The Copywriter Behind Some of the World’s Most Recognizable Brands With Colin Chung

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Do you want to know the secret to writing a persuasive copy that sells? In this podcast, copywriting expert Colin shares his insights on why writing about others comes more naturally than writing about ourselves, the problem with scam gurus, and how the internet has changed the game. Plus, he discusses why humans will always be essential in certain types of writing, and why the education system needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Tune in for a fascinating conversation on the art of copywriting and more. Don’t miss out on this insightful and thought-provoking conversation!

Guest: Colin Y.J. Chung is a highly sought-after expert in the copywriting and marketing industry with an impressive track record of working with large businesses such as Gore Financial, Eva Jane Kitchens, and Jim Quick. He spent six years as the primary coach for John Carlton’s Simple Writing System, training hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers on copywriting. Colin’s work has generated approximately $250 million in direct sales, and he currently serves as the director of copy for a supplement company and the copy chief for multiple projects at his own agency, Plural Inc. 

[00:50] In this episode, Igor is joined by Colin Chung to share their insights on a variety of topics ranging from copywriting, fake gurus, starting a newsletter, the impact of the internet, the limitations of AI in writing, and the issues with the education system, and more.

[03:12] Copywriting Is A Skill:

  • It’s a skill to be able to write a good copy about yourself. It’s so hard sometimes to squeeze good stuff about yourself. But when you’re writing about other people or other people’s products, it almost comes out naturally.

[05:00] The Scam Gurus:

  • Those people who push the wrong agenda, they don’t get slapped on the wrist, they don’t get fired, they don’t get put in jail, they actually just go quiet for like six full months, and then they get rehired into a different firm, that’s trying to do the same with probably a bigger paycheck and a bigger bonus promise.

  • There’s the FTC regulating things and just throwing people in jail or ruining their life entirely, which I think is a bit extreme.

  • We need something in the middle, where the market or the people or something, we’ll hold people accountable, we’ll hold these fake gurus accountable. 

[09:20] Colin’s Newsletter:

  • This is a newsletter, where you send out a weekly email every Tuesday at 9:30 am Pacific time and you deliver a very concise version of a resource you recently went through, helping us get the nuggets from it without us having to go and actually read the whole thing or watch the whole thing.

  • So the newsletter really has to build a list of what you teach so that I can share content with a list and get a good open rate.

  • But with osmosis, there’s personal gratification, a personal selfish reason for doing it.

  • Join Colin’s newsletter at

[14:54] Being Rebellious And Nerdy:

  • I grew up in a time when being a nerd meant you got beaten up. And I know I have above-average intelligence.

  • That kind of puts you on the spot, especially in the 80s and 90s, when being a nerd actually meant something, whereas these days, being a nerd.

  • Everybody’s into the MCU, every buddy plays d&d.

  • I am also very anti-authoritarian. So I could not deal with incompetent teachers and that carried over to bosses.

[17:11] The Internet Has Changed Everything:

  • I would have to go join a corporation. And I would have to figure out the whole game there and become more extroverted in order to climb the ladder. But, the internet changed everything.

  • A lot of my early career was being on the phone. There’s a separation.

  • When I’m talking to clients, and selling myself, it is easier without being face-to-face. 

[22:43] Why ChatGPT Can’t Replace Humans?

  • It can never replace human beings because good writing is understanding context and counterfactuals.

  • ChatGPT can never actually do that, because it’s not thinking of just pulling different sources on predicting the next thing.

  • If you are a content writer, and all you do is report facts, or you’re just creating a fun article, like listicles, or whatever, and just pulling from different sources, your job is dead.

  • But if you’re coming up with something like a sales argument, or persuasive thing, or you’re writing a deep, intelligent, insightful analysis or opinion piece, your job is forever secure, because they can never actually do that.

[34:17] The Issue With Education Systems:

  • The system’s number one purpose is not to educate the kids but rather to preserve its own existence.

  • It should be destroyed completely and built from the ground up in the modern age. Because the system was created centuries ago, when there was manual labor, when there were repetitive tasks, when we needed people to just do basic research. Now, none of these things are required. 

[58:17] Igor’s Book Email Marketing:



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