How To Convert Without Proof

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Struggling to make your first sale? Discover the secret to selling without proof and overcoming the dreaded ‘beginner’s glitch’ in this eye-opening episode. Igor shares his biggest mistake and how he turned it around to achieve success, along with powerful tips on being outrageous and preaching the opposite to attract your ideal audience. Don’t miss out on this game-changing advice – tune in now and start crushing it in your business!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the “beginner’s glitch” that prevents people from succeeding in business, how to not quit, his biggest mistake of avoiding discomfort by not selling, and tips on how to convert without proof, such as getting more attention and being outrageous.

[03:27] The Beginner’s Glitch:

  • A lot of people starting out have this glitch, that bothers them and that does not allow them to move forward with their business.
  • It just keeps them away from success for years sometimes.
  • I started out without proof, without a clue. I was eager to take action. I did whatever I could, but the truth of the matter is I did not make my first sale three and a half years into it.
  • I made it when I stumbled into techniques and tactics of selling without proof, without lying or doing anything unethical. It was only then that I started seeing results from mailing my list and talking to people.

[04:52] How To Not Quit?

  • If you try to picture a scale in your mind, there are two sides to the scale. There is one side, which needs to outweigh the other.
  • It just would outweigh the workload necessary or the time frame or whatever else, whatever else I had to go through.

[08:06] Igor’s Biggest Mistake:

  • I learned to avoid this discomfort by just not pitching and not trying to sell anyone into anything, which was a big mistake.
  • Now looking back I realize that I should’ve done something else and that something was to stop trying to sell from a place of proof, stop trying to sell from a position of testimonies and income screenshots.

[09:07] How To Convert Without Proof?

  • The first thing you could do is basically start getting more attention with your marketing.
  • Once you’re active and you’re getting more attention, proof becomes less relevant, because you’re out there, because you’re active, right, because you’re showing up places.
  • The first thing I’ve done which really got me my breakthrough is I started interviewing experts. I literally started reaching out to as many experts as I possibly find and usually that means going for product owners. I didn’t even sell the interviews. I often just gave those away.
  • Their credibility rubbed off on me, not to mention that it opened the doors as far as leveraged content, where I would just show up to the call. I’d be the one asking questions, but they’d be the ones doing all the heavy lifting and giving me their best content.

[12:42] Preach The Opposite:

  • Another element of selling without proof is being outrageous. I think that it’s really, really important.
  • If you see everybody in your marketplace preach one thing, then you can strategically choose to say something that’s the complete opposite of what they’re saying.
  • If everybody in your marketplace says ‘Email your list once a month,’ you say ‘Email your list once a day.’
  • Or if everybody in your marketplace says Facebook ads are all the rage, you say solo ads are the rage. And so just by being different to most people out there automatically you get attention.
  • There’s a subset of your market that doesn’t want to believe that bullshit, and when you say the opposite they are automatically going to come over to you because you’re more like them.
  • We all like to buy from people that agree with us and people we like.

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