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I bet you’re making these 5 loss-making mistakes with your emails and you don’t even know it.

You know you are if you’re promoting affiliate offers and business opportunities with no luck.

Stream this episode to find out how to make your list spit out profits by eliminating these 5 destructive mistakes from your email marketing strategy.


Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with the master list-builder and life-liver, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Jonathan: What's up, brother?

Igor: Hey, Jonathan! Nothing much, just chilling today and ready to share some value.

Jonathan: Just chilling in the studio, ready to drop some knowledge. I'm down with that, brother, so what do you have in store for us?

Igor: Well I talk to a ton of people every day, be it on Facebook, email. I observe our support desk as well, and I see so many people that are no longer people. They're like egg plants in the way they think! It looks like the vast mob of internet marketers and list builders, and of course, I'm most catering to the email marketer crowd. They really can't think for themselves. They're buying into these bullshit ideas that they've been sold on, which don't get the results they want. They end up frustrated and they end up pointing the finger of blame at someone else for it. Whether it be in life or their parents, I don't know. I want to talk about some of this programming that has taken place, which I believe is causing for so many people to stay broke. Keep on buying product after product and not get any results or progress in their businesses.

Jonathan: Wow that is a mouthful. I'm looking forward to it.

Igor: I'd like to start with just basically the whole thing comes down to five different points. I'm going to focus specifically on email marketing but if you're smart enough listening to this, you will be able to see how this comes into play in almost every area of your business. The first things is you've been programmed to believe that daily emails are offensive. Nothing, Jonathan, could be further from the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why would a daily email be offensive if you're writing about something that interests the reader?

Jonathan: I find it offensive not to email daily.

Igor: Yeah. You paid for the subscribers on your list, why not email them? Why be apologetic about reaching out to them and offering a solution to solve their life's biggest problems right now.

Jonathan: Be their buddy. Show up every day and you're their buddy; they count on you being there.

Igor: Yeah, and you're the only person probably in their community who cares about their problems in the first place. [3:00] Sure, you got monetary interest in solving those problems because that's a part of the mission that you've taken on as an internet marketer, helping as many people as possible to solve their problem. At the same time, how many people in their life actually take the time and ask them, what are they going through right now? How many people in their life, including their closest family and spouse, who knows? With how many people could they share the intimate thoughts and concerns they're having right now, if not with the person who, potentially, has the key to solving those problems?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: That's why it's so annoying to me when I tell my clients, email your list every day, and they reluctantly say, "Yeah, okay I'll try. I'll do my best." They don't do it. They never do it. It just bothers me on a personal level because they're paying to buy traffic. They're investing the time to post their [speech pages], social media, they're blogging. You're putting all this effort, then why not monetize the list, which you build with the purpose of making money in the first place. Why shy away from that?

Jonathan: Yeah, right. You're doing them a disservice.

Igor: You truly do, you truly, do, which brings me to the second point. That is you've been conditioned to believe that pitching your list every day is bad. Not only do you believe that emailing them every day is bad, but you also believe that if you pitch something in every email, they will actually be angry at you. This is very counterintuitive by the way. I don't expect for most people to even believe in what I'm trying to say here. I don't even expect for them to take my word for it, in spite of me being the authority on email marketing these days. I just want to plant this seed, okay, I just want to plant this seed. The other day I was talking to a very high profile marketer. Somebody who is considered to be an expert at sales funnels and who is pretty much the go-to person [in] that department. They approached me for traffic. Once they get into my universe, and you probably know this Jonathan, once you get into my universe, you get six emails within 24 hours.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Now each email hits you from a different direction, but you're getting six emails. They told me, I got them on a Skype call, "Dude, how much do you email? Why are you emailing so much?" Well it's a good question but let me ask you. Did you buy? They're like, "Well, yeah." Did you unsubscribe? "Well no because I like your style." Okay, cool. That's it.

Jonathan: You answered your own question.

