How To Find The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote

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There’s a niche for everything and there is a way to get traffic for everything. In today’s episode, Igor shares his best strategies to find the best niche, market, and offers to promote. 

[00:51] The podcast explores Igor’s work process and the strategy behind choosing the best niche, products and offers to promote as an affiliate marketer. 

How To Find The Best Affiliate Offers To Promote?

[02:02] Igor explains the difference between niche, market, and offer: 

  • The market is the general wide direction of where people are spending money, and niche is more of a submarket or if you will, subcategory in the market.

  • For instance, health and wellness is a market. However, yoga is a niche. Weight loss is a market. Keto is a niche. Gaming is a market. But first-person shooters are a niche, and so on and so forth.

  • The offer means within each niche or within each market, there could be dozens, if not hundreds of different offers you can promote.

  • We’ll have to think about it in the hierarchy of market, then within the market, there’s the hierarchy of niche, and within the niche, there’s of course, the offer. So it’s kind of like a tree.

[03:10] How to choose the best market?

  • When it comes to the market, there are four primary things that I consider.

  • Is it a money market or is it a freebie seeker market? What I mean by that is there are lots of markets out there on the internet where you can access hundreds, if not millions of people. However, there are some niches in some markets where there’s just no money.

  • Even if you do have access to a large audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to make money.

[04:00] Igor’s experience promoting an MLM Company: 

  • If you’re familiar with my story, you know that I started out promoting a company called Global Domains International.

  • It sells websites and hostings. Now websites and hosting are one of the most proven affiliate programs on the internet. Ever since the dawn of the internet, there’ve been lots and lots of people who made millions of dollars selling these products and services.

[04:33] Why should you choose a market based on its profitability?

  • Choosing a market that has money in it is an extremely, extremely important thing you must do. Because if you choose one without, then even if you do have access to traffic, even if you’re willing to spend money on ads, chances are you might not be able to make any money.

  • Golf is in general the kind of sport that rich people play or at least people with money. That’s a market with money, a market where you can continuously sell stuff.

[05:06] Consumer vs. Fanatic Market:

  • A consumer market is a market that buys things out of necessity and typically isn’t really passionate about what they buy.

  • But somebody who’s playing golf is literally a fanatic, same as somebody who’s fishing, somebody who is a car boss, somebody like my wife. She spends just insane amounts of money on skincare products, even though most of them don’t tend to help. But she continues to spend in a fanatical way.

  • When you’re choosing a market, besides making sure that it’s a money market, you also want to make sure that it’s a market full of fanatics because the fanatics are the people that you want on your list.

  • The fanatics are the people that you want to be getting in front of all the time because they’re the ones who are going to allow you to be profitable in this business.

[07:54] Choosing an evergreen market:

  • I also look for an evergreen market, which means I don’t want to build something that’s not going to last until tomorrow or next month or next year.

  • And that’s why any time you do any kind of niche research or anytime you’re asking people for advice on what sort of niche you should select, you’ve probably gotten this advice when they said, you know, it’s all about health, wealth, and relationships.

[10:40] How to choose the best niche?

  • When I look at a niche, I look at several criteria, usually four criteria.

  • The first one is traffic availability, which means if I step into this niche market, will I or will I not be able to access large quantities of people who may be interested in buying what I have?

  • The next thing I look at is the offer selection. So within each niche, we’ve got lots of different offers. We’re supposed to have lots of different offers because if I’ve got a niche where there’s like only two or three offers available for promotion, then it’s an issue because as soon as one of them stops promoting, all of a sudden my chances of making money go even lower.

  • The fact that there are only one or two or three offers in the entire niche usually tells you that the niche is not profitable.

  • The third thing I look at is commissions that I can get paid for the offers that I promote because there are some markets where no matter what you promote, you will always end up making very low money.

  • You can also find products that either have a recurring commission to them or a high ticket commission, or even a one time mid ticket commission.

  • You have to just sit down and just look into all the different stuff that’s being sold in the market and then sign up for the affiliate programs and find out what these affiliate programs pay.

  • A lot of times what seems like a great market with lots of high-ticket offers or lots of mid-ticket offers doesn’t necessarily mean that this niche market is profitable simply because the commissions on those will be very low.

  • Now, finally, what I look for is, is it a product based niche or is it a culture based niche?

  • For weight loss, the belief is only eat healthy fats, put your body in ketosis, and that’s how you lose weight. Nothing else works. That’s like a culture, a tribal thing.

[16:15] Selecting the best offers to promote: 

  • Whenever I look at an offer to promote, first off, ask myself, is it a no brainer?

  • Like, if I’m promoting a weight loss product and the weight loss product is all about losing seven pounds in seven days without giving up sweets and sugar, right? It’s a no brainer.

  • So it’s basically an offer that’s showing how to eat bread and lose weight. And we all know that people love bread. Bread is a passion, it’s a passion driven food. So when you tell people you have to lose weight, they immediately think, oh, I have to give up sugar, I have to give up bread, I have to give up sandwiches, I have to give up sodas. And, you know, this product came out and said, “hey, you can still lose weight if you eat keto bread. So here’s a bunch of recipes for keto bread, and it’s only going to cost you $40 or $20.” So, I mean, is the sacrifice of giving up that money in exchange for the ability to eat bread and lose weight worth it? I think, yeah.

  • Now, oftentimes people misjudge this. They think, no, nobody’s going to pay $500 for a course on productivity or personal development. Well, people will because they’re not really buying a course. They’re buying an outcome. 

[20:14] Market awareness is crucial:

  • Market awareness is a criteria that helps me identify how I’m going to drive traffic and what sort of ad copy I need to create to get people’s attention.

  • Somebody who’s a hardcore fitness fanatic will not respond to the same offers that somebody who’s just getting into the fitness market and is trying out all kinds of stuff.

  • There could be many different ways to structure the offer, but market awareness definitely helps me understand where am I going to advertise and how I’m going to advertise. 

[22:00] The struggles of a new affiliate marketer:

  • The number one struggle people have is they need a starting point. And unless they’re given a starting point, they’re never able to make any decisions.

  • The other issue you’re going to run into is that you’re going to run into the paradox of choice. You’re going to see all these different niches and you’re going to think to yourself, “Wow, how do I choose one?”

[23:53] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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