How To Get Rich With Information Products With Greg Cesar

Information marketing is the single best way to get rich from home.

Two reasons:

First, it’s highly profitable.

Second, it’s one of the fastest ways to make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates the idea of having an obscenely-profitable business that helps a lot of people – you’ll love this episode


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets.
The internet offers a handful of ways to earn an income. You can sell physical products
and ship them to your client's doorstep. You can become a life coach or a sales trainer
and work from home. You can stay away from the bright lights and make money in the
shadows with [inaudible 00:00:54] marketing. You can even refer insurance or mortgage
leads to CPA networks and get paid $50-$500 per referral. You can start a content rich
hub, driving thousands of visitors each and every day to your web real estate and make
money by displaying ads. And all of these methods are really nice. Some are more
profitable than others. But none of them are a match to favorite way to earn from
home, information publishing. Selling information offers the best of both worlds.
First, it's highly profitable because there's virtually no production or fulfillment costs.
Second, it's one of the fastest ways to make a positive impact on someone else's life.
If you're the kind of person who appreciates the idea of having an obscenely profitable
business that helps a lot of people, you'll love what we've got going on for you today.
My guest is none other than Greg Cesar, a man who helped over 100,000 people with
his information products. Greg is going to give us an introduction into information
publishing business model and why it can be the single easiest way for you to get rich
online today. Greg, thank you so much for carving out the time out of your schedule
to rep with me and the list builders today.

Greg Cesar: Yes, thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here. It's going to be

Igor Kheifets: Oh yes sir. So without further ado, let me go ahead and dive right
in with the first question. What is information marketing and how did you get
involved in it?

Greg Cesar: Easy enough. Information marketing, the best way to explain that is
people have a problem and then they go searching for a solution. And what we do is
we provide that solution by way of content. Information. So basically you're
teaching people how to do things, how to do this, how to do that, how to solve
this problem, how to get rid of that headache. So basically we are selling content
and knowledge, information that's in our heads. We just save them and then we sell
them to people, which helps them change their lives or solve whatever problems
they have. Think about someone who wants to lose weight. They go online and they
say, "How do I lose weight?" And then you sell them that information, you teach
them how to lose weight. And it is amazing. And then the way I got started in
information, believe it or not, I was doing physical consulting with local
businesses. This is back in 2001-2002 time frame.

Igor Kheifets: That's a long time ago.

Greg Cesar: Yeah, I'm the dinosaur. I was consulting businesses, I was loving what
I was doing. And I said, you know what? I need to get more business coaching
clients. So I know how I'm going to do this. I'm going to start selling content or
selling courses online. That way I can go to a business and say, "Why would you
hire that consultant? He or she doesn't market or share anything online. I'm
selling products online so obviously I understand what your issues are, I
understand what your problems are, I understand all the things that you are trying
to solve and have issues with." Well what happened was I got so good at selling
content and information, since then I've sold over 100,000 courses online. My
actual customer database has over 100,000 people in it in a variety of different
markets that have purchased content from me. So now it's very easy for me to go
into a business and say, "Hey, let me help you," because they see what I've done
and they're like, "Wow, 100,000." So that's how I actually got into information
marketing. It wasn't something I was planning, it's just something that happened
and I just happened to get really good at it.

Igor Kheifets: You know, the counterintuitive thing about information marketing is
that there's so much free information out there that one would think, "Why would
anyone pay for information today?"

Greg Cesar: I absolutely love that question. And I get it all the time. And the
best thing is to give you an example. My son who is a freshman in college, the
other day I said to him, "Boy, how are you doing so well in that math class?" And
he goes, "Oh it's easy. So I take whatever products or questions that the teacher
gives me and then I go to YouTube and YouTube it and see how other people have
solved it." So I said, "Wait a minute. You mean, what you just paid $20,000 for,
you're going to YouTube and getting for free?" And his answer was pretty much yes.
So why do people pay the school $20,000 when they can get the exact same problem
for free on YouTube? And the answer is where they're searching. Right? Someone
goes to a college not expecting it to be free. Someone goes to YouTube and yes
they may expect it to be free. So when you're selling at a place where people are
expecting to pay, they pay. There are people who go to YouTube and they're looking
for free and those aren't your customers. So we don't sell to the freebie seekers.
We sell to the people who say, "I don't have time to watch 20 videos on YouTube.
I'd rather pay you because you put everything together for me in this nice and
neat package and I can just start diving in." See, I don't have time looking for
free information. I don't. I can't do that. I would rather pay someone and get the
answer right away. So that's why people are willing to pay.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, there is something about the information being devalued. The
more of it there is online, right? The more of something we have, the less value
it has. Usually it's the scarce stuff that has the value. And for me, I remember,
when I was looking for advice on how to better develop my voice, because I was
heavy into podcasting at that time. I crossed 100 episodes and now we've crossed
200, and I was really like, every time my podcast would get published I would get
this nail on chalkboards feeling listening to my voice.

