Why Riches Are In The Niches

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Have you ever heard the phrase – The Riches are in the Niches? Tune in to learn how and why affiliate marketers earn millions by narrowing down a specific niche. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor gives you a brief rundown of the importance of niches and how marketers are able to make millions off a specific niche.

Why are riches in the niches?

[01:19] Why should you focus on a niche?

  • I think niches are good because the people in them, the consumers in them, are emotional. All they want to talk about is that thing.

[02:11] How to choose a market to promote?

  • I’d say anything that has to target it on platforms like Google or Facebook or with Solo at least, that’s always a good market to go into.
  • Anything that is an existing active market is always going to be a good market.
  • If you are struggling to decide which one to go into, or which one to commit to, then you could choose, in this case, the one you’re most passionate about, the one that I don’t have to convince you to think about, talk about, and do things in on a day to day basis.
  • Ask yourself, where is your heart in between these markets that are actually good, profitable markets? So you’re basically combining passion and actual sound logic as to how you choose your market.
  • If your heart is in the woodworking market, first go and make sure that there’s money in it.

[03:44] Money or Passion?

  • You can be doing a great job in a small market or non existing market, and you’ll be broke.
  • It’s hard to sustain passion if you’re not getting paid.

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