Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting Out With Solo Ads

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If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. But, if you’re making THESE mistakes with solo ads then you’re losing a lot of business. Tune in to find out the most common mistakes people make when starting out with solo ads, and how you can avoid them. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares the most common mistakes beginners make when they start dabbling with solo ads, and how you can avoid them hitting so you can thrive with your own solo ad campaigns.

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[02:00] Biggest mistake you make with solo ads:

  • People aren’t even aware of the fact that when they drive traffic, they get lots of fake leads.

  • I found out eventually that there was a big portion of my lead flow that wasn’t even real.

  • So I was paying for leads that were getting on my email list and opted into my capture pages that simply did not exist for whatever reason.

  • Sometimes it’s a fake email because the person doesn’t want to give me their email. Other times, it’s a specifically designed spam trap that hurts your deliverability.

[02:47] How to avoid getting scammed?

  • Eventually, I developed my own solution, and I quoted a software we called “Verify Shark” that I’m now giving to all of my clients for free.

  • When they want to traffic with us, it protects them from fake leads because the software blocks them. 

[03:26] Always keep building your list:

  • The second thing I’m seeing is a lot of people are driving traffic without building their list.

  • In other words, what they’re doing is they’re driving traffic to an offer page. That may be like a sales page selling some kind of product, but we all know that in direct response marketing, which is what this is, it’s direct response marketing only.

  • What’s really important, before presenting them with an offer, you present them with a capture page and build that list so then you can follow up with them. 

[04:54] A sneak peek into consumer’s psychology:

  • People think that if your lead doesn’t purchase from you in the first 14 days, they seem to be like the magic number for people, then they’re not going to buy from you and they get discouraged.

  • After running a series of promotions to my list in the previous 60 days and then asking my assistant to find out how many people were actually buying each and every single thing that I emailed about, only 3% of people purchased everything and most people were purchasing different things for the first time.

  • These people spent months, if not years in my email list without buying anything. And then all of a sudden they started buying.

  • It’s kind of like investing your money in real estate and having an actual return on investment over time.

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