Greg Cesar: Yeah.

Igor Kheifets: So I started looking for advice on how to improve my voice, how to
improve my tempo, my tonality. And you know, I found some articles and they gave
us some basic advice. Drink lots of water, try to speak from your chest and not
from your nose and stuff like that. But very quickly, I think the same evening, I
ended up buying a course for $37 by this dude, his name is Baron Cruz, he's got a
channel on YouTube called Charisma Matrix. So I watched a bunch of his videos and
when I was watching them I would be like, "Wow, this guy really knows what he's
talking about." And I ended up buying his course and buying the upsell, which was
a $300 coaching session, I think, where he would get on a call with you and
analyze your voice, give you some homework, he records some and then send it back
for him to analyze it again. So that's just a great example of how looking for
free information can easily lead to a high ticket information purchase.

Greg Cesar: And that's a great information product, too, how to train your voice.
That's a nice niche. It's different, it's unique, and people are willing to spend
the money. That's an example of a good niche.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah and we actually ended up releasing a program together with
Baron called Voice that Makes Millions where we did exactly that. We actually
achieved a pretty high conversion rate on that with 9.8 conversion rate when we
launched into our list. Probably should do another episode, like a case study. But
not to deviate too much from it, my point is that people are willing to pay a lot
of money for information.

Greg Cesar: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: So you said it depends where you advertise, it depends where you're
publishing your information. So what are some, I guess, some of the bad places to
publish information on? When I say bad, I mean the places where if you publish
information in those places, there's a very low chance of you getting paid.

Greg Cesar: So it's interesting in that it's not gonna be so much the place, but
let's say for example you're running an ad on Google ad words, for example, or
you're trying to do SEO. Someone searching for a free weight loss e-book is not a
good person to advertise too. Because they typed in free. They just said they
don't want to pay for it so that person's mindset is no good. I would rather pay
for someone that says, "How much is a weight loss course?" Because I know that
person started with a pricing question. So I know their mindset is they're willing
to spend the money and I know what issue they have, which is a weight loss issue.
Now, people say can you sell information on YouTube? Yes. Because I will tell you,
I've got a product that we're promoting on YouTube and for every penny we put in,
we are getting $1.35 back on YouTube, even though we were advertising that
information course in front of free videos. So even on YouTube, there are people
who are willing to spend. There's a lot of top marketers who are doing very well
advertising on YouTube. So even in places like that, you can do well. Now if you
look at a place like eBay, if you're used to selling a course that is
$2,000-$3,000, understand that the eBay market crowd, they will spend money
because eBay didn't get that big because people aren't spending money. It's just
that they're not going to pay $3,000-$4,000. That number is going to be much
smaller. So you're going to start with a much cheaper product and then work your
way up in some of those venues. So every channel you can make sales is just going
to be whether I start with a higher end offer first or whether I start with a
lower end offer. And places like eBay you're going to start much lower.

Igor Kheifets: Okay. That makes a lot of sense. When you talk about the difference
between lower ticket items and higher ticket items, can you give us perhaps a
range of what's the lowest you've ever sold information for and what's the highest
you've ever sold it for?

