5 More Igor Rules For Success

My life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good by most people’s standards. I didn’t fall into it. I got here by following rules. Here’s 5 more rules to my personal and professional success.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. Today I decided to do another one of the Igor Rules episodes, which
is an idea that I blatantly stole from my friend, Ben [Settle 00:01:09], who's got
these Email Play Rules episodes that he done on his podcast. I love them so much
that I decided to adopt the idea. Again, to blatantly steal it. Yep. Ben was on
the show twice here, so I'm almost embarrassed, but not really. But, yeah.

So, anyway, this idea is really fun for me and for the audience. In fact, some of
the greatest feedback I received was for these Igor Rules episodes, because
they're short, they're sweet, and they give you something to chew on really,
really quickly. So, if you're driving to work right now, or you're working out,
maybe you're washing dishes or something, whatever you're doing right now, I want
to share with you five rules that I use and enforce in my own life and in my own
business to be successful and fulfilled as much as possible. Because, I'll admit,
I may be successful, and I may be considered to be a successful individual both in
life and in business, but I rarely feel fulfilled in my life, which is an issue
that I've got, a challenge that I've got, that I'm dealing with. But, what I can
tell you is that, if I didn't have the following five rules in my life installed,
I'd be super miserable, because every single one of them I had to learn the hard
way, from experience.

So, I want to share with you these five rules. I also encourage you to check out
the other Igor Rules episodes by going to listbuildinglifestyleshow.com and
searching for "Igor Rules" in the search box on our website so you can grab
additional rules as well. And, just so you know, in the future, we'll be releasing
more episodes just like it because you can never have too many rules, as long as
they don't conflict, right? Because, one of those things about online marketing is
that you always get contradicting, conflicting advice, which really is confusing.
So, I promise, with Igor Rules, it's very one-sided, very black and white. I
created these rules for myself and not for you, just so you understand. I'm
recording this podcast for myself as well, and maybe for my kids, when they grow
up, they'll listen to it and be like, "Oh, cool. Yeah, Daddy left something
behind." So ... Yeah.

So, let's go ahead and dive in to the next five rules that I encourage you to
install in your life for overall better experience and better results. The first
one being don't try to bate the fish with broccoli. It may be good for the fish,
but you'll starve. Give fish what it actually wants. Now, this concept goes back
to marketing and dating. So, remember, I started out my journey in the marketing
space by actually being a customer to the dating gurus. I had to learn a lot of
this marketing stuff through infield practice and through actual rejection. So,
what I learnt, both with dating and with marketing, is that a lot of times what I
was trying to do, I was trying to give fish broccoli. I thought that broccoli,
since it's good for me, it will work for other people. In other words, if I felt
that maybe I should give people content because I felt that that's what I like,
but I was wrong, because people don't respond to content using their wallets.
We're going to talk about that, actually, a little bit later.

So, basically, the advice here is, the rule here is, don't try to bate either
people or animals, whatever, using the things they don't want or the things you
think they want. Actually find out what these people want and give it to them.
That's the only way you can become important in their world and attract their
attention. The only way. No other way, period. Trust me, I've tried this many
times over. In fact, not only it took me a long time to figure this out, but even
after I figured this out and I started making money online, I tried going back. I
thought, okay, now that I'm a guru, I can get away with giving people what I want
to give them rather than what they want to buy, and, again, I flopped completely.
So, don't try to bate fish with broccoli, okay? Actually find out what your "fish"
wants, and give it to them. That's the only way for you to get attention and

Now, the second rule is look for the "no", okay? A lot of people steer away from
the no. They always look for the yes. They want to close the sale. They want to
get people saying yes. Like, I have a friend, she's a professional speaker, and
she's good. Like, she's just very, very good. She told me one time, she said that
seven yeses equal a sale, and this is kind of like this common rule that all the
speakers have. You know what? I've tried this rule. I've tried it on webinars.
I've tried it on sales calls. I've tried it everywhere. But, until you get nos out
of the way, it just doesn't work. The reason a no works is because no makes people
feel in control. No makes people feel like they're the ones calling the shots. No
doesn't force them to revert back to safety. It actually makes the feel safe.

So, if I ever got a call from a salesperson that's like, "Hey, I'm so-and-so with
the water company. Do you like water?" And it's like, "Yes." "Would you like to
have really healthy water that makes you strong?" "Yes." "Would you like to get it
for pennies in the dollar?" "Yes." "Okay. So, you can go, and I can come in, I can
show you this filter and you can buy it." "No, thank you. Bye." So, people don't
like to be manipulated into a yes. People got so good at communicating with others
that they use yes as what ... Chris [inaudible 00:06:49] calls it a "counterfeit
yes", where the yes is fake, where the yes means nothing. It's worse than a maybe.
It's actually bad. So, if you start getting yeses, yeses, yeses, yeses, yeses
right away, then you're probably not doing it right.

