How To Sell What People Want

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Most people swear by surveys and their power to gauge the interest of your list and create a great product that’s tailored to their needs. But, they’re almost never accurate. So, in this episode, Igor reveals his best strategies to create and promote products people will actually buy.

[00:00] The podcast reveals how surveying your list could be detrimental to your sales, and what you could do instead that’s much more likely to tell you exactly what your audience wants to buy.

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[02:06] The problem with surveying your list:

  • At one point, surveying the list was like the next big thing. It’s like you have to serve your list and you have to do it often. I am yet to see exactly how effective it is.
  • The problem with surveying is that you get some information, but that’s not accurate information. In fact, it could be the complete opposite of the kind of information you were looking for in the first place.
  • People respond differently when they are asked in public about something versus when they have to actually put their money where their mouth is, so to speak.
  • People respond in private when they’re forced to make money-making decisions differently from what they will say in public when they go buy something else.

[04:30] This is why Igor’s product failed:

  • I went on with what I thought people wanted because of the conversations I’ve had with the people in the industry who, just like me, were struggling at the time. And my product failed miserably precisely because of that.
  • I was trying to market something people simply didn’t want to buy.
  • Now, they might have been saying that that’s what they wanted, but when push came to shove and they had to buy something with their money, that’s not what they wanted to buy. 

[05:03] How to sell what people want?

  • At the end of the day, the only survey or the only information that I’m looking for is going to be sales data.
  • I’m going to look at which products are best selling which products are selling a lot, versus which products are not selling at

[05:36] Fool-proof way to test your list:

  • The best test that I could run with my list is either kind of conception or some kind of an offer.
  • If it’s my product, I would simply create the sales material for the program, meaning that I would not go and create the product first, but rather I would create the sales material for the product to see if it’s going to sell.
  • And I would sell it in a way where whoever was buying it would know that the product or the offer or the service would be created or given to them over the course of the first few weeks of them buying it. So it’s not going to be available instantly.
  • It allows me to do it and it allows me to instantly take my idea and put it to the test in the market.
  • The moment I have some data, I can decide whether or not I want to create the product or whether or not I will just refund the people who purchased it if it didn’t generate enough interest.
  • If you’re promoting other people’s products, then as an affiliate marketer, you’re probably in a better position because you don’t have to create anything. You can just choose products to promote.

[07:30] How to get people to reveal their secrets to success?

  • I’ve always tried to ask questions and hang out with people who are doing great in the industry.
  • Initially, I was trying to just ask head-on, but then I quickly learned that people will never reveal it head-on.
  • You have to hang out with them almost strategically, befriend them and take interest in their interests and really pay attention to the finer detail of their personality, and then just come in and ask for help.

[08:22] Steal like an artist:

  • I try to look for common causes and common actions that create the result that I want.
  • If you surround yourself with five people who do really, really well in affiliate marketing, and you have a conversation with each of them and you ask them similar questions, you will most likely start hearing some commonalities or seeing commonalities in their behavior.
  • You don’t really have to be all that smart to see what you need to do next.
  • So all of a sudden, I’m noticing that 90% of them use the exact same capture page template. The only thing they change is the color and the headline. So, okay, I get me the same template, I connect it to my autoresponder account, then I start looking at the offers they’re promoting and who’s doing well, who’s not doing well.
  • Always look for the people who are getting the results you want to get, what they are doing, and model what they do.

[10:07] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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