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Unleash the secrets to attracting big whale clients in this inspiring podcast episode! From the myth of good leads hiding from you to the truth about the economy, discover how to raise your financial IQ and become a successful salesperson in any marketplace. Tune in now and learn how to motivate yourself and your clients to reach financial freedom.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor dives deep into getting more big-whale clients, a marketer’s key mistakes, and ditching the cheapskate clients forever.

[01:14] The Inspirational Story Of Moby Dick:

  • It reflects how a lot of people out there think of lead generation.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make with lead generation, is that if you fix it, you will not struggle for big whale clients as much as you might be struggling right now.

[01:56] The Big Whale Clients:

  • It’s the big whale clients that really make your business run.
  • Only 20% of your clientele will make 80% of your income.

[02:27] Lessons From The Heart of Sea:

  • It helped me understand the mindset I used to have about getting good clients.
  • I used to really believe that good clients are hiding from me.
  • They’re hiding in between the regular normal people.
  • One good buyer knows the other one. But they won’t tell you it’s just like a secret communication channel they’ve got and so they only show their face, if you do your job, right, as far as marketing. They’re not afraid of you.
  • That’s how most people think about getting good leads. They believe that the good leads are just hiding and you gotta go there to get them.
  • But the truth of the matter is, it’s nothing like it because the good leads might be hiding in between your most desperate and broken prospects, believe it or not.
  • If you’re in the make-money-online marketplace, your best prospects actually might be the most desperate ones who don’t have much money, it’s the people who barely make ends meet.

[08:02] Motivation Will Make You Do Anything:

  • I have a friend who got into a very difficult situation with the government and basically ended up being about 15 grand in debt, which he had to pay off within a matter of just a few weeks.
  • He sold a bunch of stuff to collect that money like he literally went on eBay and sold that really expensive watch because he was motivated to do so.
  • I believe that if somebody is motivated to change their lives and become financially free, and wants you to teach them how to do it, then they should be willing to sell their Volvo or their PlayStation or whatever.

[09:43] Buyers Will Always Buy:

  • Prices are always on the rise. So how do people buy Christmas gifts? How do people buy anything?
  • They just find a way if there’s an out. What’s the same is if there’s a will there’s a way.
  • You should never count other people’s money in that regard. They will find the money unless 1/3 of the population literally can’t afford anything.
  • We’re talking about those people who can’t afford to pay the gas bill or can’t afford to pay the electricity bill.
  • They have luxuries, they’re not willing to give up an occasional $7 Frappuccino and things like that. So honestly, if they want it, if they are impressed with the problem or an issue, they’ll get the money together.

[12:05] Being Broke With Luxuries:

  • I see now when we were broke, it wasn’t because my dad didn’t have a job for a few years, it was mainly because my dad could not control his spending, and neither could my mother.
  • Whenever my dad wanted something, you could not stop the guy, just no way for you to reason with him or anything, he would not consult you. And he would just get whatever he wanted to get.

[14:55] Raising Your Financial IQ:

  • Until the age of 18, or so, I really thought I was cursed to live a very bad life.
  • Watching the secret, and then reading the secret kind of gave me the inspiration to try and change my life.
  • I realized my parents were wrong, I realized that the future I was trying to build for myself, and they told me I should be building for myself is really just an illusion.

[19:35] The Truth About The Economy:

  • The economy is just money exchanging hands, which means it’s the people who make money exchanging hands that make the economy.
  • If we had more effective salespeople in this marketplace the kind of world that we live in today would actually thrive.

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