:10] that I advocate to everyone. But if
there's anything I know, is that the list builders listening to this show, they
wanna build their businesses on paid traffic and

Tommie Powers: Nice.

Igor Kheifets: Whether or not solo ads work for you right now guys, check out
Tommie's course. Okay? Check it out or at the very least, look into YouTube ads
because A, you don't need to be on camera, you don't have to be the one creating
the video, and B, because video is dominating.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I mean there's really nothing I can say but the fact that video is
dominating. Somehow people prefer video to everything else. Sure, there's a big
portion of our market that also reads.

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: But a lot of ... many of the purchasers today, they begin with a
video on YouTube.

Tommie Powers: Yes sir.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. They wanna buy a supplement or they wanna buy a vacuum
cleaner like I gave an example with my wife or they wanna buy a gadget

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: They wanna buy an information product. Even when I was doing laser
eye surgery ...

Tommie Powers: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: I went on YouTube and I started watching these blogs and people
saying, "Okay. So it's day 15 after my surgery. My eyes hurt and someone like ...
as if someone poured sand into my eyes." Like I was watching all of that stuff and
it's all video because

Tommie Powers: Wow.

Igor Kheifets: People now prefer video to every other type of content and
hopefully some of them will still be listening to podcasts.

Tommie Powers: Yep, yep, yep. Got it.

Igor Kheifets: Tommie, thank you. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I
enjoyed rapping with you. And again guys, if you wanna grab Tommie's academy you
go to to grab the bonus for me to write your script for
you, or you can just go to to grab the academy. Or if you just
wanna be sort of kept up to date about video ads, video marketing and anything
related to paid advertising from Tommie's world, you can also go to I believe it's Right?

Tommie Powers:

Igor Kheifets: Tommietraffic

Tommie Powers: Yeah.

Igor Kheifets: Tommie also runs a blog, which you should
subscribe to. So with that said, given you an entry point into video ads. Thank
you so much for listening for another episode of the List Building Lifestyle.
Tommie, thank you for sharing your wisdom and until next time we chat, have a good

Thank you for listening to The List Building Lifestyle. Make sure to subscribe on
iTunes or Google Play to never miss an episode, because who knows? Just one
conversion tactic we share on the show might double your list and double your
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This is Igor Kheifets, and until next time we talk, have a good one.

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