How To Profit From COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 has presented an amazing opportunity to create your own online business and secure your independence. The world is going digital, and now is the time to capitalize on this change. With digital ad spending doubling and online shopping booming, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started. Don’t be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. Tune in and take action to start your own business today!

[00:00] The podcast explores how COVID-19 is likely to affect our livelihood and how we can prepare ourselves for the worst with the help of digital marketing.

[01:43] Effects of COVID-19 on online businesses:

  • I find myself seeing more and more opportunities, and the one trend I noticed is that I’m seeing lots of people re-engaging.

  • This time they’re more serious because COVID-19 became this shakeup that reminded them that it’s not enough to have a secure paying job.
  • The best thing you can do to secure your own financial future is to create your own job to be independent.

  • There’s a silver lining around this dark cloud, for the right mindset.

[03:55] What’s trending?

  • COVID-19 brings an amazing opportunity because at first what we’re noticing is that anything that’s digital is now booming.

  • This also means that there will be a revolution in the way people do business.

  • More and more people will try and look for ways to make more money from home.

  • In terms of the make-money-online market, I think it will expand even more.

[06:03] The digital ad marketplace:

  • Digital ad spending that year doubled.

  • More digital marketers spent money on ads, probably because demand went up.

[06:47] People love to buy stuff:

  • People are shopping online all the time.

  • If you’re involved in Internet marketing, whether you’re building a list or not, whether you’re driving traffic in some way, or even if you have a social media following, you’re still positioned to profit from this change.

[07:10] The world is never going to be the same after this:

  • We’ve been waiting for the world to go digital for such a long time, and COVID-19 is really accelerating that change.

  • The world is never going to be the same. This is gonna change our society and the way we do business and interact and everything.

  • Those who can actually capitalize on that, and wrap your arms around it, I think it’s going to be a tremendous opportunity.

[09:50] Which platforms are converting?

  • Amazon is really positioned as this passive income because you’re leveraging this giant. But you know, at the end of the day, it may not be the case.

  • So Amazon is one avenue and another avenue, and you may want to develop your own e-commerce brand.

  • Shopify stores are absolutely killing it right now. Because everybody is shopping from home.

  • Now affiliate marketing you can do for physical products, you can do it for digital products. But I think that’s one of the easiest ways to start because you don’t have to build or source a product, you can get a ready-made product that’s already on sale with all the sales material, and you just have to get targeted traffic.

  • Affiliate marketing is probably the avenue where most people will find it easiest to get started.

[14:24] The post-COVID world:

  • I think COVID-19 in and of itself as a threat will not just disappear.

  • The media scared us so much at this point that even if they announce that the COVID-19 season is over, we’re still not going to be able to go back to things the way they were.

[19:15] The two types of people:

  • Whenever you see markets go up and down when things change dramatically. There are two types of people that you will typically see in that sort of environment.

  • One type of person is people who are paralyzed in fear and they’re so paralyzed by uncertainty.

  • Being an entrepreneur, you get to learn to live with it, you know, you learn to roll with the punches. But most people are so paralyzed by the uncertainty that they freeze, and do nothing.

  • The other type of people are the ones who recognize that this is an opportunity to act, to recognize a demand in the marketplace, and to start their own business. It’s the opportunity when people are most receptive to change.

  • Right now is the perfect time to get started. It’s the perfect time to get started on whatever it is that you want to do whatever your dream is, especially if your dream is to be independent and financially free.

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