Hierarchy Of Values And Behavioral Hacking

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We all have different values and priorities that shape our thoughts, decisions, and actions that impact our behavior in all areas of life. Tune in to learn how our hierarchy of values can create a powerful toolkit for achieving certain goals and becoming successful.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor dives deep into the concept of how our hierarchy of values determines our behavior and how we can use this knowledge to hack our behavior and leverage what drives us the most. 

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[01:57] How Can Hierarchy of Values Help?

  • Anytime I sign up for the gym, I go for a week and I stop going. So the gym doesn’t really work for me as a way to exercise.

  • But here’s what does work for me, as one of my values for me is “relationships”. If I find a way to tie the exercise to relationships, then I come up with a way to do the exercise while hanging out with friends.

  • I go and I play football a couple of times a week, or once a week or whatever. That allows me to exercise and spend time with people.

  • Not to mention if I have to stay fit by playing football with my friends, it actually gives me another reason to stay fit and to keep myself in shape.

  • What you’re seeing is an example of how I tied something I don’t like doing to something I love doing and as a result, created a way to stay fit.

[04:14] Being A Negatively Driven Person:

  • I’m a negatively driven person. If you really scared the living bejesus out of me, then I’m gonna move so fast, no one can keep up.

  • You shouldn’t be mad at yourself for being wired the way you are. Because that’s the way you’re wired at 34 years old, you’re not going to get unwired or rewired to a great extent, right, you’re still going to operate the same way.

  • Each one of us has an operating system, we operate a certain way. And for us to motivate ourselves to do anything, or to stop doing anything, we need to talk to ourselves in our language, we need to talk to ourselves within the parameters of our operating system.

[09:16] Holding Ourselves Accountable:

  • Accountability creates tremendous outcomes.

  • You should never try to start a business or make money for yourself. You should always seek to do it for other people. It’s more about accountability to your loved ones and the people you care about.

  • If you’re struggling with anything, as far as motivation goes, it means you’re not connecting an accountability perspective to anyone in your life, because if you did, you would not want to let them down. And it’s super powerful. 

[12:08] The Key To Staying Focused:

  • As soon as you know what’s important for you, you pretty much only spend time doing that.

  • The problem with being unfocused is it makes other trivial BS things feel important.

  • When you will experience a heightened sense of focus, a heightened sense of accountability, and a heightened sense of clarity, which will all result in you moving towards your goals. 

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