Instead, you want to seek a no, okay? Seek a no in terms of find a way to get the
person say no, because that's when the real conversation starts. That's when the
real connection starts, not when you get them to say yes. It's only when you get
them to say no. It's a big concept to grasp, and I recommend you check out "Always
Start with a No" by Jim Kemp. Amazing book. I consider it to be in the top five
best books I've ever read. It talks about the power of no. You should check it

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The third rule is don't be a free consultant. Now, the reason you don't want to be
a free consultant ... Actually, before I explain that, let me explain to you what
a free consultant actually is. Free consultant is somebody who gives value and
educates for free. Guess what happens when you do that? You basically keep getting
nothing, right? You keep educating other people for free, and you keep
conditioning them to expect for you to give away your best stuff for free. So,
instead of being a free consultant, become a better marketer and a better
influencer, better storyteller, but don't be a free consultant. Don't just go
around teaching people for free. That's not going to make you money. That's not
going to get you respect and accolades in your industry.

I learned this the hard way. Like, the first time I got invited to speak on stage,
that's what I've done. I was like, "You know what? What I'm going to do instead of
trying to sell them, instead of trying to get them to sit through a 40 minute
presentation, then get them to buy $1000 product, I'm going to actually teach them
some really cool shit. When I ask for the money, they'll be so blown away by the
quality of my content, they'll just rush to the back." I thought that about
webinars, I thought that about live presentations on stage, and it's not true. It
just doesn't work like that. I'm not going to get into the specifics and the
mechanics of why it works like that, but what I can tell you is that it just
doesn't. It just works differently. People don't buy from free consultants. They
just do not. They will buy from good marketers, but they will not buy from free

So, don't be a free consultant. Don't write emails that try to teach people stuff
in 500 words. Don't try to put out videos that give people hard content. Don't do
that. Now, [infotane 00:09:39], okay? Mix education with entertainment. Sure. That
has value. That will help you sell. But, don't just go around educating people for
free. That's just going to get you in trouble. You're going to become a free
consultant, which I was for like a couple of years into my career. Then, even
after I made money, I sporadically came back to that strategy. Never worked. Never
worked. So, don't be a free consultant.

Now, the fourth rule is everything is within. You want to seek change within, and
you want to do the same thing for your clients. In other words, if you don't like
anything in your life, if there's a circumstance, a relationship, or anything that
you hate or that gives you grief, be it not making the kind of money you want to
make, or be it anything else, the change lies within. The change, you should seek
it within yourself rather than trying to go outside and seek it outside. Of
course, if you got sued, then get a lawyer. Of course. But, what I'm talking about
is that if, for example, you don't like being overweight, the place you need to
turn into is within, is to change a core belief about something, about food or
about your self esteem, before you will be able to get results in the outside

Now, the same thing is true for your prospects, for your potential customers. If
you're trying to influence somebody, what you need to do is you need to spend time
within their world. If you're spending time within their world with your words and
your ideas, you will influence them and you will successfully convert them into a
customer. If you don't, it's just not going to happen. So, always seek within. Go
within to get the change that you want.

Last but not least for this episode, don't seek permission. Now, this is a biggie,
because we grow up and we go to preschool, to Kindergarten, to school, to high
school, then we go and get certified ... Like, we go through stages in our lives
from the very early stage, from the very early age ... Including our parents, by
the way. They contribute to this as well. We always seek permission from the
grownups. We always seek permission from people who are more qualified than we
are. We seek permission from institutions. We seek permission from authorities.
You don't need that. You don't need that. It's a big part of our society today.
It's a big reason why I feel most people are so boring and complacent, because
they don't feel they've got permission to be bigger than they are. But, it's
stupid. It's truly stupid.

Again, I had to break through a lot of that permission seeking mindset, because I
was a goody two shoes in school. I was always a straight A student. I always
listened to my parents. I would never go against what my parents said, until I
decided to make my own [inaudible 00:12:37]. That's when I had to break a bunch of
permission barriers that my parents and society put on me, and that's when I
learnt I didn't need anyone's permission to do anything.

Now, of course, there's layers to this. Even if you break one permission barrier,
you'll have a bunch of others to deal with. But, one of the most productive things
you can do is to actually work on your permission barriers and break as many of
them as you possibly can. Because, when you do, the quality of your life improves
immediately. That same second. Because you don't feel the burden of going and
having to ask for permission. You actually feel free. You feel the freedom of
being capable and "allowed" to do whatever the fuck you want, and that's what you
truly want in your life. You want more freedom.

So, if you want more freedom, you need to have less permission seeking qualities
in your life, and you need to stop seeking permission about anything. Losing
weight, making more money, becoming a better spouse, going for a new hobby,
anything. Don't seek the permission you needed, because you're already ...
Internally, you're the only one who's supposed to give you permission. Like,
internally, if you give yourself permission to truly be successful, there's
literally nothing that can stop you from becoming successful, whatever the
definition of success is to you.

So, I highly encourage you to sit down, take a pen and a pad, and find out what
areas in your life are you still seeking permission and what exactly are you
seeking permission for and from who. The moment you can identify and crush it,
you'll see that every result in your life with exponentially multiply.

So, this concludes another episode of Igor Rules. Thank you so much for tuning in,
and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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