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Affirmations don’t work. Or do they? No one really knows. It’s one of those things that’s too easy to do to not do though. Here’s Igor’s experience with affirmations and the 7 money affirmations he recommends practicing daily.


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Welcome back to another episode of the List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. A lot of people approach me at seminars and on coaching calls, and
they ask me, "Igor, do you do affirmations? Do you do what the self help gurus
recommend? Do you start your day by stating out your affirmations or incantations,
anyway you want to call it really, into the universe to attract more money and
success into your life?"

Well, to be honest with you, when I started trying to make my own line, I did
that. I no longer do it because I feel that many of the affirmations have already
been sort of installed in me. And you know, the one thing I really hate about
affirmations is just how much time it takes for them to actually make any sense to
you internally. In other words, it's okay for you to state things out loud and to
kind of shout out into the universe hoping that the university will respond in the
same vibration, if you're into the metaphysical stuff.

But what I'm not okay with is just literally standing in the middle of your house
and just shouting things into the universe without having any sort of impact on my
internal state. Because what I learned is that oftentimes, in order to learn
something, I need to actually do it. In other words, if I hear something, or I
learn about something, or I read about something, when I try to say something, I
may understand, but it's when I do it, that's when I truly, truly, truly
internalize it, which is when the affirmations actually work, when you truly
internalize the belief.

So what I decided to do in this episode is not to really go into why affirmations
don't work. That's not true. Affirmations do work under certain circumstance.
Again, the most important one being is that you have to internalize the words
you're saying and for those words to have emotional impact, and for you to
actually feel that everything you're saying is true. On this episode, what I want
to do is I want to give you a couple of ideas to really good affirmations that
helped me along the way.

I've created these affirmations, for the most part, after I made my first
significant paycheck online, not before. So these affirmations are not really so
much as things that I shouted into the universe when I was poor. These are mostly
things that internalized as a result of becoming rich. So if you are currently not
rich or under the income level, below income level that you want to be at, then
these affirmations will simply help you get there faster if you're able to
internalize them. Again, the most important part about when you're sending signals
out into the universe, which most people miss, is they don't send out an
emotionally charged signal.

I don't want to get metaphysical or really just go into the whole secret area of
self improvement because for the most part, it's really overrated. But what I can
tell you is that it does work if you truly believe what you're saying. So if you
can pull the rabbit out of a hat and literally state these things whether out loud
or in your heart and feel the emotional impact of everything you're saying, then
these affirmations will help you get richer. If you can't, which for me was always
the case. I could never really just stand in the middle of the room, shout things,
and believe in them.

For example, when I was a part of that cult in Florida called Self Discovery, they
used to make us stand together in a circle and just shout things that we wanted to
get in life. Like for example, I remember shouting something like, "I'm healthy,
wealthy, and wise," or something like that. Like when I did that, I felt stupid
because I need physical proof to becoming wealthy, healthy, and wise. Therefore, I
never stuck to it. It didn't quite work for me. It was the hardest part of the
whole exercise, of the whole [inaudible 00:04:58] exercise for me to just state
things out loud and believe these things were true.

But every now and again, something was different, and I said things I believed,
and that created a big impact for me. So let me give you a couple of ideas for the
kind of money affirmations you could be and should be using in your life if you're
that kind of person, if you're into affirmations, and that will help you get
richer. So the first one being is, "I'm a money magnet." Again, keep in mind that
these affirmations, I created them. I wrote them down only after I made money,
only after I became what I considered to be rich. For me at the time, was making
my first hundred thousand dollars in less than a year. And for me, that was like
becoming a billionaire.

So I truly believe that I am a money magnet. Like at this point in my life, I
truly believe that if I just stand and do nothing, if I just sit on my ass and do
absolutely nothing with my life, I will still have money coming in to me in the
form of opportunity that I will be able to capitalize on thanks to my marketing
skill set, my business skill set, my entrepreneurial skill set. So at this point
in my life, I truly believe that I'm a money magnet. And if you can instill this
belief before you become rich, you will get rich faster.

