Should You Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously?

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Are you looking to expand your business and increase your sales? Do you want to learn how to effectively promote multiple offers, segment your email list, and avoid getting banned by service providers? Look no further and tune in to take your business to the next level!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the pros and cons of running multiple offers simultaneously, getting banned by service providers, strategic advice for people who want to expand, mistakes people make with their lists, and more!

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[02:00] Running multiple offers at the same time:

  • I do promote multiple offers at any given time.

  • I do it in a way that doesn’t necessarily confuse the hell out of everybody. But I do still get some confusion within my tribe. And I’m okay with that.

[03:47] Advice for people who are ready to expand:

  • If you’re hitting that point where you’ve got one offer that’s working, and you’re ready to start expanding, is to start thinking about what other buckets in your niche or marketplace, you’re not serving with your product.

  • Whatever your product is, I assure you, it’s attracting a very particular type of people for a very particular type of reason.

  • But you’re probably getting the attention of a bunch of other people with a slightly different need or perspective that you could be serving by adjusting or modifying what you’re selling.
  • They’re looking to spend their money to solve their problem. They just have to find the product that solves their problem in the way that they want it to be solved. So there’s tons of opportunity there. 

[05:26] Key mistakes people are making with their lists:

  • The first mistake people are making, they’re not building one.

  •  And the second level to this is most people who build a list, don’t mail the list.

  • Most people I find build a list, and mail that list once a month, maybe once a week. And that’s pretty much it because they’re afraid to offend the list, or otherwise, alienate the list.

  • I think that comes from the insecurity of believing that whatever you have to say, is not important.

  • I actually went from not mailing my list to my list twice a day, at one point, which is where my business really started taking off, then I really took it to the next level, and a bit of an overkill at the time, I started building my list six times a day. 

[07:17] Getting banned by service providers:

  • I ended up getting banned from a few email service providers because it was mailing too often based on their perspective.

  • Today, they allow you to meet more often, especially if you’re smart about segmenting your list, which I think is the big secret sauce to improving or increasing your sales.

[07:41] Benefits of segmenting your list:

  • Segmenting your list is the big secret sauce to improving or increasing your sales and that is getting a campaign going mailing every day.

  • The people who are engaging you are opening and clicking to email them even more.

  • If they’re checking out the emails, and they’re clicking links, and they’re reading the messages, then they’re probably at least in some level interested. 

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