Non-Apologetic Internet Marketing Success With Alex Zubarev

The latest episode of LBLS signifies what living The List Building Lifestyle is all about.

My guest, Alex Zubarev, is the first ever Russian marketer who broke a $1,000,000.00 in commissions with Empower Network.

Finally, you’re going to discover the practical details of how my Russian friend went from dead-broke doing hotel meetings to living the List Building Lifestyle in spite of less-than-perfect communication skills, living on below-minimum-wage income in New York and having computer skills of a trained chimp.


Alex: When you start in this industry, you’re always looking for shortcuts. You’re always looking for the secret to success, and you try to figure out what the secret is by thinking well, maybe if I join a different company, that’s the secret. Maybe if I choose a different sponsor, that’s the secret. Maybe if I choose different compensation plan

Igor: Hello, hello, hello, this is Igor Kheifets with another episode of the List-Building Lifestyle. Today, we’re doing something different. We’re actually going to have a really down-to- earth conversation with a real internet million-dollar earner in the home-based business industry, a fellow Russian who lives in upstate New York. Well, actually, he’s visiting upstate New York. He lives in Brooklyn. His name is Alex Zubarev. Alex, can you hear me?

Alex: I can hear you, brother.

Igor: Awesome, fantastic. Thank you so much for doing this so early. We have to set up a time that’s really tricky for you because of the time zone difference. I truly appreciate you sitting down with me. Just before we begin talking about quite a few misconceptions people have about succeeding from home and making money from home, which I believe will be truly eye-opening, I just want to say that the reason you’re hearing so much background noise from me right now is because I’m recording out of a local coffee shop. It’s called the Oprah Coffee Shop, and it’s owned by a fellow Russian also named Igor, incidentally That’s still a coincidence – where I usually do my work because this is where my wife, and my kid, and my parents can’t get to me. When I’m at home, usually there’s a whole different story, and no work will ever be done. That’s like a commitment they have.

So Alex, before we go ahead and talk about some of these pesky misconceptions and help our listeners to really see what it truly takes to succeed in this business, why don’t you give us a brief intro just in case maybe someone who’s listening has been living under a rock for the last three years, and they have no idea who you are.

Alex: Well, thanks for having me again, Igor. I’m wondering if that Russian is actually having the same place in Brooklyn, New York, because there's a place called the same, Oprah. I escaped from my family to do this interview with you and your audience because guess what? I’m working from home, as well. I have kids, and as much as we love them, as much as we want to play all the time, sometimes we have to work. My escape plan is my car, my X6 with red interior, and this is where I’m connecting to you guys.

Igor: In a drug dealer’s office.

Alex: Exactly. Thank God for fast internet. Even in the mountains of upstate New York, we got a pretty good connection. It’s pretty cold outside right now, but it’s not the point. [3:00] The point is that we can do this from anywhere, as long as we have internet connection, a laptop, and a dream, right?

Igor: And a red interior. That’s a really important touch. I think if not for your red interior, you would not be a million dollar earner.

Alex: Yeah, that’s the number one secret. There you go, guys. Got to have red interior. All jokes aside, we’re here doing our thing to inspire others. Like we were talking just before we started the show, there’s a lot of misconceptions on the marketplace. Guys, stay until the end because I’m going to give you a lot of value in this call. There’s a lot of misconceptions in the marketplace where people see you as a successful entrepreneur. If you achieve something, they just really look at the top, at the tip of the iceberg They don’t see all the pain, and frustration, and all the failures that you will encounter in our journey. This is what we’re going to focus on, because it’s real important that you have to realize that nobody is really born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Everyone has a lot of challenges.

Igor: A few; just a handful of people are because obviously there’s millionaires who give birth to millionaires, but I guess what you’re saying and what I’m hearing is that most people who become self-made millionaires start out and have to fight their way through great adversity, right?