Then we got, "I easily attract money and abundance," and the keyword here is
"easily." It's italicized. Now, the reason for this belief is because a lot of
people make it hard. A lot of people have the belief that you need to work hard in
order to make money. This belief is not true. This belief couldn't be further from
the truth because some of the richest people in the world, when you look at how
they work, you'll notice that they work probably less than you do. They work
smarter, sure, but they don't work harder, and they have other people working for
him, for them. They have systems working for them when it comes to technology.
They know how to create leverage in their life by having either other people or
other mechanisms of some kind working for them.

Therefore, they make money easily. In fact, another affirmation here that I've got
here is, "The less I work, the more I make." This one was really hard to embrace
because I hustled, right? I hustled to become what I am today, who I am today. And
the hustle requires you to cry and grind, right? So I would literally wake up at
about 6:30, 7:00 AM, which is when I was sending out the first email to my list,
and I would stay up all the way until like 2:00 AM with sporadic changes, maybe.
But for the most part, I hustled and I put in the grind. I did everything.

So for me to transition from hustle, hustle, hustle to make money, to the less I
work, the more I make, was a really painful and difficult transition. It took me
about a year in my business until I learned how to get great people to work for me
in order to free up more of my time. And since discovering that, truly, I probably
couldn't go back to it. I mean, I enjoy what I do, but if I was trapped doing the
things that I hated or if I felt that I needed to work harder in order to make
more money, I would probably not be waking up in the morning and doing what I do
today because it would simply be ... There's no point.

For example, I got a six-year-old daughter and a baby on the way. So naturally,
the more kids you have, the less free time you've got. Now, that's probably true
until you have about five kids or so, because then you've got the little helpers
growing up. So it's easier, but my point is that with so many things going on in
our lives, we have to eventually embrace this concept, the less I work, the more I
make. And I highly suggest you ponder on this one, especially if you're already
making some money in your business, but you're finding it's really hard to scale
for you. So you truly need to embrace this one to get to the next level.

Now, the next one is very, very important because many people are stifled and held
back by the belief that money is a zero sum game, that money runs out. In other
words, that if Jack and Jill are both trying to make money online and Jack made a
thousand dollars today, then Jill will make a thousand dollars less today. That is
not true. Jill's income and Jack's income have nothing to do with each other, and
the fact that one of them is a millionaire, does not mean that the other one is
deprived of millions.

Money doesn't work like that. Money is a never ending replenishable infinite
resource that runs continuously. And if you attract it correctly, you will have as
much of it as you need. In fact, there's a whole argument about you making exactly
what you deserve right now, and not because of the marketplace, not because of
someone else making more money. No, you're making that because that's what you're
worth, because that's what you're ... As T. Harv Eker says, "Your money
thermostat, that's what you're worth inside. That's what you believe you're worth

So that's why, for example, you see the people who go on to make say $100,000
dollars a year, even if they get a job, it's really hard for them, virtually
impossible to go below $100,000 a year because their money thermostat has been
sett at that amount, and if anything, they won't go down. They won't go below
that. Now, for people who work jobs, unfortunately for them, they also won't go
beyond that unless they really start wondering what's next for them. They'll stick
at that amount. If that works for them, then great. But for me, it was never the
case. So I'm always working on improving the thermostat, if you will.

So one of the beliefs that really helps with that, one of the money affirmations
is money simply moves around. It's not a zero sum game, it's easy to get and easy
to keep. Right? So this affirmation is really important, especially again, if
you're struggling to to pass a certain income level. A lot of people I've met
throughout my life were, they would make some money, even if there were some extra
money coming in out of nowhere, they'd find a way to get rid of it because of
their money thermostat.

Or I remember having this salesperson working for me, and they would have a
thermostat set to a certain amount. And it doesn't matter if they had, like, if
they had a great beginning of the month, if they started out the month with like,
10 sales and they made say 20 grand, they would not make a sale until the end of
the month because their thermostat would be stuck with that and something would
happen. Like people would ask for refunds, they won't close any sales, some kind
of money issue would come up that would force them to take money out or maybe to
take a couple of days off work.

And the same thing, the vice versa, like if they started out and then the first 15
days of the month they haven't closed a single sale, you can bet that in the next
15 days, they'll close the whole month quota because of their thermostat. So that
stuff's real. That stuff's real. I highly recommend you work on your thermostat
and definitely take note of the money is not a zero sum game affirmation.

