My Journey From A Broke Immigrant To A Multimillionaire Email Marketer

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Consistency and perseverance are two common factors in every successful person’s story. Tune in to learn how Igor’s perseverance and consistency transformed him from a broke immigrant to a multimillionaire email marketer.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor explains the true value of building an email list and how it transformed his life.

How did Igor transform into a multimillionaire from a broke immigrant?

[01:46] How did Igor become successful?

  • If I had to simplify this and give you a nutshell, for me it’s been about consistency more than anything else.

  • Continuously inching forward, becoming a little bit better, a little bit fine-tuning.

  • Every single day kind of gets a little better, a little better, and I still to this day follow this process and mentality.

[02:21] Igor shares a glimpse of his life as a broke immigrant:

  • I was born and raised in Ukraine. My parents decided because we have a Jewish heritage, let’s go to Israel. We had about $1,000 in savings. And the next ten years proved to be extremely difficult.

  • My dad actually used to own a business in Ukraine, and he used to serve in the Red Army back in the Soviet Union. So he had connections, he had status. And when he came to Israel, all that shattered like glass broke, and he couldn’t really piece it together. So he started drinking more heavily.

  • My mom was a housewife back in Ukraine. She had to go and get a job.

  • And six months after we came, my dad suffered. It wasn’t really a heart attack, but there was something wrong with his heart. And then the doctor ran some tests and said, hey, you got to go into a bypass immediately. And so he went into a double bypass, and basically, it took him out of the workforce.

  • Growing up, always short on money, always being told, no, we don’t have money for this, we don’t have money for that, living off of handouts from our relatives and friends, and pretty much, borrowing money from anyone we knew.

[05:11] The friend who changed Igor’s mindset:

  • When I was growing up, there was this message, especially in the Jewish family that was hammered into me, and it’s like, you have to grow up and study well to get good grades, and you have to find a good job.

  • I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who was a C student at best. He said, “Don’t you know rich people aren’t the ones who get the best grades? It’s not me saying this. It’s this guy, Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote this book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

  • So I read it just before graduation. And it flips the script completely. It makes me realize that you can do better than a job and that a job is not a way to be rich or become rich. And that if you want to be rich, you gotta start asking different questions.

[07:40] What led Igor to become an email marketer?

  • I sucked at MLM, but it’s through trying to promote my MLM business, and I learned lots of digital marketing techniques.

  • Facebook was just coming out. YouTube was still a relatively small thing before Google bought them. And I was doing everything, was doing the social media bit, uploading videos, doing a lot of stuff.

  • I kept on bumping into this one thing everywhere. Either they were saying, “build a list”, or they had lists and they were mailing the list, and I was on the list, buying the stuff they were mailing. And so eventually the penny dropped after a couple of years of chasing shiny objects. And I said, okay.

[09:09] Igor’s breakthrough in email marketing:

  • Clickbank is like an online marketplace where you can find products you can promote, and when you promote them, you get paid a commission for every sale.

  • I just started building my list, and I really consistently mailed that list every single day. I made my first commission check of about $140.

  • I was still way down in terms of what I invested time and money versus what I made at that point. But at least I had proof of concept that it worked.

[11:02] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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