Alex: Absolutely, I mean, there’re obviously exceptions to the rule. I mean, obviously there are people that are born into wealth. There are people that are celebrities and some of them are self-made, some of them not. We’re talking about us entrepreneurs, especially online marketers, online entrepreneurs. Thank God for the internet. Thanks to Al Gore for inventing internet so we can all plug in and do this, right? Otherwise, it’d be really tough to do traditional, I guess, network marketing, hotel meetings, and stuff like that. I mean, honestly, that business model does work, but it works for very few people, right? You have to be like a Superman. You have to fly all over the country or all over the world every weekend and do hotel meetings.

Igor: Did you ever do hotel meetings, Alex?

Alex: I did. When I realized that I got to change my life, I got to do something different because – here I am, even from Ukraine, got here to JFK airport when I was 16 with a whopping ten bucks in my pocket, $10, one bill. I went through a lot of odd jobs and stuff like that until I landed my first and last corporate job and then realized that I’m stuck. After ten years in that cubicle, I’m like man, is there a life outside of cubicle? So I started exploring my options. I obviously started what most people would start, probably in network marketing, right? I started doing that and I realized that hey, I need to have a lot of people, I need to have a lot of relatives and friends to talk to about my business, so naturally after a couple of weeks, I ran out of prospects and people to talk to. So I just jumped online with our old friend Google. I don’t know if you guys heard about that website.

Igor: No, that’s real magic for [6:00] my listeners. Nobody on my list heard about Google. In fact, I think we’re still using AOL as our main search engine.

Alex: Well, I don’t know what you guys use in Israel Maybe you do use dial-up and AOL. I don’t know.

Igor: We use phone books, man. We use phone books. We’re hard core, old school marketers. We just flip it open, randomly stick a finger in it, and randomly start calling people. That’s what we do.

Alex: There you go, smile and dial, baby. That’s how we did it. That’s how we did it in old days, pre-internet era, right? So basically, I really just got fascinated with the whole online marketing thing. I was like man, if I can only get people to my website, targeted people, that’re looking for the stuff that I have to offer, it would be game over, right? If I can only figure out that equation, that formula, it would be game over.

So this is exactly what I did. I started investing in my education I started buying different products. I started going to different marketers’ conferences. I started meeting people like you and me, people that are on a different income level, people that’re making money that I want to make. I started reading the right books, studying the right conferences, and realized I needed to surround myself with success. I need to surround myself with other entrepreneurs, and I need to learn from them. If you want to fly the plane, you don’t want to learn from your mailman who doesn’t know how to fly a plane.

Igor: Although he’ll be very quick to give you the advice on how to become a pilot, right? I mean, the one thing I really hate about the internet is that everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they have the right opinion. They think they’re right, and they think that you actually want to hear it. This is the most frustrating thing in the world. Everybody’s an expert in something. The other day, me and my wife were trying to look up ways to help our kids start eating new food because she won’t eat anything but bread. This is getting really frustrating. She’s three and a half now, and so you get online and you use this Google thing. I mean, first time I ever used it, dammit. You start reading mommy blogs and go on forums, and there’s so much contradicting advice it’s ridiculous. Everybody’s just dead positive how right they are.

Alex: Yeah, I mean, internet gave that podium, if you will, to anybody who wants to speak up. People looking for audience. I mean, especially on social media is totally different. I don’t know if you guys heard of social media, such a thing as Facebook.

Igor: Facebook? What’s FaceTube?

Alex: FaceTube? YouBook.

Igor: YouBook.

Alex: YouBook. So social media gave them that medium that anybody can really have an audience and people – I mean, sometimes, I don’t know, like I normally don’t do that type of marketing where I have to convince anybody over anything, and I usually don’t even try to do that. Sometimes people are, like you say, have the strong opinions. Thanks God to internet. Everyone has a right [9:00] to say whatever the heck they want to say. At the same time, we have the power of choice. We have power of choice. We decide who we want to listen to. You guys obviously decided to tune into the right channel and listen to Igor, right?

Igor: Oh, yeah, that was a wise decision, my friend.

Alex: Wise decision.

Igor: Right? That’s right.

Alex: So absolutely.

