How To Find And Tap Your Sales Gold Mine

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The possibilities are endless, when it comes to choosing a product to promote. But, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money with it unless you know how to find the best-selling products and identify the offers that become your sales gold mine. You’re in luck because, in this episode Igor will share his most effective strategies for identifying gold mine offers that will practically sell themselves. 

[00:28] In this episode, Igor discusses the two most important aspects of affiliate marketing i.e., “what to sell?” and “how to sell it?”. 

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[01:52] How to research the best products to sell?

  • If that product is listed on an affiliate network, you can see how much money they’re making there. You can basically just tell how many affiliates promote them. You can see whether the ads are running everywhere.

  • The more ads you see, the more money this company is probably making.

  • Now, another thing you can do which doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll find out whether or not it’s selling, but again, you will gauge interest is social media communities, pages, groups, stuff like that. How big are they?

  • When you Google the niche keyword, obviously go to all these authority sites, opt into their list, get them to retarget you and see what they’re selling.

[03:53] The real reason why products don’t sell:

  • It’s not about just the interest that exists. We need to find out if that interest is passionate to a point where people are investing money.

  • Nobody actually wakes up in the morning with a need for arts and crafts. However, it’s a passion that people pursue and are willing to pay money for.

[05:19] Pretend to be your competitor’s customer and steal like an artist:

  • When you go and pretend that you want to become a customer for your competition.

  • You decide on a dog training product that you want to sell and let you say it’s going to be a course on how to train your pit bull or whatever. So what you need to do, you need to go and find other people who are selling dog training and you need to actually go and buy their products.

  • Sign up on their list and pinpoint the unique selling proposition. You need to understand what are the primary copy angles that they’re using, what are the hot buttons they’re pushing and how do they package their offer, how do they price their offer, et cetera.

  • So you need to be paying attention to the offers and the sales copy and the positioning they’re using in order to say, okay, so if they’re selling, if they are the leaders in this market and they are positioned this way and they set up their unique selling proposition this way. And they price their products this way. And they package their products with these bonuses. And they offer this kind of format and they offer this sort of support.

  • All these things matter because they’ve probably tested a bunch of different offers and a bunch of different approaches that allowed them to arrive at the place where they are now dominating the market.

  • This is going to be the place where you find the most gold for your business. This is going to be the place where you find so much material that gives you the edge you’re looking for to have a winner the first time.

  • Whenever I want to launch anything at all, even if it’s a $97 offer, a $50 offer, or a $5,000 offer, this is the information that I’m looking for in order to understand what to sell and how to sell it.

[07:35] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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