Why List Segmentation Is A Real Game Changer

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Are you tired of sending generic emails to your entire list and getting lackluster results? What if I told you there was a way to send more targeted and relevant messages that would increase engagement and drive more sales?

Well, there is! It’s called list segmentation, and in this episode I’ll be sharing the secrets of this powerful strategy and how you can start using it to make the most out of your email list. Tune in to find out!

[00:00] In today’s episode, Igor discusses the underrated concept of List Segmentation and how to use it to take your email marketing to the next level.

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[01:59] What is List Segmentation?

  • List segmentation is like putting your subscribers into buckets or segments.
  • You do that using tags.
  •  Almost every email autoresponder software has a tagging system.

[02:32] How to use it?

  • You tag people based on their interests and their interactions with you.
  • Every time they interact with one of your emails, either click or buy something, you tag them.
  • There is no limit to how many tags you can assign to them

[03:01] Why do you do that?

  • It’s like you’re building a profile of what interests them
  • Next time you’re going to be mailing about something, you’ll have a segment that’s more responsive towards one type of offer or another.
  • There are times or should they say market segments or groups of people on your list that require more warm up, pre-framing, and bridging because we’re all driven by agendas.

[03:28] Some examples of list segmentation:

  • You can segment in an unlimited number of ways, but on the most basic level, is if you are collecting this information upfront, for example men and women.
  • You can ask your subscribers to tick some boxes before signing up to the email list, and that’s how you segment them based on the information they provide
  • It’s very common in the health niche for example, where the products that are promoted depend a lot on the gender of the person, or other details.
  • Another way to segment would be a buyer versus nonbuyer. 
  • If they’re a buyer and they bought through your link, have them reach out for a bonus. And once they do, you can tag them in your system and you can say these are my buyers, and you can choose to treat them differently
  • You could also segment based on a funnel

[05:13] Segmentation And Sequences:

  • You can send multiple emails every day, each to a different segment in your list
  • The reason you sometimes receive a million different sequences from the same marketer, is because you subscribed to their list through different funnels, so you are tagged with multiple tags and receive different campaigns simultaneously
  • Every time a person takes an action, that would classify them as a part of a different segment. So whether it’s an open or a click or purchase or give you a piece of information of some sort, you can then tag them using the tagging system in your software, and send them a different sequence.

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