Igor: Alex, let me cut you off real quick while being very polite about it at the same time. So you said – and this is really profound. I think that’s one of those reasons why you sort of skyrocketed to the super-stardom of this industry and got yourself a drug dealer’s car real quick. It’s just the American dream.You’re living the dream, my friend. So you said at some point when you decided to get serious, and I want to just underline, metaphorically underline the word serious, make sure it really stands out. A lot of people say they’re serious, but they’re truly not so much, how do you say, committed.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely.

Igor: They’re really not. They just say they are, but they’re really not. So when you became committed, when you decided to get serious, you said you went and you started connecting with people that were on a higher income level than you were. So basically the people that were making more money than you, you started connecting – you got connected with the people who were making the kind of money you wanted to make at the time. Is that correct?

Alex: Absolutely, my friend.

Igor: Awesome. So what the hell was different about those people? How come they were making money and how come you were not if essentially everyone starts at the rock bottom, at the bottom where you, me, and everybody else started out, for the most part?

Alex: The big difference is people that are making the money that you guys want to make, they don’t make excuses Here’s what happened to me. I got to a point where I got serious is when my credit cards were maxed out. I got to a point where I was – it was really challenging to even pay low, minimal payments on those cards. That’s when I really got serious because by that time, I was jumping from one company, to another company, to another company looking for the secret.

Everyone is looking for the secret. I don’t know if you guys can relate to that, but when you start in this industry, you’re always looking for shortcuts. You’re always looking for the secret to success, and you try to figure out what the secret is by thinking well, maybe if I join a different company, that’s the secret. Maybe if I choose a different sponsor, that’s the secret. Maybe if I choose different compensation plan with different product line, that’s the secret.

Igor: Why do people do that?

Alex: People always look for external circumstance or excuse instead of looking deep within.

Igor: Nice.

Alex: I was the same way. I was actually the same way. I’m no different from most people. I just made different decisions when decisions needed to be made. So people look for external circumstances. People always like to blame the government, the system, anything else.

Igor: The Matrix, the agency.

Alex: The moment I got serious is when I looked in the mirror and I said you know what, Alex? It’s like if other guys [12:00], other ladies can do this, I can do this, as well. I’m no different. I grab the same type of – I’m made from the same material like other humans. If other people can succeed, I can, as well. So I need to go to my – whatever that was for me. First, go out there, meet those people, entrepreneurs, I was inspired of, people that I followed and learned from them and see what the heck they doing differently from what I’m doing because what I’m doing at that point is jumping from deal to deal trying to find the secret, right? Then I realized man, maybe I need to listen to people that know what the heck they’re talking about and go and meet them.

Igor: Okay, so you come in and you meet them, right? You realized the big secret was there is no secret. There’s no spoon. Somehow, they had to be doing something different. They were maybe either thinking differently than most people that they made – I mean, has it ever seemed to you that money almost magically seems to be attracted to those types of people? It’s like, the more you make, the more you make.

Alex: Absolutely, and it’s all about – internet game is really, really important, right? What goes inside your ear, what goes between your ears 24/7? That’s very, very important. You have to really, really invest into personal development. You need to really program yourself and reprogram your subconscious mind for success. There are a thousand ways you can do this, guys. You can listen to audios as you drive around. You can listen to radio shows such as this one.

Igor: Go work out and listen to the show.

Alex: There you go, as you go to the gym, and you have to compress your time, guys. I was part-time. If you're part-time, if you’re sick and tired of your job and you want to quit that job and you want to go full-time in this industry, you need to learn how to compress time; very, very important. You need to figure out where you’re wasting your time because everyone has 24 hours in a day. It’s not like someone gave me, “Hey, Alex, take 72 hours. You’ve got this extra time so you can build your business.” Everyone has 24 hours, so you need to compress your time. As you drive to work, as you go to the gym, as you jog around your neighborhood, as you do shopping, whatever, listen, have those headphones. They’re ten bucks; you can buy them anywhere. You can plug them into your phone, listen to positive audio. You listen to people that inspire you, people that you can learn from. You need to surround yourself with that success all the available time. Stop watching television. Stop wasting your time watching somebody else’s life when you have to build your own. That’s how you compress time.

