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Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the world of email affiliate marketing, feeling like no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get ahead? It’s time to take a step back and look inward. Tune into this episode and learn how the power of personal accountability can change not only your affiliate marketing strategy but the world around you. 

[01:50] The World Around Us:

  • The idea of personal accountability and starting the change from within.
  • The world is a reflection of our inner selves.
  • I do believe that before you can expect the world to change and the world treats you differently, you need to change first for that to happen.
  • Keep constantly improving and improving and improving in order to create the ultimate human being.

[04:18] The reality of sleep workers:

  • Sleep workers don’t really invest any effort or time into approving themselves. They can always find something wrong with everybody and everything.
  • When it comes to solving problems and, and getting real about life, then they are little crybabies and everybody’s to blame but them.
  • They want to change everybody else and everything else, but they’re never willing to change themselves.

[05:14] Why should your list pay you the big bucks?

  • We always want our customers to buy more. We want them to buy more at a higher price and not give us any price resistance about it.
  • But how often do we really go and work on ourselves and, and look in the mirror and say, why should my customer give me $700 for this service? Am I a personal value? Am I worth this money? And if I’m not, why not?
  • I start asking these uncomfortable questions like, what kind of person do I need to become where people would literally feel happy and proud to give me money because of, just the kind of person I am?
  • It’s easier to bitch about what’s wrong with the world than it is to say, to really just take stock of yourself and your shortcomings and figure out the spots that you can start shoring up.

[06:32] The problem in blaming the leads:

  • If your list doesn’t respond, that doesn’t open your emails, like the first response, the natural response is to say, the leads are crap. They don’t convert, they don’t respond. I need to change my traffic source.
  • The problem with that is that you’ll eventually end up changing many different traffic sources, and you’ll find out that the common denominator in getting all these leads is you.
  • If you’re not getting the sales you want, if you’re not getting the email open rates that you want, if you’re getting excuses instead of people committing to making a sale.
  • You need to advance yourself, you need to improve yourself.

[10:27] Lack of personal accountability:

  • There is a lack of personal accountability in this world. People just do not want to be accountable. They wanna point fingers and blame.

[14:09] Create your market:

  • There’s no such thing as the market. You create your market and you create your income.
  • If I’m not making the kind of money I wanna be making, it is my responsibility and my fault.
  • Look up the necessary information, get a coach or something, or just go back to the basics.
  • I can go from having a really bad month. Next month I’ll explode and I’ll double it simply because my conscious effort has been directed towards improving the income with the belief that I’m the one in control.

[15:39] Don’t change the world:

  • You don’t have to change the world. You don’t have to try and change other people. When you change yourself, everything around you changes whether you wanna believe it or not.
  • You change yourself and the world is now changed around you. Your lens, your view, your outlook.
  • So the moment you change your own set of glasses, you put on a different set of glasses, life changes very, very quickly.

[16:55] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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