How To Ethically Profit From People’s Anxieties

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There’s a fine line between offering helpful solutions and taking advantage of vulnerable customers. Tune in to learn how you can stay on the right side of ethical business practices while still tapping into this growing market.

[01:32] The podcast explores the psyche behind anxiety and how to market your products in a way that losing out on the offer makes your audience anxious.

[01:32] Anxiety as a disability:

  • One of the things that the military has kind of labeled me as disabled for is a bit of anxiety.

  • A lot of people that have been in stressful situations suffer from ongoing anxiety. There’s a lot of anxiety about the future.

[02:46] Is marketing manipulation?

  • If you’re playing on people’s anxieties, you’re manipulating them.

  • Even though people think manipulating is a bad thing, it’s actually not. Because sometimes you need to manipulate someone in order to get them to do something that’s good for them.

[10:14] Our anxieties form our decisions:

  • Anxieties oftentimes are the primary drivers of our decision-making process, and they happen automatically 24/7.

  • Reinventing Your Life by Jeffrey Young is an amazing book. And in this book, Jeffrey Young describes all the different anxiety patterns, abandonment patterns, people can’t be trusted patterns, dependence patterns, and vulnerability.

  • Every person in your life as well as yourself, you are always making decisions, not just buying decisions, but all decisions based on one or more of these anxiety patterns.

  • People are driven by these anxieties their entire lives. They make career choices based on that. They make spouse choices based on that.

[15:50] Effective selling strategies:

  • Storytelling is definitely one of the ways to do it.

  • Another way you can do it is by asking questions.

  • Another way you can do it is by simply describing situations.

  • It doesn’t always have to be a story, but it could be a situation you’re describing or just making a person imagine something.

[18:09] How to ethically profit from others’ anxieties?

  • You can’t really create anxiety for someone. You can tap into anxiety.

  • That’s where knowing your target market or your avatar for your product is important. It’s because you can identify the anxiety that this group of people will have.

  • The moment you’re able to tap into it, you are doing a huge service to your customers because that’s a problem they’re not addressing on their own.
  • Present your own solution and make a call to action or explain how your solution works and compare your solution to other solutions in the marketplace.

  • Once you’ve got them dressed up, give them somewhere to go, you play on that anxiety, it creates that need to fix the problem. Then you present your solution and then you make a call to action.

[22:58] Profit from your anxieties:

  • Some of the world’s best copywriters have the most anxieties, and they truly are able to understand people and tune into people’s feelings.

  • You can find a way to be more in tune with how people think and what anxieties they experience, you will find that it’s so much easier to make friends with people because you’ll understand them and you’ll be able to empathize with them.

  • To make more sales in your market because you’ll be able to talk to them at their level, and really like to talk in their language.

[25:11] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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