Igor: Alex, but you’re not talking about just listening to positive audios as in getting positive thinking happening. I wouldn’t expect that from you; you’re way on a whole other level to that. What kind of audios? What kind of programs? Maybe you can go over a list of programs that you listen to, even if they sound ancient. For me, I had the Personal Power 2, which is Tony Robbins’s program, which is no longer on sale. That helped me lose weight, get over my insecurities [15:00] about dating, make the decision that I don’t want to go to school; I want to get rich instead, which actually does not tie in together well.

Then there was the Bob Proctor and Errol Nightingale Corporation or foundation or something. They had a bunch of programs. There’s all these great books like The Answer. There’s a ton. I can go back to my library and check them out. Maybe you can talk about a few books or programs that actually stand out in your memory right now as the cornerstone to this inner game that you’ve built for yourself. It looks like – from where I’m sitting anyway, and from what I’ve been studying about you in the recent weeks getting ready for this interview, it looks like you don’t project desperation. I don’t feel that from you. You don’t project the whole, I’m desperate to make money vibe I get from so many people out there who’re just so yucky. You don’t want to give money to somebody who’s desperate to get your money. You want to give money to somebody who actually doesn’t even want it in the first place. This is how you do it. How did you become that person? What did you go through? What did you listen? What did you read? Spill the beans, man.

Alex: All right, so now that you ask me for the goods, I open my glove compartment in that drug dealer’s car, and here’s what I found.

Igor: Right next to the Xtacy, I have this great book.

Alex: So what I have here is the whole CD set from Anthony Robins. One of them is called, Unleash the Power of a Name. This is ancient, sad, from --

Igor: I have the book.

Alex: -- 2010 or 2011, and I read the books as well, but guess what? How I consume information is audio. It’s a lot easier. I’m such an addict for Audible from Amazon. I download all the audiobooks and I listen to them. It’s a lot easier for me to consume. It takes me less time, especially if I’m flying on a plane for three, four, five hours. That’s when I really go through that stuff.

Another books is also Anthony Robins, Lessons in Mastery: How to Use your Personal Power to Create an Extraordinary Life. This type of stuff, it will reprogram your mind. I told you guys you need to reprogram yourself You need to reprogram your inner game. It doesn’t mean that that’s all you have to do. I didn’t say that. You need to take first 30 days – like, if you just started this journey, this is what you need to do. First 30 days, start with Anthony Robins. Get those audiobooks, get CDs, get the books, whatever you can.

Igor: I think you can get those on YouTube for free.

Alex: Wow, probably can. Hey, like I said, not everyone is aware of those websites.Some people don’t know what social media is like.

Igor: Wait, you think there’s – well, there is probably one person somewhere in the middle of Africa who’s not aware of YouTube, but I guess you’re right. Ukraine probably ain’t aware of YouTube, either.

Alex: The point is honestly, here’s another belief level that I have. Even though you can maybe find it for free, and I’m pretty sure you can, there is this law where [18:00] you have to pay money for this stuff. Otherwise, they don’t allow it.

Igor: Yeah, get some skin in the game.

Alex: Yeah, get the skin in game. If you paid the money, you're going to – I won’t say cherish it, but you’re going to value that stuff a lot more as opposed to if you got it for free as a gift, or download it, or stole it somewhere from like [18:19] or something.

Igor: Oh, yeah, for sure. I remember downloading so much crap off of Blackhead sites, and I’m talking courses that were selling for two grand, like the recordings of Ryan Dyson’s Traffic and Conversion Summit 2006, and Fran Kerns’s Mass Control, all these programs I couldn’t afford because they cost two, twenty-five hundred, maybe even more. Honestly, I didn't do much with those. It was the programs that I purchased for a little money that I did have that I went through, and I went through them again and took notes and implemented. I was very diligent about it, too. You’re absolutely right; it’s only when you got skin in the game is when you put [19:01] down and you start studying and doing the work.

