My 2 Favorite Bonus Creation Strategies

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Whether it’s their own offer or an affiliate offer they’re promoting, many people struggle to find a good bonus. But, if you get it right, you can increase your conversion and sales big time. So, tune in if you struggle with this because Igor is sharing his two favorite strategies on how to create the best bonuses. 

[00:00] The podcast explores the importance of creating enticing bonuses for personal products and affiliate offers and further reveals Igor’s favorite bonus creating strategies that convert big!

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[02:03] What type of bonuses work best?

  • I try to create a custom bonus for each campaign that I run.
  • When I do a webinar campaign, I first mail to the live webinar, and then we have a timeframe, maybe one or two days, where we offer a replay of the webinar.
  • Before I send people to the replay, I’ll send them to a page where I would tell them about the bonus. So I want them to go and see the replay, already excited about the bonus they’re going to get should they choose to invest in the program. 

[02:42] Igor’s criteria to create bonuses that sell:

  • The first criteria is to ask myself who’s buying.
  • If I know that whoever is buying is interested in list-building, then I can even offer a bonus that’s not related to the program that I’m marketing.
  • The second strategy is to focus on the product itself and see what that product is helping them do and how can I help them do it better.

[04:10] The best type of bonus for beginners:

  • The best type of bonus for you to offer to other people is information.
  • One of the easiest ways to create a bonus if you’re super duper brand new, is to record interviews with experts.
  • What you could do is if you’re promoting a specific product approach, the person that is the product owner, essentially, if you’re doing it as an affiliate and just ask them to come and do an interview with you where you ask them some questions.
  • That could be an exclusive bonus that nobody else has because nobody else has it, essentially. And now that’s something that you could use to be able to get people to buy the product and access the bonus and things like that. 

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