Should You Mail On Holidays?

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Do you think you’ll annoy your subscribers if you promote something during the holidays? This is a HUGE mistake. Tune in to explore why Igor highly opposes this mentality and shares his best mailing strategy for the holiday season.

[00:00] The podcast explores the disadvantages of not mailing during the holiday season and why you should be mailing more on the holidays, on the weekends, and any chance you get.

Should you mail on holidays?

[01:34] Why does Igor mail more during the holidays?

  • If you’ve got a winning product or service, if you’ve got an offer you truly stand behind, then you should be marketing harder on the holidays.

  • You’ll probably see me mail something on Christmas, you’ll see me do something on Black Friday, maybe a bundle offer or something like that. Because if everyone else is ramping up their marketing, why should I not?

  • If I know, by the way, that many of my potential competitors will not mail, it’s another reason for me to mail.

  • People don’t stop living or dreaming or wanting or solving problems throughout the holidays.

[03:09] What should be your mailing strategy during the holidays?

  • You should continue marketing at the same pace, but if not, then ramp it up. Do more special offers, and put together some special packages. Everybody loves a deal.

  • If it’s your product or service, put together a better deal than your standard deal because there are many people on your list who saw your standard deal and they said maybe later, maybe not right now.

  • It’s hard to pass on a great deal if you are passionate about anything, any kind of product or service.

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