How To Leverage The Magic Of Webinars To Take Your Business To The Next Level


One good webinar can change your life forever. How? Tune in to learn the best strategies from the expert, Igor himself! 

[00:50] The podcast explores how Igor effectively uses webinars to promote affiliate products and multiplies his affiliate earnings.

How to take your business to another level with webinars?

[01:50] Igor shares the experience of hosting his first  webinar:

  • Up until about a year and a half ago or so, I really wasn’t doing many webinars at all. In fact, the only type of webinar I had ever done up until that point were webinars that I’ve done for my customers, where I would come in and get everyone in the room and I would teach them stuff.

  • And about a year and a half ago, after my coach kind of hammered this point home for about five years, I decided to move into the webinar game after I read Jason Flab’s book “One Too Many”.

  • I got on the first webinar. I rally people up. I even got a friend, who also has an email list, kind of as a favor to me, emailed his list and I bought it.  So I do the three-and-a-half-hour webinar where all I do is teach and I give value and I teach, and I basically dump a ton of information on them. I come off the webinar and nothing, absolutely nothing. Just crickets, no sales.

[03:33]  Igor’s recipe for a successful webinar:

  • So that kept occurring a few more times before I decided to change strategy and rebuild my webinar into a much shorter webinar with less education, fewer ideas, and a different offer.

  • And that literally launches a million-dollar offer right there that I didn’t have before my business.

  • It allowed me to start driving page traffic to this webinar because companies like Google and Facebook love webinar funnels. They hate when you just try to sell right away, but if you’re hosting a free webinar, they love that stuff.

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[04:36] Igor’s AHA! Moment:

  • So about two years ago, I came across an opportunity to have a few people come in and do live webinars for my audience because, quite frankly, I didn’t have the balls to do it myself.

  • I would rather email for other people to come in and do those webinars for my list without me having to do it. Although I was in the audience quietly sitting there and taking notes. So after doing this for six months and literally making hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate, I was like, wow, this is really cool. What if I run my own webinars?

[05:32] Igor’s biggest fear came to life:

  • I honestly thought that no one was going to show up. That was my biggest fear. I’m going to invite people to the webinar. I’m going to run this traffic, they’re going to sign up, and no one will show up, I’m going to be all by myself.

  • And one time it actually happened. One time I did a live webinar for two people, but I had the obligation to do it. Like, I didn’t bail on them, but it was devastating.

[06:12] Why should you integrate webinars in your business strategy? 

  • I believe the true impact of this strategy is just finding ways to integrate webinars into your business because webinars just offer an amazing opportunity to engage your audience in a different way because you’re immediately way ahead of all the other people in the marketplace who just really all they do is release YouTube videos.

  • Webinar is just that influencer media that people learn to recognize as authoritative media. And that just increases everything you do. Your results across the board will always go up as a result.

[07:21] How to use list building to generate a webinar audience?

  • One of the best ways to start building a list is by creating a webinar.

  • To build your list, all you really need is a compelling lead magnet and a way to have the traffic you’re buying pay for itself.

  • We need something in the sales funnel that is capable of getting the leads, getting them interested, and getting them to raise their hand and step up.

  • But at the same time, we also need a funnel that’s capable of recuperating all that money. So what I call a self-liquidating list-building funnel.

  • Invite them to a webinar using paid traffic.  Get people to a webinar and the people who attend, teach them something for 45 to 60 minutes, and then make them an offer to emit high-ticket products. 

[11:30] How to upgrade your webinars?

  • I shortened it because one of the reasons why I feel that it took me 2 hours to get to a pitch.

  • Because you’re consulting people on webinars, those people are really afraid to make the offer. And in fact, what I learned over the years, many times my success with an offer often depends on me being able to make it with a straight face. 

[13:59] Igor shares his metrics for cost per acquisition:

  • Well, we obviously look for cost per attendee and cost per sign-up, which are totally different, by the way, because if your attendance rate is 20%, your cost per attendee is actually five times greater than the cost per sign-up and, of course, cost per sale.

  • These are really the three metrics that I’m looking at besides the average customer value.

  • You better make sure that your average customer lifetime value is at least $1,000.

  • I try to get a webinar attendee at under $8, which for most people is insane. Like, most people hope to get it for $2, but that’s kind of unrealistic, at least in the market where I operate.

[18:43] Stop fearing webinars:

  • If there is one takeaway that I would encourage you guys to really take in, it’s that there is no special credential or qualification that is required for you to conduct your first webinar.

  • Webinars are important, but I know that most people don’t do them.

  • One good webinar can transform you from a failure to success literally overnight, opening doors and opportunities you never, never, ever even considered. So my warmest advice to you is to start creating webinars now.

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