8-Figure Business Blueprint: The Power of a Healthy Email List With Stephen Somers

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Do you struggle to convince your list to buy from you? The issue lies in your relationship with the list or lack thereof. Tune in to learn why and how you can build a connection with your list and make a multi-million dollar business by promoting enticing offers.

Guest: Stephen Somers is the owner of an eight-figure, globally renowned Amazon business from Ireland. The business started from an online training program where he taught people how to sell “boring” products and converted them into a  global freight company, an entire software suite, and multiple 7 figure service-based companies that are built to help people build and scale their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Stephen Somers to discuss his advanced techniques to build trust with his email list in order to become a top-ranked affiliate marketer.

[06:00] Stephen shares his tips on list health:

  • I would say list health is how active your email list is. And when you put something out there with a clickable link, how active they’re going to be and how many registrations you can drive for a webinar.

  • It’s all about making certain that the people that are on your email list are the people that are engaged, who want to hear from you, and who are actively opening your emails.

  • If you don’t open an email from me within 150 days, we stop emailing you, we suppress you. And that’s a really important practice for us.

  • In order to have this healthy email list where people are actively engaging, they’re opening, they’re clicking, and they clearly like what you’re doing, you must have yourself in a position where you’re whitelisting.

[09:14] Don’t sell, tell stories instead:

  • If your emails are always selling and always closing, you’re going to have very bad list health.

  • Whereas when you add in story-based emails from time to time, in a period where you’re not promoting.

  • It really does help a lot with the health of your list, because people look to you and go, this is someone who’s provided me with value. They’re not constantly trying to just close me into something all the time. They’re not constantly changing up all the different opportunities.

[10:00] Let people unsubscribe:

  • I’m so happy to see people unsubscribe.

  • The reason I love it is that, again, it’s like people are saying they’re active, they don’t want to be on this list anymore.

  • When you have all these elements together, you’ve got a healthy email list.

[11:46] How to avoid getting banned?

  • It’s much easier for you to get blacklisted, go to spam or to even not get delivered at all to an inbox.

  • If you’re continuously sending to an inbox that doesn’t recognize you and doesn’t want to open your emails, it now sends signals to Gmail that people on their list don’t seem to be opening. And that’s a big deal. That tip alone is a huge deal.

[17:51] Build a relationship with your list:

  • The point is that you should get in front of people as soon as you can. I know it can be scary getting on camera, but I’m telling you now, I think that’s one of the critical reasons why people open my emails because they know who I am.

  • I’m trying to share with you the stuff that I’m learning, the things that make the most sense, and the things that help me a lot. And in doing so, I’m going to talk about their different products, they’re going to talk about what they’re doing. And if you see the value, grab it or whatever, whatever your script is going to be.

  • Share parts of your life in your emails, which we can talk about.

  • When people talk about building a relationship with their list, the list that lacks the relationship part usually lists that show no personality whatsoever.

  • I really always thought of myself as a really boring person, but what I didn’t realize is that most people live a boring life, and a boring life, too, can be a relatable one.

[32:23] The solution to your life’s problems:

  • The solution to all of your life’s problems is to study a cult. But the cult is too powerful of a word with a negative connotation. I think a tribe is a much better word.

  • Now you managed to build a tribe much larger than that and obviously your results are showing and it’s amazing.

  • I just am passionate about it. I’m passionate about the people that we work with and we serve. I’m passionate about this industry.

  • Think about really being the biggest advocate for your tribe you possibly can be.

  • And if you’re not where you want to be yet, but you’re sharing other people’s products, just know that you’re not the one who’s doing the selling at the end of the day. You’re the one who’s building the relationship.

  • The only thing you have to focus on is being a real person, being in front of your market consistently, and just putting good stuff out there.

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