The Best Free Traffic Sources for List Building


There’s a place for everyone, and there’s a market like each network, each social network, and each website, they attract a certain crowd more than others. Tune into this episode to find out the best traffic sources for list building.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor reveals the best free sources of traffic and how effective they truly are and further goes into depth about their pros and cons.

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[01:45] SEO as a traffic source:

  • You can really just get traffic pockets and almost go for really targeted audiences.

  • They’re super, super targeted, whether or not they’re big. 

[02:40] Is YouTube a good traffic source?

  • YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world right now. People go there to consume news.

  • YouTube is where you can probably build an organic following. You can get really targeted viewers.

  • It’s a bit more content, there are videos to be created and everything, but at least you can win people over there and they can start following you.

[04:56] What about other free traffic sources?

  • I don’t have the same confidence in Facebook anymore, that’s for sure. And I don’t have the same confidence about TikTok or Instagram. Instagram would probably try that out.

  • I think it’s a really undervalued traffic source. And LinkedIn is something I would use for something that is B2B mostly.

  • So if you were asking which organic traffic source would you use to sell? Like agency services for small businesses, then naturally I’d say LinkedIn literally just hit people up cold. 

[06:32] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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