My Typical Day

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a multimillion-dollar business owner? In today’s episode, Igor shares what his average day looks like, and how he is able to run a hyper-profitable business while balancing his personal relationships and being an active parent.

[00:00] The podcast delves into the typical day of Igor and explores how he effectively balances parenthood along with running a multi-million dollar business.

What does Igor’s typical day look like?

[03:02] Igor shares how he structures his day:

  • I’m a disciplined man or disciplined person because my dad is an army guy. And I went to a military boarding school from the age of 14, until the age of about 20.

  • The average day starts with me waking up around 7:20 a.m. Before I go downstairs, I wake up my daughter Erica, and by the time we’re down, my wife is making some eggs.

  • We turn on YouTube and we watch some educational stuff for kids. I take Erica to school, and then when I go back, I don’t actually go home.

  • Most of the time on my way back from school, I stop at the local Israeli coffee shop. It’s called the Lander Coffee Shop. And I spend the next 4 to 6 hours or so in that coffee shop.

  • Sometimes when I need to record sessions like this or do my podcast so I’ll go back home because they need the environment to record. But if I’m working on a promotion, then most of that promotion work requires writing emails and thinking, and I do well in that environment.

[05:39] Productivity tips and tricks:

  • I also time myself when I work, which is like a productivity trick I learned recently.

  • It’s a system, it’s a systematic approach that is broken down into steps.

  • I try to make things as systematic as possible for the simple reason that it makes my life so much easier.

[08:12] Making time for your partner in a hectic routine:

  • I try to spend some time with my wife because when you have two kids, it gets really difficult sometimes to maintain that romance in the relationship.

  • I try as much as possible to have intimate dinners with my wife. So, she walks into the coffee shop and we end up having lunch together.

[09:20] The freedom of choice:

  • If you look at my life, aside from the whole thing that I work in a coffee shop, it’s not that much different from typical normal life. The only difference is I do things out of choice rather than necessity or being hostage to it. I also get to make a lot more money doing it, and I enjoy what I do.

  • The beauty of this business, the beauty of this model is it supports any lifestyle. So whatever your preferences, by all means, execute.

  • Everybody thinks that to increase your income, you need to work more hours. That’s 100% not correct.

  • You probably will have days where you work, where you work 10 to 12 hours. But there are also days where I take three days off in a row and I don’t touch anything and the money is still pouring in.

[11:33] Igor’s lowest financial month:

  • So last month, I didn’t run a single promo data. Not a single one, because I wanted to finish my book.

  • As a result, one of the lowest months that I’ve had in the last two years.

  • This month, however, I’m already way ahead of last month and this month I still have two more promos lined up, so I know I’m going to finish strong.

  • There’s a feeling of control, a sense of control over what I make. I know exactly where the money comes from and know exactly what I’m missing if money isn’t coming.

[12:48] Igor’s book on email marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

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