Igor: Yeah. It's not about how often do you email. Well it is, email every day but I guess if they [6:00] want to get off your list, they're not going to do it because you're emailing them too often, and they're not going to do it because you're pitching them in every email. They're going to do it because you're boring. You're just another marketer. They don't feel you genuinely invest in that relationship. They don't like you. They never unsubscribe, hit the spam button or leave you because you send too many emails or because you're pitching in every email. The next one is you've been programmed to believe that you should give value to your list as often as possible, to make your list like you. Now, this one incidentally -

Jonathan: I object!

Igor: This one incidentally, I've tested myself early on. Obviously whenever you get into the internet marketing space, you're like, "Oh what's list building?" It's when you put people on your list and you email them to make money.

"Oh great! How do I do it?" Well the first thing you do is you pitch them. You just give them value. That didn't quite make sense at first, but because I was too timid to even consider the possibility of selling something to somebody, which gives you a clue as to why it took me three and a half years to make my first dollar, you buy into the idea because it's comfortable. It's just comfortable.

You don't have to challenge the status quo if all you do is give them freebies. If all you do is give them value. If all you do is try to show them that you are here to add content and information and any other freebie into their life.

Jonathan: Igor, let me read this quote because I think you're going to dig it. I've been getting into some James Altucher stuff and he's a pretty successful business guy, a writer. I was reading his book, I want to get this quote right on the money because I know you're going to appreciate it. His book is The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. Here's the quote, someone asked him should I give stuff for free? His reply is, "Maybe but don't expect free customers to turn into paying customers. Your free customers actually hate you and want everything from you for nothing, so you'd better have a different business model."

Igor: Can you say that again; I'm going to write it down.

Jonathan: [laughs].

Igor: No, I want you to read this again, so that I and anyone listening can write this thing down.

Jonathan: Alright, so the question is should I give stuff for free and James says, "Maybe but don't expect free customers to turn into paying customers. Your free customers actually hate you and want everything from you for nothing, so you'd better have a different business model."

Igor: This is so true, this is so true. I wish this quote would now - I wish people listening would pick up this quote and go on [worry] forum and all the other messaging boards and start sharing it. Start quoting this guy because he's right on the money, like you said. If you're giving them all this stuff for free, why would they give you money. If they can't afford you in the first place, [9:00] then they're going to milk you for as long as you're willing to send them free stuff. Doberman Dan, he shared in one of his newsletters that he was doing well selling stuff. Then he decided to, all of a sudden, give everything away and just serve the community and say, "Oh they're going to like me so much; they're going to buy from me." Every time he wanted to pitch someone later on after giving them all this free stuff and his best advice for free, they got angry at home.

Jonathan: Really?

Igor: Yes. They actually told him they hate him because he dared to pitch them something. How stupid is that?

Jonathan: Oh man! Isn't that always the case. That is exactly one of those self-fulfilling prophecies because if you go in doing this free line mentality and then you go to pitch, they are going to hate you. That's why you should pitch from the beginning.

Igor: Exactly because they know exactly what to expect. There's no surprises. You come across as a very congruent marketer and service provider and there is nothing to be mad at you about. In fact, you're giving them a reason to actually pay attention to what you're pitching. Because you're pitching so aggressively and so consistently that you probably believe in what you're saying.

That is a big thing by the way. Very few clients of yours actually believe in themselves and their own ability to succeed. They need you to believe so hard, this belief basically transfers over to them and they start believing themselves. The other thing, which is quite dangerous, you've been programmed to believe is that paid traffic is very, very hard and that it's only available to professionals, gurus and people who are at least ten years in the game. Not true, so not true. Just completely and utterly not true. It's a ridiculous idea that you've been sold on. Whatever guru sold you that social media go harass strangers on Facebook and make money product that was just a convenient sales point he needed to make to convince you that you don't need to get intothe paid traffic game.