Alex: Absolutely, brother. Absolutely, because it’s just the way it is, guys. I mean, I looked at the prices, like this box says $39, $29. You’ll touch value, and honestly it’s worth a lot more than that. This is nothing, right? Like you said, you can download those courses that cost $2,000. Funny you mentioned Profit and Conversions because we just came back from San Diego from a Converting Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016, literally last week. Guess what? By going there, by connecting with people, we’re making business deals. We’re learning new strategies as opposed to downloading that for free somewhere where it’s like if it’s given to you or you got it for free, you’re not going to attach any value to it. You’re not going to pay attention to it as much as opposed to where you had to find the time out of your busy schedule, fly to a different state or maybe a different country, book the hotel, spend the money on that.

So there's a cost involved, but that's the price you have to pay for success. You need to go to live events. I'm sure you're going to a lot of different events, as well. This is where I had my transformation. For example, the primary opportunity that I'm working on, guess what? I was following the owner online, and I was following him on his blog, and then he launches the company and then I'm like well, I'm struggling. I'm spinning the wheels. I'm not making the money I want to make. I need to get myself outside of the comfort zone where most people are like – they want success but at the same time, they're not serious about it because they're not willing to step out of the comfort zone and tell their spouse, or husband, or wife,

“You know what, honey? I need to go and meet these people. I need to see if this thing is real. I need to surround myself with success and learn from them those secrets,” if you will, of success, because that's where the magic happens. When you push our self outside of the comfort zone, and you figure out how to go to the conference, especially if you have a full-time job. Call in sick, like I did. I called in sick literally almost every day. [21:00] It was all sorts of different excuses.

Why? Because I needed to be there at that event. That's when you – when you pay the price, monetary price, emotional price, physically, it's challenging for you to get there, that's when the magic starts to happen to you. That's the real secret. You need to surround yourself with people that know what the heck they're doing. That's the bottom line. You need to find yourself a mentor who can shorten your learning curve. I didn't say shortcut; I said shorten learning curve because there's always learning curve. I was speaking to another coaching student yesterday, last night, and she's in the medical field. She obviously wants to become a doctor. I asked her how much time did you invest in your schooling, in your college, in your school, how much money to become a doctor? She's in Miami. Well, like 12 years of school, $50,000 a year, so multiple that by 12. That's like 600 grand to invest in your education to become a doctor.

Igor: So what's she going to be getting paid when she becomes a doctor?

Alex: Put it this way: She joined my opportunity last night. This was during the interview we're doing, and I'm like well, you know what? That's awesome. If you have a passion to help people, you want to be a doctor, that's awesome. I salute you; I applaud you. As far as the money – this is the reason why she joined: Because she's not making the money that she thought she would be making after finishing that school My point on the matter is it's 2016. The world is changing. The world as we know it is changing. It's not 1976. It's not 1995. Everything's changing at such a rocket pace that you need to be up to speed. You need to be connected to the right community, right mentors that can help you, right income opportunities, right traffic sources, conversion tactics. That's why you go to those events like Traffic and Conversion, as you mentioned, the one I went to. You need to invest in your education.

Bottom line is who wants to be – if you wanted to become a doctor or lawyer, which in New York, for example, the school costs approximately 40, 50, or $60,000 a year, and you can invest 8 to 12 years in school. Then you need to –

Igor: Then you start out at the very bottom of the food chain of whatever company or corporation you start at. That's – honestly, I hope there's no kids listening to this call. This shit's fucked up because when you think about it, spending so much time and so much money to become a valued member of society, to save lives, to do all this stuff, it is just incredibly unfair the amount of money you get paid, the amount of – the work hours you work, and the just – I mean, think of all the interest rates. Think of the interest rates she's going to have to pay off because of that student loan. Isn't that just retarded? I honestly don't have a different word for it.

Igor: Yeah, I mean, the way interest rates work, there's compounding interest, so it's – she's going to end up paying over millions of dollars, which is crazy to get a degree, a piece of [24:00] paper, and obviously she gets the knowledge. She gets all that in her head but again, it doesn't pay the bills. You start on the bottom. Well, worse than the bottom because you're negative $600,000 that you have to pay off as opposed to you can become – you can start making money while you're learning. That's the difference between traditional colleges and look, I have kids growing up, as well, so I need to make those decisions, as well, but I want them to be entrepreneurs. They have a daddy that actually knows what the heck he's talking about, so he can teach them, so that's awesome for them.