Greg Cesar: Okay so the lowest, believe it or not, was free. But we had a great
offer. The offer was, I'll give it to you for free or even $1 today, but we had
our system automatically bill them the difference in 30 days. So we took a $47
item, we sold it for $1 today and then in 30 days our system automatically billed
them $46. Man was the conversion on that insane. Because in the consumer's mind,
all they saw was $1. That's all they think about. "Oh this is just $1 to try." But
I know once you consume the content, and it changes your life, why would you not
pay the additional $46? Okay? So that's an example of really cheap, but on
average, let's say you want to start with a regular front end offer, about $17 is
the cheapest I've gone for a front end low end offer. The highest, from an
advertising standpoint, is in the neighborhood of $50-$97. For a webinar, the
lowest is in the $500-$1,000 range.

Igor Kheifets: Wow. That's incredible. So you're actually telling me, and of
course I'll make it sound as if I'm surprised but I'm not, but I'll make it sound
for our listeners just so we're surprised together. You're telling me you're
selling information for as high as $1,000?

Greg Cesar: Yes. The highest, now this is speaking at a seminar, but people who
didn't know me before I stepped on that stage, it was about $2,000.

Igor Kheifets: Wow that's incredible. So basically, the same information that can
be packed into a book or an audiotape, well not a tape obviously, but an MP3 file,
whatever. I could even sell this podcast, probably, for a good 50 bucks, right?

Greg Cesar: Absolutely.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, that's what I thought. And again, this goes back to what I've
mentioned in the introduction to the episode that information is such an
incredible business model because of this one attribute where you can stretch out
the value and the price as a result. And you can simply change the media through
which information is delivered and that instantly increases it's value.

Greg Cesar: 100%.

Igor Kheifets: For example, I just went to this seminar last weekend and it was
called the Real Estate Wealth Expo. And they had Sylvester Stallone come in and
speak for like 30 minutes. Now it was a regular, average motivational speech.
Obviously the fact that it's Stallone is something else. But still, you can find
that stuff on YouTube for free. Yet people paid, I think, anywhere between $250 to
$1,500 to attend the seminar. Most of them stayed just for Rocky, just for
Sylvester Stallone, to hear him speak. And again, that's information and presence.
And he was literally solving this universal problem of motivation. Now this leads
me to another question, by the way, speaking of the kind of problems you can
solve. You mentioned you've sold programs, you've sold information in different
niches. Do you mind sharing some of the weirdest, perhaps, niches you either are
or were marketing information in?

Greg Cesar: Okay so I'll give you an example of a weird one that I sold a couple
of years ago. And I don't even know where I came up with this niche market, but it
was reading body language. I think I was reading an article somewhere about body
language and I said, "Hm, I wonder if people would buy that." And the truth is,
when you look at a market sometimes, you have no idea whether it's gonna work. It
just comes into your mind and you say let me try it. Man, did that thing sell like
gang busters. I was shocked. I was shocked at the number of people who looked for
it. Another one that was really hot for a while is, if you remember when people
wanted to do SEO through Google, you had to create a sitemap and do all of these
things and you had to create an XML sitemap. It was kind of complicated to do
that. So you know what I did? We had a little course, How to Create a Google
Sitemap. Now think about the problem that solves. If you're trying to rank in
Google to make more sales and this little sitemap is keeping you from doing that
and you've got a business where you think you can make $100,000 a year, would you
pay $47 to solve this problem? And the answer is yes. So we had a little course on
how to create Google sitemaps, we threw that online and boom, it started to sell.
It was doing a couple thousand of dollars a month teaching people how to make a
Google sitemap.

Igor Kheifets: That's insane.

Greg Cesar: Yeah.

Igor Kheifets: I mean, that probably took you 10 minutes to put it together.

Greg Cesar: Even less because I didn't know how to create a Google sitemap.

Igor Kheifets: What do you mean you didn't know how to create a Google sitemap?

Greg Cesar: I didn't. So I had to buy the content from somebody else.

Igor Kheifets: Wait a second. Hold on, hold on. So I think this is big. I think
this is big. So you're telling me that as long as you can uncover the niche or the
untapped, unsolved problem, you can have other people create the content but then
you're the one getting paid for it?

Greg Cesar: Absolutely. Do you know I've sold over six figures worth of how to do
SEO and I've never done SEO a day in my life?

Igor Kheifets: You are a creative man.