If you open your eyes and you look around you and you see all the big marketers who actually make a lot of money, you'll see that they all use paid traffic. They all use paid traffic. The free traffic, which seems like free traffic, is an extension of them getting a leap into the world through the paid traffic source, which then the lead starts investigating more into who they are and end up on their free media such as Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, their blog.

It's not like you bring people out of nowhere into your free content and free, what do you call it, atmosphere, if you will, like free media, and they fall in love with you. It's actually vice versa where they find you through paid media and they start paying attention to you. They then reach out to you through the free media. Don't confuse the chicken and egg thing. Don't confuse which comes first. [12:00]

The other thing, well the last thing I'm going to mention today that you've been programmed to believe is that you don't need to learn or change yourself in any way to succeed online. I think we've devoted a full episode to this earlier, but it's worth mentioned again. Every single pitch for a money making system or a money making product on the internet, the one thing that's always in common is that they say, "Hey, it's not your fault."

Jonathan: Sitting on the couch eating Cheetos.

Igor: Yeah, exactly. You're fat but it's not because you're not discipline and you're eating sweets all day and you don't work out, it's not your fault. It's the corporations and they're putting all this stuff in our food and making us unhealthy, that's why you're fat. It's not because you're lazy. You've been programmed to believe that you actually don't need to improve change or pick up any new skills to make money. That my friend is bullshit! You do. You absolutely have to pick up new skills.

You want to make money? Well the first skill you've got to pick up is how to sell. You want to make money online? Well the first things is you've got to learn how to sell and the second thing, you've got to learn how to email people and put up a YouTube video and write an email and the list goes on and on and on. Don't confuse it. The sales pitch is designed to appeal to your inner, it's like a belief we all have, a sense of entitlement. The sales pitches, they will appeal to that sense of entitlement. They will trigger that. They will absolutely go for that because it's just so easy to trigger in most people's brains and hearts. Once they've appealed to your sense of entitlement, you're like, you know what? Yeah, it's not my fault. So what if I'm a 35-year old loser who's overweight and lives in his mom's basement and makes $700 a month working in Starbucks. That's not my fault. I had nothing to do with my life choices. It's probably the Russians. The Russians are probably to blame for that. Putin and the crew are putting me on a path to self-destruction, you know what I mean? It sounds funny and irrational when we voice it on this show but that's how we think. That's how we process things and it's so easy to trigger all these emotions. Be careful, okay. Be careful when you're presented with information that appeals to that sense of entitlement within. You and only you are responsible for the results or lack thereof you're getting in your life.

Jonathan: What? It's not Putin and the crew?

Igor: Sorry to burst your bubble, man!

Jonathan: Damn it! Now I'm going to have to take accountability for myself.

Igor: Well that's it, Jonathan. That's all I got.

Jonathan: Alright, cool. Igor, you have an interview coming up next time. Can you give us a quick sneak peak of what the list builders can expect?

Igor: Well I would but I won't. The guest speaker is someone who I admire [15:00] a lot and respect. He's been a friend for a while, and he's an actual million dollar earner. I'd like to keep the suspense going and just say that it is worth checking out. If you miss it, you'll kick yourself!

Jonathan: Alright. I know the guy and I'm not going to spill the beans but I follow him. He's a smart guy and I've learned a ton from him. Looking forward to that. We will see you on the next one. Thank you, Igor, for sharing your insights with us. Thank you, list builders, for tuning in.

Thanks for tuning into the List Building Lifestyle show. If you're digging what you're hearing, your next step is to go to iTunes and in the search bar type List Building Lifestyle. You'll see Igor's face smiling at you. Go ahead and click on that, subscribe to the show. If you're feeling really generous and you want to help us out, give us your rating and review to help other smart people like you find the show. Thanks for tuning in and we will see you on the next one.

  • Lance Sumner 13th April 2016, 1:42 pm

    Igor, You always are knocking it out of the park with such awesome information, insight and realism on the Bottom-Line Truth. Everyone should be tuning in to listen and follow you and they would find out very quickly like I have that they would become a Big-Time Winner, AKA Major Sumner!


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