The Secrets Of $106.63 EPCs With Andre Chaperon

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Did you know that Andre Chaperon, the world’s leading authority on story-selling and story-driven email marketing, pulls over a hundred dollars per click from his email list? It sounds like an elusive dream for many email marketersNow, you might be wondering how he managed this extraordinary feat. The answer lies herein!

Guest: Andre Chaperon is a renowned figure in the world of email marketing, celebrated for his exceptional creations like Autoresponder Madness and Affiliate Bully. With a wealth of expertise in the field, Andre has been recognized as the foremost authority on email marketing at prestigious events like the Traffic & Conversion Summit by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher, and MindValley.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor and Andre dissect the keys to email sequence success, uncovering the magical formula behind generating massive email profits. They delve into the art of crafting compelling narratives that captivate subscribers and keep them eagerly awaiting your next message.

[01:30] How Long A Follow-Up Sequence Needs To Be?

  • I rely heavily on automated follow-up sequences, starting with shorter ones, around a week for new prospects, which I gradually expand to one or two months.
  • As for existing customers, I continue adding to the sequence, but rarely extending beyond a few months, as longer sequences may not yield significant returns with prospects who may not convert.
  • The pre-scripted follow-up sequences I use usually have a duration of about a month, sometimes longer, but that doesn’t mean prospects won’t receive broadcast emails or other messages.
  • These sequences, where I tell a story over a specific period, are designed to provide value up to a certain point. Beyond that, continuing them much longer may not offer significant additional benefits.

[04:45] Building Hyper-Responsive Email Lists with Strategic Marketing:

  • It’s essential to focus on attracting and converting the right audience, your ideal customers, rather than trying to appeal to everyone.
  • By telling your stories and writing emails in a specific way, you can attract the kind of people you want as customers and also repel those who may not be a good fit for your offerings.
  • As a result, your list becomes smaller but more targeted and highly responsive, which is much more valuable for your business in the long run.
  • It’s about quality over quantity when it comes to building relationships and generating sales through your email marketing efforts.

[06:52] The Red Pill or the Blue Pill:

  • In the analogy of the Matrix, reminiscent of Morpheus offering the red pill or the blue pill to Neo, my prospect sequences adopt a similar principle.
  • When engaging with potential customers, I provide them with valuable content and insights, allowing them to choose whether they wish to delve deeper into my offerings and become customers or remain on the periphery.
  • These prospect sequences act as a path, guiding individuals through the journey of exploring my products and services. Some may decide to take the plunge and join my community, while others may choose not to, and that’s completely natural.
  • Throughout this process, I make it a point to treat my prospects exceptionally well, presenting them with compelling emails and top-notch content, ensuring they have a positive and insightful experience regardless of their final decision.
  • My landing pages and websites are also designed as filtering mechanisms to ensure that by the time someone becomes a customer, they are genuinely interested and satisfied with what they find.
  • By incorporating various filters throughout the journey, I establish a highly targeted and engaged customer base, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among those who have chosen to be a part of it.
  • Sales pages that attempt to appeal to everyone reveal amateurishness, as they promise a single solution to suit every individual, which rarely works. Such pages often resort to exaggerated claims and false promises, but they persist in the marketing landscape.

[10:41] The Art of Subtle Persuasion:

  • I’ve come across this concept from Russell Brunson, where the way you communicate and share value itself becomes a selling technique.
  • It’s about delivering valuable content subtly, dropping little nuggets here and there, and creating a sense of curiosity that there’s more behind the scenes.
  • This approach eliminates the need for aggressive selling because the audience is already drawn to you, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make a purchase when you eventually present it.

[16:17] A Non-Salesy Approach to Connect and Persuade:

  • Using stories in your marketing allows people to connect without feeling like they are being sold to.
  • When you share a relatable story about someone’s desires and challenges, it captures the reader’s attention and keeps them engaged through multiple emails, creating a non-sales but effective approach to connect and persuade your audience.

[18:30] Neglecting Email Communication:

  • The biggest mistake is not sending any emails at all, as some people have email lists but are afraid to communicate with their audience.
  • It’s essential to reframe the mindset around emailing as a way to help solve problems for your audience, acting as their fiduciary and providing valuable solutions.
  • By focusing on assisting them, you can avoid being overly salesy and recommend products or solutions genuinely beneficial to their needs.
  • This approach allows you to craft engaging stories and seamlessly introduce relevant products without coming across as insincere.

[21:00] Power of Listening to Your Audience:

  • Understanding your audience goes beyond assumptions; it involves actively reaching out and listening to their needs and desires.
  • Surveys and one-line emails asking for their stumbling blocks can provide invaluable insights, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.
  • By truly understanding their concerns and motivations, you can tailor your approach and create a more sincere and effective marketing strategy.
  • Personal stories shared by your audience can be eye-opening and may change your perspective, enabling you to better guide and assist them on their journey.

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