Greg Cesar: I met a gentlemen who, we're great friends now. His name is Michael
Fliester, he has one of the top selling books on Amazon on SEO and he did a
webinar one day and I said, "Hey, what's your course?" And he said, "I don't have
one." I said, "Mike, you're kidding me right?" He goes, "No." I said, "Are you
willing to create one? I think we could sell your information." He said sure. We
created a course called SEO the easy way and did over six figures. Till this day I
still know nothing about SEO. You don't have the be knowledge. You can either
share your knowledge or someone else's knowledge. I've got plenty of content that
we sell that's my knowledge. But I've got plenty also that is not my knowledge, I
know nothing about the market. I just sell it.

Igor Kheifets: Now that is incredible. That is incredible. You know, it goes back
to the example with Baron Cruz and Cruzman Matrix, right? That we launched,
essentially I told him the same thing. I was like, "Dude, you know you could
launch a course that teaches people how to improve their voice to make more
money." And he was like, "Really?" I was like, 'Yeah." Okay let's do it and we did
it together as a partnership, which was crazy. And I've heard many, many stories
of people simply looking up an expert like you're saying, if you don't know
anything or if you feel you don't know anything, you can always find someone who
does and they will share their knowledge, often for free.

Greg Cesar: Yes.

Igor Kheifets: Because people are very passionate about what they do. If
somebody's really passionate about fixing engines or something, they can talk
about it all day long and the weird part is that no one is willing to listen to
them, at least people around them. They're just sick of hearing it. So if you're
the one approaching them and you're like let me record you and then package it
into an information product, they will even do it for free.

Greg Cesar: You know people who are really, really passionate and they're not
internet marketers like we are, they don't understand what they have sometimes. I
just paid a guy who was a programmer to create me a tutorial for certain
programming language. Igor, I know nothing about that programming language. I
can't even tell you one of the syntax, but I found another guy ...

Igor Kheifets: What's a syntax?

Greg Cesar: You know the code that you use and all that funny stuff. I found a guy
who did almost seven figures selling to this market. And I said, "Well heck, if he
can do that, what can I do?" So I found some guy and I paid him a couple hundred
bucks and he was delighted to create the content for me. Delighted. For a couple
hundred bucks he thought he was getting over on me. But the reason is he's so
passionate about what he does, he would have done it for free but the fact that
he's able to make a couple hundred bucks, he's saying this guy is crazy to pay me
a couple hundred. And I'm thinking, this guy is crazy for doing it for only a
couple hundred. So I'm like okay. And so hopefully he should be done this week
with this content and I'm talking six figures easy with this product.

Igor Kheifets: Well let's just hope he doesn't hear the podcast.

Greg Cesar: Yeah please don't send this.

Igor Kheifets: He'll charge you more money.

Greg Cesar: I gave him 10 other projects after this one so please don't send this
to him before he's done with the 10.

Igor Kheifets: That's incredible. Wow. Well first off, Greg, thank you very much
for sitting down with us and giving us the introduction to information marketing.
I mean, for me personally, information publishing has been a complete game changer
since I started making money online. I think the first ever money I made after a
little bit of an affiliate marketing income was information marketing. And my
first information product which I sold for just $10, believe it or not, it was
about list building and I stuck with that niche ever since, it actually doubled my
affiliate income as a result because the other benefit of having information
products of your own is you get to generate a list of buyers. And buyers, if
they're passionate about something they'll be buying again and again and again.

Greg Cesar: By the way, you want to hear something funny?

Igor Kheifets: Yep.

Greg Cesar: I think I bought that product from you for $10.

Igor Kheifets: What? No way.

Greg Cesar: Was it on Warrior Plus?

Igor Kheifets: Eventually. Everything I sold at the time, yes, got on Warrior

Greg Cesar: I got it.

Igor Kheifets: Oh my God, I can't believe it. Awesome. So you're a customer. Who
would have thought?

Greg Cesar: I am. I think I bought that one and one of the ... You came out with a
second version of it. I think I bought both of them and I was like, "Oh man, I
already own this thing."

Igor Kheifets: Oh man, well the good thing is that I always had a refund policy so
you can ask for your money back.

Greg Cesar: Nope. You know what? To me it was good content the first time, it was
good the second time so it was worth the money.

