My Daily Routine

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Do you ever wonder how a millionaire spends his day? What do they prioritize and what activities change from day to day? Tune in to find out how Igor structures his day as a million-dollar business owner, how he balances his work and family, his best productivity tips, and more!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor reveals his daily routine as an owner of a multimillion-dollar business. 

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[01:50] How does Igor structure his days?

  • I don’t have any kind of structure whatsoever. I just wake up and I do things. That’s basically my day.

  • The beauty of this industry is you can be the most organized person in the world or most disorganized person in the world or most or the laziest person in the world or the most disciplined person in the world. And you will still be able to achieve the results you want to achieve.

  • Anytime you try to put yourself into any sort of structure, you feel like it’s a job and it’s not fun anymore. 

[02:45] What does Igor’s average day look like?

  • Not every single day is exactly alike, but the average day starts with me waking up around 7:20.

  • Before I go downstairs, I wake up my daughter Erica, and by the time we’re down, my wife is making some eggs. And so while me and my daughter wait for breakfast, we turn on YouTube and watch some educational stuff for kids.

  • I take Erica to school, and then when I go back, I don’t actually go home. I stop at the local Israeli coffee shop and I spend the next, let’s say four to 6 hours or so in that coffee shop.

[03:42] Igor’s top productivity tips:

  • Most of the time when I need to record podcasts or whatever, I’ll go back home because I need the environment to record. But if I’m working on a promotion, then most of that promotion work requires writing emails and thinking. And I do well in that environment.

  • I also time myself when I work, which is like a productivity trick I learned recently.

[04:29] How does Igor work on a promotion?

  • It’s a systematic approach that is broken down into steps.

  • So I created a checklist for step one, watched the webinar replay, and pulled out the talking points. Step two, review the order form and outline the offer. Step three, what are the dates of the webinar?

  • So the next step is to write three emails for the live webinar. Write two emails inviting you to the encore. Write three emails for the replay.

  • Now send emails to the technical assistant to load emails onto the server and so on.

  • I try to make things as systematic as possible for the simple reason that it makes my life so much easier.

[05:46] How to balance work with personal life?

  • You basically wake up, you don’t do anything business related until you drop off your daughter at school.

  • I try to spend some time with my wife. Because when you have two kids, it kind of gets really difficult sometimes to maintain that romance and the relationship.

  • If you look at my life, aside from the whole thing that I work in a coffee shop, it’s not that much different from typical normal life.

  • The only difference is I do things out of choice rather than necessity or being hostage to it. I also get to make a lot more money doing it, and I enjoy what I do. 

[07:00] The beauty of affiliate marketing:

  • The beauty of this business, the beauty of this model is it supports any lifestyle.

  • I don’t have any structure. I just wake up and I just sit in front of the computer and do stuff cool.

  • And it doesn’t mean that, oh, you got to just do this way or that way. But I guess the message here, guys, what you’re learning here is to figure out what works for you. 


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