Now, another great one that kind of makes you feel a little bit better inside,
especially if you went through a lot of rejection in your business, is, "People
around me insist on giving me money." I always get a resounding yes when
presenting my clients with an opportunity to give me money. Now, notice the
wording on this affirmation too. It's not about people love buying from me. It's
not about people wanting what I sell. No, it's people say yes when I give them the
opportunity to give me money.

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Now, this not only gives you a great affirmation you can practice every day, but
it also implies a different mindset because it sort of says that you're doing
people a favor for allowing them to buy from you. Now, that's big. I mean it's
subtle yet big because if you're approaching people from a standpoint of
neediness, you'll never make money. Just like if you're trying to date and you're
approaching women or men from a standpoint of neediness, you won't make money.
Again, neediness repels people and prospects. So that is why the affirmation is
worded specifically this way. Keep that in mind.

Now, here's another one. It's easy to get a richer and richer every day. Now, the
reason I installed this belief and identified eventually is because at some point,
once you've hit a certain goal, you tend to feel that it's impossible to go
beyond. Sometimes we have these garden rails that basically say that we shouldn't,
we can't make a certain amount of money every month, but going beyond that is
simply not for us, like as if we don't have permission, or as if we don't qualify,
or maybe we weren't destined to make that kind of money, or maybe you don't have
the right education, whatever.

Right? So I noticed that a couple of times in my life when I couldn't hit
barriers, like I would reach a glass ceiling and I would spend the next year and a
half making the exact same amount of money in each and every month, sometimes a
little bit higher, sometimes a little bit lower, but I would always average at the
same number. So I recognized that I must have had a belief that said I'm not
worthy. And I did, I did.

Now the way that I fought that feeling was not using affirmations, incidentally,
was by going to seminars and meeting people that were making more money than me.
And obviously, for that to be true, or maybe not, I mean, it really depends, but
basically, if I had an impression of someone else making more money than me, if I
had an impression of someone who's like 10X-ing what I make, and I hung out with
them, and I checked them out, and I got to talk to them, and I got to feel them,
and then I realized that, oh my God, they're just normal people. They're
dysfunctional just like me. They're normal and there's absolutely nothing special
about these people whatsoever.

That allowed me to say, "Okay, you know what? I am worthy because if they can do
it, I can do it." Which is another reason why when you're putting out testimonials
for your services or when you're trying to build a case study portfolio, make sure
you put out a case study with the people who are less, like least likely to
succeed in life. In other words, if you can find somebody with 79 IQ who grew up
in a trailer park, post about them. Don't post about an Ivy League graduate who
lost his job because of some new Trump law or whatever, and they were already
capable of before they started an online business.

You know what I mean? So make sure you do that. Make sure you show the lowest
common denominator, the most dysfunctional people you can find getting results
with your stuff. That's when you start getting way better response to your case
studies and testimonials. Now, another great belief is, "My life is awash with
moneymaking opportunity." Of course, it also correlates with, "I'm a money
magnet," but basically what it means is that you try to condition your brain to
spot moneymaking opportunities all around you because there are. There's literally
money hidden in plain sight, but a lot of people are simply blind to it. And they
go around, and they live their life surrounded by money that they never get to
pick up and walk away with. So definitely something for you to consider.

Now, the other belief, it's not really a mind belief, but it's a belief that's
really, really, really, really helpful as far as getting you to a point of
attracting money, and that is, "I love being rich." I have this one in bold
because I grew up in a world where rich people were criminals. In other words, if
you were driving a black BMW seven series, you're probably the drug lord. If you
were driving a black BMW or white BMW five series, you're probably the drug lord's
son. If you were driving a three series BMW, you're probably like a low level

But there was never this wide acceptance of rich people back in the Ukraine in the
nineties because anyone who became wealthy usually became that way ... Well, the
perception was in the conditioning that I received, they became that way by
engaging in some sort of criminal activity, and they were feared. So on one hand,
I concluded, observing everything that I was observing as a kid, that people who
have money get respect, and I really wanted respect and admiration from other
people. So I wanted to be rich and eventually have fulfilled that goal in a
different world, in a different society, but still, that hasn't changed.