Igor Kheifets: Man this is incredible. This is just insane. So basically back to
the benefit of the buyers list, the thing about it is that a lot of people that we
work with are promoting income opportunities. And what they fail to spot is the
fact that people who build large tribes and their income opportunities are in
large teams are usually information product owners. And even if they don't sell
that information, at the very least they have a membership site where it's locked
behind some sort of a user name and a password where they produce a lot of
content. They produce lots of information for their tribe to consume.

Greg Cesar: Yes. And it's easy to do it. I wish I could just convey to people just
how easy it is to do all of this and put all of that information together. Let me
ask you, this course on the voice coaching thing that you did with, I forget the
gentleman's name.

Igor Kheifets: Baron.

Greg Cesar: Baron. How much of that content did you create?

Igor Kheifets: Well believe it or not, I only created the welcome video saying,
"Hey, let me introduce you to your instructor. His name is Baron. He helped me
with my voice and my tempo and my tonality. And it was so amazing and so life
changing that I asked him if he could create a course for you. And he agreed. So
all you need to do is click the link below the video, register for your account
now that you've paid and start going through the course."

Greg Cesar: Bingo. Do you see how easy that was? All you did was record an intro.
What I like to tell people is, because I had someone say to me once, "Well you're
a guru and that's why." And I said, "No. I'm no different than you. The only
difference is I know what the possibilities are. I know that even if I don't know
the content, I can find someone to create that content. I can easily just record
an intro like you did and boom I'm in business, right? That's it. It's just I know
the possibilities." So being an information marketer is probably the absolute
easiest business for someone who wants to make real money online. It's just too

Igor Kheifets: And what people don't get about it is that you become a guru as a
result of publishing information online. It's not the other way around. You aren't
a guru first and then you get this sort of invisible permission to publish
information, no. You publish a bunch of information first and then people look at
your information and be like, "Oh my God, this guy has a lot to say about this
stuff, he must know what he's talking about. He must be an authority."

Greg Cesar: You are absolutely right on that.

Igor Kheifets: Sweet. Now we're totally out of time, by the way, but I know you
have a secret trick up your sleeve. You're actually, if not the only person than
one of the few people in the world who have found a secret place to sell
information where it doesn't take much effort to sell it. Can you share a little
bit about that?

