Lead Magnets vs Tripwires

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Lead Magnets vs Tripwires – Who Will Come Out on Top? Which strategy reigns supreme in the world of email list building and customer attraction? You’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of each method and why Igor is a firm believer in the power of lead magnets. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your email marketing game and come out on top in the lead magnet vs tripwire battle. Tune in now!

[00:00] In today’s episode, Igor dives deep into the world of lead magnets, the difference between lead magnets and tripwires, the original concept of converting potential customers into leads by moving the free line, and more!

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[02:06] The evolution of email marketing:

  • The initial evolution of what an email list was is basically people going around the internet and just manually taking an email address and putting it on the list without any solicitation whatsoever.
  • You can put people on the list and you don’t have to let them know about it. As long as you have an unsubscribe button, it’s legal just to get a bunch of emails and put them on a list.
  • I don’t recommend doing that. It could be more effective. However, it is legal, just so you guys know.
  • Exchange email as a currency for some kind of value.

[03:19] What are lead magnets?

  • The idea behind a lead magnet originated from the idea of moving the free line, which preceded the idea of a lead magnet.
  • A lead magnet kind of put it in a different frame of mind and maybe just gave it a different name that more people understood.
  • If you have a product of some kind, you take a piece of that product, something from within that product.
  • Your goal is to make people go like, wow, if this is free stuff, I wonder what I can get if I gave them some money and bought the product.
  • Later they coined it differently under the term of a lead magnet, which means you create some kind of a value magnet. 

[05:39] What are tripwires?

  • The belief is that you can only promote or sell or market an expensive offer after a period of time.
  • Usually priced at under $30, to get someone to become, like, a buyer first and then massage them into something bigger.
  • I don’t think it’s a must. I’ve seen many businesses built the opposite way. 

[06:35] Lead Magnets vs Tripwires:

  • The difference between a tripwire and a lead magnet is that a tripwire is a paid product.
  • Lead magnet usually is free. Tripwire usually is not free. It’s just a cheap product.

[07:19] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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