And then I recognized after a certain point that I really felt bad about being
rich. A lot of times, I was shy. I was pretending not to be. Like a lot of times I
would really downplay what I was doing and how much money I was making at the
dinner table. And not to not embarrass other people, but because I knew that if I
said or showed that I was rich, people would think I'm an asshole or a criminal.
So it took me a while to accept that I'm now a rich person, that I think like a
rich person, that I live a life like a rich person. Therefore, I should wear that
had proudly, which brings me to another sort of belief.

And that is, whoever you are, whatever you do, wear the hat proudly. This is
something I learned from my friend David Dekel, the founder of the Funnel X
system. He just doesn't give a shit. Like he just doesn't care. The guy has zero
neediness about anything, especially about money or the relationship that he has
with other people and money. So if you get, and you kind of strip the neediness
from your life, you'll notice that money, and partners, and relationships, and
opportunity just kind of, everything throws itself onto you because of lack of
neediness. Kind of like when you stop asking, things come your way. So it's
really, really cool and something for you to consider.

And so let's do one more before I send you off to practice. Okay? And that is,
kind of looking at my list here. One that truly stands out, one that truly stands
out is, "My family benefits the most from the money I make. Therefore, it's my
mission to increase my net worth every single day." Now, the reason this belief,
in my opinion, is one of the most important ones for me is because I learned this
secret from one of my mentors, Craig Valentine. And Craig said, "If you want to
make sure you accomplish something, always tie it back to the people you hold
yourself accountable to in your life."

For me, there's only two people. Actually, there's more than two, but in terms of
like a life or death commitment, right? There's only two people right now and
there's a third one on the way, and that is my wife, my daughter, and my unborn
son. And if I can tie back anything I do back to how it makes their life better,
or how I'm protecting them from harm, immediately, anything I do from that point
forward becomes easy because it's tied emotionally to the wellbeing of my family.

Now, therefore, what I've decided to do at some point is I've decided to connect
my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my family to the amount of money I was making.
And I kind of created this belief that the more I make, the better father I am,
the more I make, the better husband I am. And eventually, it also a spread across
my other relationships. For example, the more I make, the better leader I am, the
more I make, the better friend I am, and so on and so forth.

Now, I recognize how it sounds, how it may create this neediness about money and
self worth. And you know what? I'm totally fucking fine with it. Like really,
because I spend most of my time either thinking about how to make more money or
actually working to make it. Therefore, I'm fine with the idea that people may
attach certain value on me because of the money I make. Because you know what? I
wouldn't attach value to me if I wasn't making any money. Like that's one of the
ways, that's one of the scoreboards that I use in order to define how well I'm

So while I don't necessarily feel that money defines me as a human being, but I do
feel that in society, in terms of societal and relationship wise, it does help.
Money simply multiplies the kind of person I am. So the more I can multiply the
good qualities that I've got as a person using my money, the better off I know my
family is, my friends are, and the people who rely on me every day to be their
leader are, as well as not only my teammates, but also my clients.

So my family benefits the most from the money I make and therefore it's my mission
to increase my net worth every single day is truly one of the most powerful
beliefs I instilled in my life because it allowed me to just strip everything
else. It made everything else not important. It made everything else insignificant
compared to my ability, desire, and skillset to just increase my net worth all the

So if you've got something like that, if you always wanted to do something and
never could get yourself to do it and you're experiencing heartache about it, see
if you can tie it back into your loved ones. If you can, you'll notice that it's
going to be much easier for you to wake up in the morning and indulge in that one
thing right away. So this concludes another episode of the List Building

My purpose for this episode was to help you define correct money affirmations as
well as giving you some realistic advice about how to actually use them. Because
again, most people have it wrong. They think they're gonna say things out loud or
say things in their heart when they wake up in the morning and things will just
magically happen. That's not true. You have to internalize them, and you have to
experience emotional impact every time you say this stuff for this to actually
work, which is a whole lot of story enough itself, it's a whole other skillset,
and very few people that I know actually got rich that way.

They didn't get rich using affirmations. They actually created affirmations after
they got rich so they could teach other people how to do it, but again, until
those people became rich themselves, they couldn't truly understand the meaning of
everything we've talked about on this call. So I hope this puts you on the right
trajectory. I sincerely hope this helps you set your frame correctly, but don't
expect to get rich overnight. Okay? That will not happen.

So on this really positive note, [inaudible 00:24:53] episode. Thank you so much
for tuning in. Until next time we chat, have a good one.

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