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You won’t believe what I’ve uncovered – 5 sneaky loss-making mistakes lurking in your email marketing strategy! It’s time to put an end to these invisible saboteurs that are holding you back from the profits you deserve. Don’t let these destructive mistakes drain your potential for success. Tune in now and learn how to eliminate them from your email marketing game.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor reveals the secrets to making your email list a profit-generating powerhouse.

[00:50] The Eggplant Society:

  • A significant number of people seem to have lost their ability to think independently.
  • It’s as if they’ve become like eggplants, just absorbing whatever they are fed without questioning it.
  • I see them falling for these deceptive ideas that promise the world but fail to deliver the desired results.
  • Consequently, they end up frustrated and pointing fingers, blaming external factors like their circumstances, parents, or anything but themselves.
  • It’s disheartening to witness this kind of programming, which keeps so many people stuck in a cycle of buying product after product without making any real progress or seeing positive outcomes in their businesses.

[02:53] Why Are Daily Emails Offensive?

  • One of the misconceptions that bothers me the most is the belief that daily emails are offensive.
  • If you are providing valuable content and solutions that interest your readers, why should sending daily emails be considered offensive?
  • It’s all about being there for your audience, showing up consistently, and offering help to solve their problems.

[03:42] Pitching Your List Every Day:

  • Another false notion is that pitching your list every day is bad.
  • Some believe that their subscribers will be angry if they receive a pitch in every email.
  • In fact, if you’re delivering value and offering genuine solutions, your audience will appreciate your recommendations.
  • Then there’s the belief that you should provide value to your list as often as possible to make them like you.
  • While value is essential, focusing solely on giving freebies and content without ever making a pitch is not the way to go.
  • It’s important to strike a balance between providing value and offering solutions that can genuinely help your audience.

[07:36] No More Freebies:

  • James Altucher in his book, “Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”  was asked about giving stuff for free, and his response was eye-opening.
  • He said, “Maybe, but don’t expect free customers to turn into paying customers. Your free customers actually hate you, and they want everything from you for nothing. So you better have a different business model.”
  • It reminds us that while providing valuable content is important, solely relying on freebies might not lead to sustainable growth and conversions.
  • We should focus on building a loyal audience who understands the value we provide and is willing to invest in the solutions we offer.

[09:48] How Not To Be An Eggplant Society?

  • These misconceptions have been deeply ingrained in the minds of many marketers, but it’s time to break free from these limiting beliefs.
  • Let’s start by addressing the first one, the fear of daily emails. Daily communication with your list is not offensive; it’s a way to engage and connect with your audience. Embrace the opportunity to offer valuable solutions and be the reliable presence they can count on.
  • Next, we must challenge the notion that pitching in every email is bad. Your subscribers are on your list because they are interested in what you have to offer. By consistently presenting valuable opportunities, you’re actually doing them a disservice if you don’t pitch regularly. People value authenticity and genuine recommendations.
  • Moreover, giving value doesn’t mean giving everything away for free. While offering valuable content is crucial, you must find the right balance and have a clear business model in place. People who only seek freebies might not be the most loyal customers, so focus on building a loyal audience who values what you bring to the table.
  • Additionally, let’s debunk the myth that paid traffic is exclusively for seasoned professionals. It’s time to shift our perspective and recognize that successful marketers across the board leverage paid traffic to grow their businesses.
  • Finally, we must dispel the idea that success online requires no personal growth or learning. The truth is, to thrive in this digital landscape, you must constantly evolve and adapt. Invest in your skills, knowledge, and mindset, as they are the keys to unlocking your true potential as an online entrepreneur.

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