The Suicide Hotline

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Are you struggling to make your first sale in your business? Feeling frustrated by the dreaded ‘beginner’s glitch’? Don’t worry, in this episode, Igor reveals the secret to selling without proof and shares his journey of overcoming challenges and achieving success. Get ready for game-changing advice on being outrageous, preaching the opposite, and attracting your ideal audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to crush it in your business – tune in now!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the expectations versus reality of starting a business or pursuing a goal, based on their personal experience. They highlight the importance of keeping expectations low, being prepared for setbacks, and learning from failures.

[01:52]  Expectations vs. Reality:

  • When I got online the first time and they told me it was going to be super awesome, I wanted to get a website together.
  • I joined and my first thing was GDI, Global Domains International, which is like a $10-per-month website.
  • In this host/hosting thing, you would recruit your friends and family and get a dollar in passive income every month and they’d recruit their family and we’d all get paid cool passive income.
  • I could already see myself just staying in bed until noon, making big money, not going to work or to school, and just living that live-it-up lifestyle. But then I learned the truth and it turns out this business wasn’t anything like I was told it was going to be, and so I was crushed.
  • We have these high hopes for this business and how we get into it and how we just sometimes when we learn it’s not what it was all it’s cracked up to be, we just want to kill ourselves, because of all the shame and frustration.

[04:00] How to deal with disappointment?

  • One way we can take it is just as more motivation and keep persevering, keep pushing through. This is what successful people do.
  • In Paris, they have a special hotline for Japanese tourists that traveled all the way from Japan to see the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge and all the good stuff Paris has to offer, and they just were not impressed.
  • Turns out there were Japanese tourists that arrived in Paris, took a stroll around, were not impressed, and killed themselves.
  • When the first opportunity we join does not live up to the expectation, we just give up or we just kill the business altogether, which I think is the wrong way to go about it because it’s like you don’t get married to the first girl you date.

[06:06] Keep Your Expectations Low:

  • You should not expect to make millions and achieve financial freedom on the very first attempt. And you should always keep your expectations down.
  • I have a lot of clients who approach me believing that they found the Holy Grail of marketing and that they’re running some traffic with me.
  • And they get so discouraged when their first attempt does not work that they either give up on the traffic source altogether or it takes them a whole while to recover. You know, some of them actually want to blame me for it, which is totally fine.
  • We tend to kind of tone down the expectations sometimes when we see a client that’s ridiculously excited.
  • So when you’re starting out with this traffic source or any traffic source or any business opportunity or really any endeavor, any new relationship, alright, you should always keep your expectations way down, because that’s actually a really good recipe to always stay calm, cool and collected, make the right decisions and also not get too upset and too stuck on not getting the desired results.

[11:44] How To Achieve A Goal?

  • In order to achieve a goal a man must become like a missile because a homing missile, the way it operates, is actually you set the course for it and it starts, it just flies out and then it just makes corrections.
  • So it flies straight, it realizes it’s not on course and it makes a correction and then again and again and again. And it does it a million times until it hits the target. So you can say that a homing missile fails like a million times before it hits the target.

[13:30] Lessons In Failures:

  • Every single failure gives you a lesson and gives you some sort of experience.
  • Everything that happens to you is a good thing. If everything happens to us, even the best stuff and the failures, it pushes us towards the goal.
  • It pushes you towards the end result, whether you like the way it’s happening or not. And if you see it that way, life becomes much easier to live.

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