3 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Your Own Emails For Affiliate Promotions

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One of the key goals of email marketing is to send personalized and targeted messages to potential customers. When you use vendor emails or start copy-pasting samples, you take that personalized experience away. Tune in to learn why and how you can start writing your own emails for affiliate promotions. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the importance of writing your own emails vs. using vendor emails, the key to customizing vendor emails, the best tips for writing effective email promotions, and more!

Why You Should Write Your Own Emails For Affiliate Promotions?

[02:06] Why did Igor stop using vendor emails?

  • I didn’t find them to be very effective. Maybe because my list is used to me communicating a certain way and they just came across as weird to them.

  • My philosophy in general is to just write my own to give it my own flavor. I would definitely tweak them, and I just learned to write my own.

  • You will score extra points with email delivery if your emails are unique enough.

[03:55] The Complete Email Coaching Package:

  • There’s actually a proper coaching program that’s called the Complete Email Coaching Package.

  • I would recommend starting with the idea of just introducing the big concept or the unique mechanism of the program you’re promoting and figuring out as many ways as you can to do that.

  • To learn more contact us at [email protected].

[04:25] How to write emails that convert?

  • The way to get inspiration and ideas for your emails is to study the sales pages, the video sales letters, or the webinars you’re about to promote.

  • The vendor of that product has already done the work for you. They’ve already handpicked all the best ideas that need to be brought up to people, so you might as well just pick it back off from their effort. 

[05:50] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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