How I Use the 80/20 Rule In My Business To Work Less And Earn More

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80% of our success is reliant on 20% of our actions. In this episode, Igor reveals how he used the 80/20 rule to build a highly profitable system to generate maximum results. 

[00:00] The podcast reveals Igor’s productivity secrets and how the 80/20 rule transformed his business and impacted his generations.

What is the 80/20 rule? 

[00:11] Busy Is Not Productive:

  • Busy is not productive and it’s very easy to confuse the two.

  • 20% of actions that you take on a day-to-day basis or quarterly or annual basis produce about 80% of your results.

  • If you measure your results by the amount of money you’re making, then you can quite quickly and quite easily identify what these things are.

[02:02] Most important things to do on a daily basis  as a list builder:

  • I never try to get everything 100% perfect. I’d rather do the small things or the minimum things required to get the 80% of the outcome.

  • Driving traffic and then following up with that traffic would probably be the two most important things to do in my day in order to continuously guarantee cash flow.

  • Some additional things that I’m doing are of course looking out for new, exciting, great offers to promote. Because if the offer is great, it’s very easy to promote it. 

[05:19] Igor’s recipe for success:

  • If you sum it all up in one blueprint, that would be it gets people to join his list, mail the list, invite them to live webinars, present good content on webinars, and sell something.

  • I built it out in a very detailed step-by-step protocol that has steps and all I have to do is just start from the top and just follow the steps.

[05:51] How to build your own recipe? 

  • Some of those successes were accidental, some of those things which we stumbled into. But that’s one of the things you’ll need to do as you evolve in this industry.

  • You’ll do things right, accidentally. And then when you do, make sure to document it, go back, and ask yourself, why did that work, and how can I make it work again?

[06:48] The Bumpy Road to Success: 

  • You need to accept the fact that the first couple of times you’ll do it, the first ten times you’ll do it, you’re going to suck. And that’s okay because very soon you will not suck anymore and your promos will start being profitable.

  • Just to put things into perspective, for the first three and a half years, my promo sucked. Now, given I didn’t have as much education and help and assistance, and insights as you have available to me, I was mostly doing things in the dark.

  • But it sucks for a long time. But I’m happy that I went through that process because now because of all these failures, I’m able to consciously determine what works. And that’s where you want to end up.

  • First, you’re unconsciously incompetent, then you’re unconsciously or I guess consciously incompetent. Then you’re consciously competent and then you’re unconsciously competent. So you definitely want to make that transition as soon as possible.

[09:57] How the list-building lifestyle impacted Igor’s life?

  • There’s actually been a ripple effect at this point because it affected both the older generation of our family and the future generation.

  • It affected our friends because our friends are together with us now because they’re all involved in this. And not only do their relationships thrive, but also they’re now living extraordinary lifestyles.

  • My parents, I took care of them, bought them an apartment, in cash, and I pay them a salary every month.

  • I was able to relocate to Toronto. And now my daughter and my son are going to be growing up in a first-world country as opposed to a third-world country back in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

  • If you want to do good for your family, you almost owe it to them to master the skill.
  • You’ll have a lot of choices. Basically, money provides, more than anything, the choice to do things. It gives you a lot of options.

[11:50] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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