How To Frame Your Promotions To Appeal to Your Audience and Boost Conversion

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Your job as a marketer is not to sell but merely to show them why they need it. How? Tune in to find out how you can frame your promotions to effectively connect to your audience and boost conversions. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his best strategies to frame promotions in a non-pushy and compelling way. 

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[02:10] Don’t make this critical mistake:

  • People make the critical mistake of trying to sell right away. They email their list and they say, go buy this with no context whatsoever.

  • This actually works if you have a really aggressive list and if you didn’t sell to them for a little while so they’ll be responsive to that.

[02:32] Understand consumer psychology:

  • Nobody likes it when we push stuff down their throat. But people love making buying decisions because that feels empowering.

  • I noticed that people feel more control in their life when they buy something. They get an adrenaline rush. They get like a spike of dopamine.

  • It gives them a sense of control over the future. That tells us that people love to buy.

[03:06] How to effectively frame your offer?

  • A frame is a way you position the product.

  • We need to quite simply present that offer in such a frame that it would make total sense for them to buy because it serves them. So they end up wanting to buy it because it just makes perfect sense.

  • After I choose the product, I would literally sit down and list 20 different ways that I can position the offer.

  • When I find the right positioning based on what I know about my list, I would just either write an email talking about that particular problem. I make the problem very vivid, and very visible.

  • I framed the product. That would be the most basic way for me to promote it. Find out what is the sexiest, most exciting, most hard-hitting frame for my particular crowd, and use that frame, and the framing will change based on your crowd.

  • When you discuss the problem with people, first, you make the problem really vivid and explain how this is actually a solution to the problem they already have that allows you to bypass all these selling barriers. And then it’s like their decision to go and check it out. It’s not you shoving it down their throat, it’s their decision to go and review the offer.

[08:57] Connect with your list:

  • The byproduct of communicating with your list where you either show them transformation or talk to them about their own problems and show them that you understand their results in deeper relationships.

  • In our lives, we mostly go through life feeling very misunderstood. A lot of people live their lives in a very lonely and desperate way.

  • The moment they come across somebody who truly gets them, they stick to that person. That is why you see people of similar backgrounds and similar professions kind of flock together.

  • If you can show your list that you understand what they’re going through, the byproduct of that is deeper trust. And the byproduct of deeper trust is big transactions and big earnings per transaction.

[10:57] The ideal duration of promotions:

  •  A typical promo usually runs for about a week.

  • I used to run promotions without a deadline and without limiting them because I thought that by limiting them, I would lose out on sales. But what I found out is that by actually putting a deadline on the promo, I end up always making more sales.

  • Something about deadlines to just move people into action. Probably the fear of missing out and the fact that you’re not afraid of taking it away. 

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