How To Get Past Your First $10,000

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You’ve earned your first $10,000. Congratulations. But what’s next? Tune into the episode to learn how you can get to the next $20,000 or $50,000 and maintain a six-figure monthly income.

[00:00] The podcast explores the roadmap to your next $20,000 or $50,000 monthly income once you’ve hit your first $10,000.

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[01:58] Upgrade Your Mindset To Upgrade Your Income:

  • Mindset wise what gets you to your first 10K is not what’s going to get you to your first 20K or 50K.

  • You’ll have to reinvent yourself and you have to let go of some things and take on some new ideas in the process. 

[02:48] Keep Building Your List:

  • Building a list was critical because I was able to continuously grow that asset and learning to communicate to my list and doing it often made all the difference.

[03:26] Add Hyperlinks:

  • You never see me email my database without a link to something.

  • It has to be that you have to link somewhere. So that was important.

[03:47] Create Your Own Product:

  • Creating my own offer was actually creating my own low-ticket offer that allowed me to start building a buyers list.

  • Having buyers on your list can make a tremendous difference. It instantly doubles your income because you’re now generating much higher-quality subscribers on your list.

[04:17] Focus on High-Ticket Items:

  • I had to add some high-ticket products to my product line. So whether it was products that I owned, or the products that were owned by others but still paid high ticket commissions, that also made a tremendous difference.

  • It takes me just as much effort to generate a sale at $100 as it does for me to generate a sale at $500.00, or even $1000.

  • Your conversions sometimes might not even drop if you do it right, and you will just make 10 times more money for every transaction. 

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