How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Day With CPA Marketing With Aidan Booth

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Everyone seems to be talking about the CPA marketing model. But, what is it and how can anyone make money off of it? Tune in to learn how you can make thousands of dollars per day with CPA marketing.

Guest: Aidan Booth is one of the biggest affiliate marketers in the world, arguably the No.1 ClickBank vendor, and the creator of various popular programs like Niche Blueprint, the 100K Factory, the Seven Figure Cycle, and the Kibo Code.

[00:59] In this episode, Igor is joined by one of the biggest affiliate marketers in the world, Aidan Booth, to discuss how to make thousands of dollars every single day with CPA.

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Day With CPA Marketing With Aidan Booth?

[01:35] What is the CPA marketing model?

  • CPA marketing is one of the oldest models online, but it’s still one that has this cloak of mystery around because anyone who figures out CPA doesn’t go around showing it to other people.

  • CPA marketing means cost per action, and it’s about getting paid for an action that someone that comes to your website takes.

  • And that action, as opposed to affiliate marketing, or traditional affiliate marketing, someone comes to your website, they buy something, and you get a commission.

  • When you’re doing CPA marketing, you don’t even have to sell anything because you can get paid for the information that you are able to gather from people that come to your website.

  • So that could be a zip code, could be just an email address. It could be just a phone number. And when you gather this information, you’re able to get paid really good money for it while simultaneously building up an audience as well.

[04:00] Traditional Affiliate Marketing vs. CPA Marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing is a very straightforward model. You sell, you eat, you don’t, you don’t eat, you make a sale, and you get that commission.

  • But with CPA Marketing, you can truly promote things like insurance offers, car dealers, and mortgage applications. That doesn’t necessarily need to be a monetary exchange for you to make a lot of money. You don’t really have to sell anything.

  • You might be able to connect that person with a range of companies that could give them a home loan. So in that regard, what we’re really doing is playing a connector role and providing real value, large value, for someone who needs something to be solved.

[05:59] How to scale your CPA marketing business?

  • You can truly scale this beyond what most businesses can possibly do. And you can do it while being a one-man or one-woman show. You really don’t necessarily need a huge team.

  • You probably need to master a couple of skill sets. Like you do need to understand what the tracking software is and how to pass a pixel, etc.

  • Sit down and watch maybe 30 minutes worth of YouTube videos, and the amount of money you could be making doing virtually no work is ridiculous. 

[07:00] How and why did Aidan Booth choose the CPA marketing model?

  • CPA marketing was one of the very first things I got into. Way back in 2006, we purchased a website that was monetized by CPA marketing. And I think we purchased it for, I want to say, about $40,000 at the time.

  • Over the following five years, that website probably made us about half a million dollars just by setting and forgetting.

  • The method that that website used way back, way back then, and in 2006 is almost identical to what we’re doing today. Now, some of the traffic sources have changed. Some of the ways we build our websites have obviously changed, but the methodology and the simplicity have stayed the same. 

[07:56] Tips for CPA marketing beginners:

  • One of the bigger challenges for a brand new person is to first find a reliable CPA network to even work with.

  • If I was just getting started I would probably head towards Max Bounty and browse through the different offers that they’ve got there and then from there it’s really a case of building a website that presents that offer in some way and driving traffic to it. 

[10:09] How to pick offers to promote?

  • The first thing that you want to sort of get a grip around and understand are the different metrics that are at your disposal.

  • One thing that a lot of people look at is the earnings per commission. And some offers could pay you hundreds of dollars for each commission, and others might pay you one dollar per commission. But there’s no, there’s no rule to say that the one that pays you hundreds of dollars is going to actually make you more than the one that pays you one dollar.

  • Apply somewhat of a shotgun approach and we will select a series, maybe five different offers to test and we can test them very quickly. And we’re going to know by doing that and just by spending a very small amount of money, which are the ones that are showing the most promise, and then we can start doubling down on them.

[14:16] How much traffic should you drive to a landing page to test it?

  • It depends on the amount of money that you’re going to get paid back from an offer.

  • If it’s an offer that pays very low commissions, like, let’s say $1 per action, then if you’re spending 20 or $30 in traffic.

  • If it’s an offer that’s going to pay you $50 or $100 in commissions, then you might need to spend more like $50 to $100 to be able to get enough traffic to be able to make a statistically significant decision or decision about whether or not that’s an offer that you’re going to be able to optimize.

  • If an offer doesn’t work, you don’t lose all the money. If you might spend $50 and make $25 back, it hasn’t been profitable, but you haven’t lost everything.

[15:55] The untouchable niches:

  • I put a bit of energy into trying to get working, which I never really cracked the code on, which was home insurance.

  • Thankfully, once you’ve found one or two offers that convert, that’s really all you need.

  • The benefit of doubling down in one niche. There’s absolutely no issue with having multiple niches going at the same time. You’re certainly not limited by what you can do. I just think in my experience, when I applied that focus and really tried to focus in on just a couple of niches, I’ve done better with it.

[20:23] Igor and Aiden are teaching everything you need to know about CPA marketing:



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