Greg Cesar: Yeah. So let's talk about what we used to do and what we do now. So in
the past, if I wanted to sell something I would put a website together then you
write your sales copy, your opt in forms and all of that, right? And then we'd go
out and we'd do our marketing. We'd run ads. Typically we'd run ads on Google,
could be YouTube or even Facebook. And sometimes you pick the right key words and
other times you pick the wrong keywords. But you just keep on going. And the
better and better we got at marketing the easier and easier it got. So it took
some experience to be able to do that. Well there is a secret place, and believe
it or not it's under everyone's nose right now that we've discovered that we can
actually sell information in 99.9% of the marketplace, including some of the most
brilliant marketers in the world haven't even thought about this, they're not even
paying attention to it and it's right under their nose. And to the tune of the
last 30 days in one of our info products, we sold about 1,500 units at this one
location. And guess what? No website, no SEO, I didn't have to go out and run an
ad anywhere, I didn't have to do any marketing, I didn't have to do anything that
I normally had to do in the traditional ways of where or how we used to sell
information. So the game's changed. So what's happening is the market has shifted.
It's gotten smarter and easier on how we can market and sell information. So the
only thing I have to do now is come up with an idea. Where before I had to come up
with an idea, I had to create it, I had to build the marketing and do all that and
do all the marketing work. Now it's just come up with an idea and create. That's
it. And then I'm done and I walk away. And I just wait for the money and the
checks to come in. So this is a really, I mean when I tell you it's amazing, it is
amazing. And if your guys were going to do a webinar, Igor, let me tell you, Igor
and I were talking last week and he was like, "That is brilliant. Please tell me
you're willing to teach my people how to do some of this." And I said, "I mean if
you want to we can." So we will. And so guys, if you want to learn how we're
packaging information today and where we're doing this where we don't have any
marketing expense, any websites, any SEO, any of that, then you want to join us on
a webinar that Igor and I are going to do. Seating is limited, I'm sorry, we can't
get everyone. But if you are the lucky ones to make it, you're going to get to be
on there. And the webinar, or the page where you can register is going to be Again, I have no idea how long you're
going to keep that up, Igor, but I would definitely tell everyone go and register
now, as soon as possible to get on that training.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. Before I do that, I first want to share with the list
builders why I'm so freaking excited about this. My hair is standing up on my arm
right now. So when you and I were chatting last week and you were telling me about
this, I was like, first off this cannot be true. And I wouldn't have believed it
unless you showed me the stats. And then the second thing, the other thing that's
super outrageous is that my clients tell me, and they complain basically, that the
largest expense in their business is marketing, right? Because when they start
promoting something, the time and the money goes into quite literally promoting
it. Be it buying traffic, be it spend five hours a day on social media, be it
producing content of some kind to put it on YouTube, uploading, producing, et
cetera. All that. All this investment of time, money and energy goes into
promotion. And what you introduced me to is a business. First off the fact that I
didn't even know it existed in and of itself is incredible. But you introduced me
to a business model where you get to make money selling information where you do
not have to go and actively promote anything, you do not have to buy paid
advertising. You do not have to pretty much lift a finger beyond the point of
producing the actual content. And even that, even that can easily be outsourced
for pennies, just like you've explained so far on this call. And so when I heard
it I was like, I can't believe it. We have to get it out to the people. Because
with so much misinformation out there about how to "really make money from home,"
I feel this is one of those models that people need to know about and make a
conscious decision on whether or not it's a good fit for them. Because it's just
not there. I've never seen anyone, either privately or publicly, disclose this
information besides you. Nobody's doing that. Nobody's doing it and like I said, I
haven't even heard about the damn thing before you brought it up on our one on one
call, sort of behind closed doors if you will. So that is why, even though this is
paid information, this is not something that you usually give away for free, I
really, really, really was really hoping that you'd agree to conduct a free
training for the listeners of the List Building Lifestyle and introduce this
model. Because it is just incredible. Just incredible. That is why, guys, if you
would like to find out how Greg literally creates income streams just like that,
okay he puts together the information or hires someone to create the information
for him. Again, totally passive as long as you can find the right people to create
that information for you. Then he simply "uploads" that information into this
place. And then it kind of sells itself because people are already going there to
buy it and you don't need to do anything proactively to sell it or to market it.
And again, it doesn't cost you anything either. Then you want to go to Okay? Write it down, Go there right
now, register for the free training. I will not make any promises about how long
this will be up because if I were in Greg's shoes I'd probably not keep it up for
a long time. But you definitely want to register. Go to for
this free training because you will literally not be able to find out about this
shortcut anywhere else. So Greg, thank you so much for taking the time, sitting
down with me, helping the list builders get acquainted with information
publishing, with information marketing. I really, really appreciate it as somebody
who's a veteran in the business who made millions of dollars, let's face it, and
has helped over 100,000 people across multiple niches, your advice and your wisdom
is always appreciated and is super, super valuable. So thank you for that. Guys,
one more reminder, register for the freaking training. Go to
to find out how to profit from the information marketing boom without actually
having to go out and heavily market your information. So Greg, is there any last
words of wisdom that you'd like to share with the list builders?

Greg Cesar: Yeah. I mean, if I look at, and I know you asked me earlier, what is a
common mistake people make when it comes to information marketing. And I would say
it's a couple things. One is believing that they have to be perfect. You know what
the answer is? And I heard someone say this the other day. Something about the
success comes from speed to marketing. You want to get your product out as fast as
possible. You can always make it better. So if you're sitting on some knowledge
that you're thinking, "Man only if I can make it perfect," get it out. You can
always make it better. So guys, take action, join us in the training. Get your
content out there and I'll show you how to get distribution for it. And you start
making some money. So we'll see you on the training.

Igor Kheifets: Thank you very much, Greg. Thank you list builders for tuning in
for another episode of the list building lifestyle. Until next time we chat, have
a good one.

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Who Is Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is the 3rd highest-earning super-affiliate in the internet marketing niche.

Igor’s 2-step system has helped him consistently rank as the highest-earning and the highest-converting (measured in commissions earned per click) for industry’s leading vendors including but not limited to Matt Bacak, John Crestani and Anthony Morrison.

Igor boiled down success in affiliate marketing to a set of predictable easy steps anyone can take to generate commissions.


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