At the same time, majority of – and I tell, for example, people like us, that we immigrated the early stage of our life from a different world, totally different culture, different system, it was really tough. It wasn't easy at all. People that are growing in this country, they have so many opportunities available to them but unfortunately, the system told them this is the way you have to be, John. This is the way you have to be, Mary. You need to go to a good school, get good grades. This is, again, guys, disclaimer. This has nothing to do against the school education system, which we have opinions about. At the same time, this is why people are struggling, because of your system, because your system is broken, doesn't work anymore.

People looking for way out. They want to make $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month The fastest, quickest way that I know of is to do it online. Start your online business. Find the mentor who can help you. The amount of money you have to invest, it's a lot less than traditional franchise or to become a traditional lawyer or traditional doctor; I guarantee you that.

Igor: Nice, and I love that. What I love about doing these sort of little talks is the fact that I get to talk to people who actually walk the talk, people who made their way out of the gutter, if you will, out of the poverty, out of the adversity and into, I don't want to say the easy life. I'm sure your life is anything but easy, because money doesn't really make problems go away. You just deal with a different set of problems. It's better and easier, I guess, to deal with problems you're dealing with right now, such as how do I help a client, or which interior color do I choose? Is it going to be purple or black or red? Which car do I drive? Oh, my S6 has a door broken. Now I got to go and fix a door handle.

Those sorts of problems are more fun to deal with than problems such as I'm late on my rent or they're going to cut my gas tomorrow, and I don't know what to do, or I have a car but I don't have money to put gas in the tank. Yeah, I agree with you completely about the fact that the traditional system is broken. I agree with you that the amount of effort, money, energy, and time you got to invest into becoming “a well-paid member of society” is just disproportionate to what you're really going to be getting paid. I agree with you that the easiest and the fastest way to get rich today [27:00] in a good way, in a sustainable, long-term way, is definitely the internet, hands-down. Hands down the internet.

All right, well, I think we've done enough for today. I think I'm going to let you go. I appreciate very much everything you shared with us today. I think you're a true inspiration, both for the folks who live in the western hemisphere, the folks that live in the eastern hemisphere. Especially you're an inspiration to guys like me who started out not only not having the money or a clue but also the language skills necessary to succeed. So I'm truly grateful for that.Now before we wrap up, would you like to plug something? You're welcome. Where can we go to buy something from you?

Alex: Well, if you have that itch, if you really want to get connected with me, absolutely, I would love for you to do that, and I would love to help you and connect you with the right resources, right strategies, right traffic sources, whatever you need to take your business to the next level.

Igor: Do you offer mentoring, Alex?

Alex: I do personal coaching, as well. I mostly focus on my personal students, my personal team where I do coachings three times a week now. I do personal coaching here and there. My calendar's pretty full, so I do it occasionally, and I select usually – pre-select the candidate You guys can find me on Facebook,

Alex Zubarev. You can always send me a message there, or you can go to my blog. I think if you go to, so, I'm going to redirect you to my blog and then you'll find more information and some cool stuff.

Igor: Nice, so we can just go to your blog, download some free content, probably, and reach out to you if we want some mentoring, right?

Alex: Absolutely, brother.

Igor: Okay, so that's, or you can look up Alex Zubarev on Facebook and if you're not sure which one it is, it's probably the one that's friends with Igor Kheifets, the awesome podcaster. So that's pretty much it. I think that's a wrap. Thank you, Alex. Have a great day. You're beginning yours, and I'm ending mine. I'll be in touch on FaceTube.

Alex: Thanks for having me, brother. Always a pleasure.

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  • Alana Johnson 3rd May 2016, 11:06 am

    An amazing interview! I have followed Alex Z before he hit his million (see income disclosure Alex is not the norm!) and he is not any different today than he was years ago. The message is the same and he has kept it real! Love being on his team!


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