The Top 3 Factors You Have To Consider Before Promoting Any Offer

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Everybody knows that in our industry, you get pitched a lot. But how do you filter and qualify products? What criteria do you look for in a product to promote? Is it the price? Is it the person behind it? Is it the match to the list? There could be a whole bunch of things. Tune in to find out how Igor analyzes an offer before promoting it.

[00:00] The podcast explores the top 3 factors an affiliate marketer must consider before promoting any offer, how Igor personally picks his offers 

[00:34] Why should you analyze the offers before promoting them?

  • Selecting my offers this way allows me to make more money but also keep my credibility, because, of course, it’s even more important than making money.

  • I always make sure not to stand behind bad or scammy offers and be really picky with my affiliate promotions. 

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[02:17] Promote a passionate market:

  • The first thing I look for is a passionate market, meaning that it’s a market that’s actually willing to spend money on the thing that we’re selling.

  • I promote primarily programs in the interim marketing space because I really connect with the market.

[05:04] What’s the average conversion value?

  • The second thing I want us to look at is what is going to be the average conversion value that I’m going to get as a result of referring people to that program.

  • I want to make sure that if I refer one customer, can I potentially make at least half the money I’m investing in a campaign.

  • If I invested $100 in my traffic campaign, I want to make sure that my affiliate funnel can produce at the very least again, this is like on the lower scale, at the very least, I want to have an average conversion value of $50.

  • Ideally, I want to promote a program that can produce an average conversion value of $100- $150. Because this way, just one sale or just one customer can bring me all my money back. And I can reinvest that money back into more traffic because that will allow me to produce enough revenue to scale my business. 

[06:13] Is the seller credible?

  • The third criterion is the person behind the program.

  • If I can leverage the social proof and the credibility of the person who created this program, then I will probably make more sales because I can write about their celebrity, their credibility, on their authority, and I can actually sell them more than I will sell the product.

  • I’ve done that a lot where I would not even talk about the product much. I would talk about the person because people buy into people.

  • At some point you’ll realize it doesn’t matter what you’re releasing, they’ll just buy from you because it’s you. 

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