How To Escape From Employee To Entrepreneur With Anik Singal

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What’s the difference between someone who goes to college and becomes an employee who will never master their time or be free, and someone who starts out on the same path but then pivots towards freedom (financial and personal) to become one of the world’s leading authorities in their field?

Anik shares his insights on the mindset and habits that separate the two types of people. He also provides concrete advice on how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

If you’re tired of being a wage slave and want to take control of your life, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in to learn how to escape the rat race and build a business that gives you the freedom you desire.

Guest: Anik Singal, a respected entrepreneur, and bestselling author has revolutionized the online business landscape with his influential book “Escape.” With his transformative insights and strategies, Anik has empowered countless individuals to break free from the traditional 9-to-5 grind and create their own paths to success. Through his book, Anik provides a roadmap for achieving financial freedom and building a life of purpose and fulfillment. His expertise and guidance have made a profound impact on aspiring entrepreneurs, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and escape the limitations of conventional employment. Anik Singal’s “Escape” is a game-changing resource for those seeking to design their own future and unlock the true potential of their entrepreneurial journey.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor interviews Anik Singal, the author of the ESCAPE book on how to become free in spite of your present circumstances.

[04:28] What Inspired Anik To Write The Book?

  • About three years ago, we had a student that came into our mix and they came down. They spent a lot of money to get personal mentoring and teaching and coaching.

  • I just loved this student. I thought that they were going to be a radical success story. I put a lot of resources into a lot of things I don’t typically do on a regular basis.

  • A few months down the road, they were not successful, they were actually a handful, a total mess, and they quit.

  • At the same time, it just so happens to be that we had a student engaged with us, around the same time as this student, but they didn’t come in for the on-site coaching or any of that; they just bought one of our programs. That person went on, started their first business, was super successful, quit their job and was already making six figures. It was incredible.

  • 250,000 people paid me for learning, you know how to do online marketing. And what drove me nuts was why don’t we have 250,000 success stories.

  • That was what led me into a journey of research interviewing and talking to my most successful students, and my most unsuccessful students.

  • I looked at my personal journey as an entrepreneur. And then, of course, I went to the books, and I started studying the top entrepreneurs in the world. And before you know it, I was amazed to see that there was a trend.

  • I saw an actual trend emerge of characteristics, and behavior patterns that were appearing in the successful ones, and that either weren’t appearing or were appearing very differently in the unsuccessful ones.

  • I started writing this book because I wanted to put what I learned into a book so that people could be empowered by it.

[11:48] How To Escape From Employee To Entrepreneur?

  • I go over five specific characteristics for each of the stages. So you actually have a chance to evaluate yourself, test yourself, score yourself, and then learn how to improve on each of the five within the four.

  • We go over five characteristics in the ‘S’ phase that will help you master, decode, and recode who you are so that you can actually evolve as an entrepreneur.

  • The second stage is the ‘C’ for catapult. Now catapulting is really the same as creating momentum. Once you have momentum, everything else becomes so much easier.

  • Let’s go to the third stage authority. As a successful entrepreneur, you dang well better be able to inspire people, you have to be able to get people to rally behind you.

  • Last but not least, the final frontier stage for the toughest one, but the most influential, most impactful one, which is ‘P’ for people.

  • Entrepreneurs are like chameleons, we can literally talk to one person and evolve into someone that would relate to them. And immediately two minutes later be talking to another person and evolve into what would be an individualistic when it comes to relationships.

  • Stream the full episode to dive deeper into each of these characteristics.

[18:11] The Truth Behind The Negative People In Your Life:

  • Most people that are negative in your life are because they care and love you, they’re trying to protect you, their negativity is simply a reflection of them not understanding what it is you’re trying to do, they can’t see themselves doing it.

  • Only about 3% of the people in your life are actually what I call toxic, and their goal is to bring you down, those people need to be kicked out no problem.

  • You have to learn to perceive their negativity for what it truly is and take control of that relationship.

  • If something triggers someone to become a negative person, don’t give them that trigger, communicate with them differently about different things, but allow them to be a positive influence in your life.

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