The Pursuit Of Happyness With Daniel Chou

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Daniel started with $35,000 in debt and a lawsuit from American Express, but with perseverance and hard work, he made a bold decision to go all-in with his online business. His goal was to pay off his debt and provide a better life for his family. In just 18 months, he became an internet sensation making multiple 6-figure income years.
In 2022, Daniel and his partner earned impressive super affiliate awards, made millions in revenue for their affiliate partners, and also had 17.2 million views on their TikTok’s account #WealthWarriors in less than 7 months.

Guest: Daniel Chou is an ex blue collar worker, who started out with nothing but $35,000 in debt, a drinking problem, and a lawsuit from the American Express.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Daniel Chou to discuss his amazing story from rags to riches.

[02:21] Daniel’s family was on food stamps:

  • I was about l eight months into this video marketing business. I was trying to make it work, and I was putting in many hours every day. 
  • My wife was not on board with my vision. She doesn’t believe that anybody can make money online.
  • We fought over money issues pretty much every single day. And especially at that time, I have my second baby on the way.

[03:16] He called the police on himself:

  • I remember one day that I had a couple of drinks and, um, so we went into the fight, then we started pushing each other. My ego was too high at that point. I started smashing all the furniture. 
  • At one point I figured that I have my six-year-old son at the time, and I cannot let this situation get even worse.  
  • I decided to call the police and I said, please come here. Please stop this. So they came, then the police came to interview us, trying to figure out what was going on. Then they decided to take me away and put me in jail for three days.
  • I figured I have to change, I have to make a change.  

[07:00] Getting sued by American Express:

  • I put two and a half years of my time into building my Amazon business. That business didn’t work out either.

  • I got left with 35k in debt and got sued by American Express.

  • That was when I started looking for another solution, as I didn’t have any money left at all after I spent all the money on all those inventories.

  • If you sell too much, you don’t have stuff to ship, you get refunds if you don’t sell enough, you’ve got all this inventory sitting there and you need to pay for it. 

[14:24] Advice for beginners making money online:

  • I suggest anybody who is looking to start an online business start with a video marketing business.

  • I learned how to do marketing through doing a video marketing business.

  • With the skills that you learn from video marketing later, you can put that in a lot of business models.  

[18:00] The value of affiliate marketing:

  • I think one of the greatest values of affiliate marketing is that you go through this learning curve to see and understand and master and hone that skill of promotion of marketing and promoting.

  • That really unlocks all the other skill sets that you might ever end up needing to make even more money.

  • You don’t need to worry about product development. All you need to do is acquire that skill, and compared to conventional business, you have to get the business long or take out the money from your savings, and do product development without even knowing if that product will sell or not.

  • I think that’s one of the reasons why I decided to become my own boss, is because having the ability to make money to the extent that you wanna make it.

  • You can choose the products you promote and based on the products you choose, you can control your income.

[21:03] High ticket vs. Low ticket products:

  • I like high tickets because one sale can pay you more commission.

  • I focus on how I can sell one item or promote one item, then I make more money.

  • So I can make less sales, but still make substantial income by doing that.

  • If you need $10,000 a month to pay your bills and it only takes 10 sales of a thousand dollar item to get there, that’s gonna be much easier to achieve than having to sell $1,100 items or 10,000 of  $10 items.

  • It takes just as much effort to make a $2,000 sale as it does a thousand dollars sale.

  • So if you’re choosing to sell higher ticket stuff, you will always make more money. Even if you work the same amount of hours, or even if you put in the same amount of effort, even less effort than if you were to sell cheap stuff.  

[29:18] Can money buy happiness?

  • I believe you do need money to be happy.

  • I think anyone who just disqualifies money as a tool to build a better life is either horribly misled because to ignore the fact that everything costs money

  • Now, this doesn’t disqualify the idea that the best things in life are free.

  • A lot of things in life that make you happy could be free. But let me tell you, it’s really hard to maintain a healthy relationship or to maintain relationships in general if you’re just hustling, trying not to fall behind on your bills.

[34:32] How to keep going during tough times?

  • I didn’t really have that many options at the time. I couldn’t get the results I wanted. So, it is like a journey of searching. How can I make it work?

  • This might be my last shot. So I have to figure out how to make it work. I will go as far as getting another job, but at night I’m gonna still try to build my business until it works.

  • Because if you commit to the idea that it could either be a job or a business, then you will probably not succeed in business.

  • If you disqualify the idea of having a job altogether that you’re then here playing a different game.

  • Online business, affiliate marketing business or whatever business you want to try, you’re gonna hit a lot of challenges just like every single entrepreneur out there, but the reward is huge.

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