Practical Tips On How To Harness The Power Of Storytelling In Copywriting

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Are you struggling to gain a presence in your industry without social proof? Have you tried every form of self-promotion and nothing seems to be working? Maybe you’re missing the one key element that can make all the difference: storytelling. Tune in to discover the different types of stories that can convert subscribers and learn how to craft an origin story that will give meaning to what you do in the eyes of your prospects. Don’t miss out on the power of storytelling – listen in!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares the power of storytelling and specifically origin stories but also some practical tips for how to use it in your own marketing, even if you don’t consider yourself a natural storyteller.

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[02:05] The Power of Storytelling:

  • This story is actually a hack, a shortcut to getting a presence without having any sort of other form of social proof.

  • Story is the way we convey information, it’s the best way to receive information.

  • And it’s the sort of information that really doesn’t get questioned at all.

  • A story is often a much better way to introduce yourself, it’s a much better way to have something like a calling card or a business card than anything else.

  • It’s a great way to appeal to emotion, which is where you need to be hanging out if you want to influence people. 

[02:16] Types of Stories That Convert:

  • When you’re mailing new subscribers, there’s a few types of stories you can tell.

  • One that resonates with the feelings and the values that your subscribers might have.

  • And what happens is the moment I tell the story, if you ever had a similar experience, or if you’ve ever felt that your job is preventing you from having a life, and that story triggered that feeling.

[05:54] How To Tell Origin Stories?

  • An origin story is one that simply shows where you’re coming from.

  • So in my case, that would be a story of how I got involved in MLM, and then how I got involved in affiliate marketing?

  • The origin story is really what gives a sense of meaning to what you do in the eyes of the prospect.  Without the origin story. He’s just some guy in a spandex with a cape and a mask running around the rooftops.

  • So in your emails, this is how you need to be thinking, because throwing claims at people doesn’t work. Nobody likes to be sold. But if you tell stories, you instantly become relatable. Even if they don’t agree with you, you’re still relatable.

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