Igor’s Biggest Money Pits

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The fastest dollar saved is the fastest dollar earned. If you struggle with overspending because you’ll make that money again anyway then tune in to find out Igor’s biggest money pits, and how you can keep the money you make online.

[01:33] In this episode, Igor shares a glimpse of his financial ups and downs, tips to run a successful affiliate business, his definition of success and more!

[02:38] Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing:

  • While it’s not a big corporate business, it still is a small business in the way, we’re entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship is a journey that forces you to continuously evolve.

[03:00] Save Your Money:

  • I genuinely believe there is only one thing I need to figure out, and that is how to make money. But I was wrong because keeping money is even harder.

  • We’re talking literally over a million dollars, it just vanished into thin air.

[08:55] The Best Time To Sell:

  • The time when they buy something from you When they spend at least $1 that’s when you need to hit ’em.

  • When they buy something from you, you offer them something else.

  • I would be putting them on a special list of people that I wouldn’t mail because I was afraid to annoy them by offering them more stuff. Incidentally, today, my approach is the complete opposite.

  • If you get on my webinar and you purchase something, I’ll send you more offers right away.

  • If you got on my webinar, you did not purchase anything, I’ll try to convince you to buy.

  • If you’re not buying after a certain point, I don’t waste time on you because, if you don’t wanna buy, you don’t wanna buy.

[11:02] Understanding Consumer Psychology & Building A Community:

  • People enjoy buying but, nobody likes being sold to. I get that. But people enjoy buying the products they love.

  • They hate being sold something that they don’t need or somehow feel like they were hoodwinked into getting it.

  • When you find something that you sell them that meets a need and, and you deliver on what you sell ’em and you promise ’em, it’s a happy sale all right around.

  • That’s where you build a community and you actually get people that look forward to your next product.

[13:18] Setting Up A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business:

  • To create a great business that sells a lot of products, that makes you wealthy, that makes the customers happy, you need the perfect offer positioned in front of the perfect customer positioned through the perfect media.

  • I would pick the wrong products, and I would market them their own way, I would use their own copy. And overall, just do so many mistakes, make so many mistakes, and completely ignore what the marketplace was telling me.

[18:30] The Definition of Success:

  • Success is not having to worry about what things cost in the grocery store to me, you know, or pumping gas and not checking the price. You know, that’s more security not having to worry. That’s success to me.

[25:30] Making Better Financial Decisions:

  • Hire a really good tax lawyer and an accountant, and they will tell you what to do.

  • There’s also the aspect of investing, and you see, making money is a totally different mindset from investing money.
  • Great investors are not great at making money, and people who make money and they’re good at it, typically suck at investing because they never develop that skill.

[29:53] Bitcoin Investments:

  • I still regret spending money on Bitcoin, because I’ve lost about $65,000 on Bitcoin.

  • I purchased at a high price, and I didn’t just purchase 0.03 of a Bitcoin. I went on and I purchased whole Bitcoins. Then the price went down and I lost a lot of money.

[34:48] Dealing with regrets:

  • I’m still happy I made those mistakes.

  • Don’t expect things to be perfect and assume you’ll always make mistakes. Just make those mistakes with as little of an impact as possible in your wallet.

  • Take the lessons and know that you will profit from these lessons far more for the rest of your life than the one-time amount of money you’ve lost.

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