The Frame Game: Identify Promotion Frames That Work

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As a marketer, it’s important to understand that each list is unique and that the frames that work for one list may not work for another. By understanding the demographics, interests, and pain points of your audience, you’ll be able to craft frames that resonate with them and increase your conversion rates. Tune in to find out how!

[00:00] The podcast explores the importance of framing your promotions and how using different frames or different angles can evoke different emotions and can affect the way people perceive and respond to your promotions.

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[02:51] How to find the right angles? 

  • The best thing you can do guys is to quite simply test angles and see what works and you will quickly will then just a couple of weeks, you’ll find exactly what gets through.
  • And once you find those right angles, all you’ll need to do every single time is just put a slightly different spin on it, and then it gets exciting for them again.

[03:15] Stop doing this to your list:

  • If you email them about something they think they already know. That’s when it doesn’t when it’s not interesting to them.
  • If every single day, email them about things they already know, they kind of leave, they unsubscribe or they stop buying, but the moment you produce a new spin, you get engagement again. 

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