Boost Sales With Urgency and Scarcity Tactics

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Are you struggling to promote evergreen offers and create scarcity to drive conversions? Tune in to find out Igor’s valuable insights on creating effective campaigns, controlling landing pages, and using timers to create urgency. Plus, learn how to leverage custom bonuses to increase the perceived value of your offers and drive more sales.

[00:00] The podcast explores the concept of evergreen offers and more specifically how to inject urgency and scarcity into your evergreen promotions, and boost your sales.

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[02:05] How do you promote evergreen offers?

  • Create a campaign with a very clear start and end date. So going into the campaign, I know exactly when I’m going to start it, and I’m going to know exactly when I’m going to end it.

  • Sending my visitors to pages that I created pages that I own on my own servers, or whether you know whether I use like Clickfunnels or something to create them doesn’t matter. But I control it right.

  • Usually, the landing page will have scarcity, it will say I’m shutting this down on such and such date, I will always place a timer showing exactly how much time is left before the offer shuts down.

  • As soon as the timer ends, that takes them to an expired page or something like you’re too late.

[05:14] Creating Custom Bonuses:

  • Another great way to create scarcity is to create custom bonuses.

  • You can tell your people to go buy something and then go and contact you by sending you an email or submitting a form. And you will give them some sort of really valuable bonus.

  • My recommendation is to create bonuses that are either equal in value or greater in value than the thing you’re asking them to buy.

  • If you’re asking them to sign up to click funnels, for a 14 day trial, and then pay whatever Clickfunnels cost per month, then make sure that the bonus you’re giving them is worth more than that.

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